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The Memory Wipe

Imagine you desperately want to assemble a puzzle, but you have no idea what the finished picture is supposed to look like because you lost your memory. To make things more difficult, you're missing the vast majority, if not all, of the puzzle pieces. A few of you have may have fleeting glimpses of what the picture was/is supposed to be, but you can't be entirely sure because your recall is very hazy. To make things even worse, the vast majority of the other puzzle-piece seekers want to tell you what they think the picture is and are all too happy to give you some of their (incorrect) pieces. Upon closer examination, none of those pieces actually fit very well with the pieces you have that truly resonate as being correct, thereby forcing you to throw their pieces away and start over with your search. This is what it's like when your memories are blocked as a result of incarnating on Earth.


What exactly is the Memory Wipe?

It's a condition of participating in (being trapped in) this Earth-Life System that affects everyone. Much like a fog, this pervading energy affects all aspects of life, although not everyone is affected to the same degree depending on certain factors of which I'll cover.

It is responsible for an inability to remember things and an attenuation/distortment of memories you CAN recall to include any/all of the following:

  • anything prior to entering the PHYSICAL plane (this physical Universe) - (who you really are, where you came from, why you left non-physical reality, etc.)

  • anything prior to entering this Earth-Life System (your lives as an E.T. on other planets, the "terms and conditions" and "rules" of this place, why you came to Earth, what your mission is, etc.)

  • your countless other physical incarnations (from all planets)

  • accuracy regarding things you learned while on this planet (and others)

  • accuracy regarding your previous/current experiences, perceptions, assessments, decisions, emotional states, traumas, judgments, critical thinking, etc.

Can you elaborate on the above bullet points?

Ok, let's start from a "big picture" perspective. Ask someone if they remember who they REALLY are, where they came from before they were born, or what their purpose is down here. Usually, you'll get puzzled looks. They'll probably hem and haw and you might even sense the gears in their brain slow down to a grinding halt because they just can't remember. Religious zealots will spout off things that they learned during their indoctrination, such as being one of "the Chosen Ones" or "to spread God's Message" and other loads of horseshit.

But even those that managed to break the experiential loop of religion and claim to be "spiritual" will either admit they can't remember or they'll just parrot phrases that they've picked up along their journey by other "blind" seekers such as "I'm a spiritual being having a human experience". Really? Ask them to explain what a "spiritual being" is and watch their eyes dart around as they search for an answer that they can't quite articulate.

Now ask someone to recall their other incarnations. The vast majority won't be able to recall anything and of those that know that they've lived other lives, many of those people will still have difficulty remembering them with any clarity (perhaps a fleeting glimpse here and there might shine through with an inherent understanding of why they have certain habits and predilections for things in their current life, but that's about the extent of their recall). Even fewer still are those that are not only aware of, but can recall more details and specific events from a dozen+ lives or more. My point is that awareness/recall of other incarnations is extremely difficult for the vast majority. Although this article is focused on the "big picture", I'll share a couple examples from a smaller/narrower perspective to illustrate how this energy affects everything. What about breaking up with someone? Break-ups suck and when you're going through them, you can list every single issue (or personality quirk) that has contributed to the demise of that relationship. You swear up and down that you will never be in another relationship with someone with those qualities. The arguments you had have been seared into your mind (or so you believe) as a reminder of why you must steer clear of this other person. Have they really been seared into your mind? Time passes. It could be weeks, months, or years and you cross paths with them. Have you noticed that you're having difficulty remembering all of the shitty things you experienced while you were together and can only seem to recall the good times which makes you want to try to give the relationship "one more chance"? If you haven't experienced this yet, you will one day. (On a side note, the flip-side of why you only recall the good times is because Love is everlasting, but that's not what this article is about.)

One last example - Have you had amazing experiences with certain drugs/entheogens? We all have. Some have had life-changing, paradigm-shifting, mind-blowing experiences, but those feelings and epiphanies start to fade once they come back to baseline (and as more time passes) as the Memory Wipe energy takes hold. Your memory of that overwhelmingly awesome MDMA experience will NOT do it justice when you try to recall it. It won't even come close to scratching the surface (no different than standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and then looking at a picture of it a year later). But if you happen to get a hold of that substance months later and try it, you're suddenly thrust back into that place where you left off, reveling in the sheer ecstasy and profound connection and beauty existing between yourself, others, and all of Creation.

Scholars attempt to categorize this memory loss into "context-dependent memory" (external factors) or "state-dependent memory" (internal factors). These can be simplified as not being able to recall emotions, feelings, sensations, revelations, epiphanies, conversations, facts, ideas, etc. unless you're re-creating that same context/state via set, setting, drug dosage, etc. Those terms are a lame-ass endeavor at explaining why a person can't fully recall certain things or experiences. The fact is that those scholars have no clue as to the root cause, let alone understanding the underlying/real reason WHY this occurs in the first place. This is where we come in.

Why is the Memory Wipe in place?

Let's start with some basic observations and add some logic and critical thinking before I delve into the reason the Memory Wipe is in place. The current group of "spiritual" New Agers (those who haven't unraveled the vast majority of the lies down here, think they're at the pinnacle of spiritual advancement, and think they're going to transform the planet into a utopia) like to tout that the Memory Wipe can be explained as being in place to help you "learn lessons" while incarnating here. This is the backbone of Michael Newton's "life between lives" propaganda involving the "Council of Elders" where a dead person will have their life review and then choose to come back to continue "learning" because they never quite seem to "master" the ungodly amount of "lessons" to learn down here. The "lesson learning" propaganda/campaign is all over the fucking place, so I'm not just ripping on Newton; I just don't have the time to begin listing all the "spiritual teachers" blindly disseminating this bullshit. (I fell victim to this LIE a long time ago until I poked holes through their reasoning with a bit of brain power).

Since we've all been forced to spend many years in school, wouldn't you agree that in order to truly "learn" things, you must be able to commit to memory and recall - facts, formulas, guidelines, processes, theories, ideas, concepts, strategies, techniques, etc. in order to apply them to solving new problems and challenges, or just use them as a foundation to progress deeper into a given topic/discipline? Of course. And would any of us have been able to learn anything if we had a fuzzy recall and just forgot things with regularity as the school year progressed? I seriously doubt it. So, with that being said, how can a person have ANY hope of truly learning things if they cannot remember ANY of their other lives where they had already exerted a vast amount of their time and energy trying to "learn" those exact same things?

Everyone is being force-fed a LIE. This should be overwhelmingly obvious, but IT'S NOT, so take a moment to put 2+2 together here.

And to address the original question as to why a Memory Wipe is in place - Because the "creators" of this Earth-Life System want you to continue participating in the Reincarnation Cycle (Trap).

Why do the "creators" want you to continue reincarnating?

Because "they" want your energy - Everything Feeds On Something. How do "they" get your energy? You involuntarily (and unknowingly) produce it for them from your emotions. Robert Monroe coined the term "Loosh", but this will be covered in another article.

Does the Memory Wipe apply only to Earth?

No. The Memory Wipe also covers the areas that the vast majority of humans go upon their physical death, but the degree/extent of memory wiping/attenuation will depend on their level of spiritual advancement. (Physical death is just a segue into more bullshit that the person just went through while they were alive (think of it like graduating high school, then starting college and being forced to take the same classes that you just took), but this time it continues into the non-physical).

Read any of the propaganda by Michael Newton on "life between lives", by people who have had Near-Death Experiences, and by psychic mediums interviewing those on the other side, and you'll find that those dead people conveniently circumvent talking about the atrocities and/or ghastly experiences they went through while alive. And for the very few dead people that did say something "negative" (about their grisly death for example), those horrific experiences were massively downplayed, touted as just "valuable learning experiences" that everyone involved "willingly" agreed to, and then the subject was quickly changed.

All of these individuals were/are unwitting ambassadors pushing an agenda they are completely unaware of which is why they all say the same fucking thing - that they can't wait to plan their next life and come back. An astute individual should find it odd that not one of those dead people says anything like:

  • "I'm never setting foot on that ball of dirt again because I've never had such horrific, soul-crushing, traumatic experiences!" or;

  • "I'm so fucking existentially exhausted from reincarnating! Get me off this goddamned merry-go-round!" or;

  • "I completely FORGOT how AWFUL life on Earth could be! Why didn't anyone remind me?" or;

  • "I've changed my mind about participating in this Earth-Life System and I'm going home!"

Is the Memory Wipe related to the trap of believing in karma or other experiential loops?

Yes, the Memory Wipe goes hand-in-hand with the karma loop (and other experiential loops) and is a way for these "creators" to insure and/or hedge their bets that you will keep reincarnating for them. The entities that created this Earth-Life System rely heavily on the current experiential loop of beLIEving in karma to actively push people back into this Reincarnation Trap. If a person has been programmed to beLIEve in karma, that alone is enough to guilt/persuade them into reincarnating to "right the wrongs" that they were "responsible for" in their other lives. The Memory Wipe works passively (in the background) with the karma lie by making sure a person can't recall harsh experiences and truths that they learned in their other lives that would assist them in making an educated and UNBIASED decision (based on objective facts, not "touched-up"/manipulated versions of the facts) to LEAVE the cycle once and for all.

A person can also be pulled back into the reincarnation cycle as a result of not having broken other experiential loops, such as the "obedience to your family" loop. The "Council" will stealthily guilt you to go back to "help" your family members that are currently struggling (or will be struggling in their next life) with a serious illness or drug addiction or whatever else they sense is your weakness. Those that have broken this loop won't be swayed to go back for ANY family-related reason (I'll cover this particular loop in a future article).

Some people will reincarnate simply because they have a sense of "doing what's right". Who the fuck defines "what's right"? These people are usually still in the clutches of the experiential loop of religion and delude themselves that "God" wants them to "save" other people for example. If they're still stuck in the lightsider loop, they can easily be convinced that they can "fight the darkness" on Earth or help with Earth's "ascension" into a higher vibration (hold on, I might have just pulled a muscle while rolling my eyes).

If you've actually broken the karma experiential loop and other loops (great job!), the Memory Wipe STILL serves as their last-ditch effort to deceive you into jumping back onto the "Reincarnation Train". How? You don't have to believe in karma, for example, to still feel badly about hurting people in your previous life, especially your loved ones. For some, guilt alone is enough to push them back here. Keep in mind that guilt is a covert form of control.

How is the Memory Wipe tied to blocking out traumatic experiences from conscious awareness? This is an extreme form of forcing you to forget how awful that experience actually was. Those that help others heal their traumas understand that blocking out specific memories serve as a protection mechanism. You wouldn't be able to properly function in day-to-day life if your movie-reel of being severely mauled by a stray dog played on a loop several times a day, but for the purposes of this topic, you have to be able to move above that framework for a better perspective.

Wouldn't you agree that it would be much easier for a person to make the decision to NOT reincarnate if their ALL of their memories were fully intact, unaltered, and easily available for access? Seeing this place as it ACTUALLY is as opposed to how "they" want you to see it is pretty damned important.

There are pessimists, optimists, and realists down here. Between these three, the latter is the mindset that has the best chance of escaping. A realist sees things as they are (despite how shocking things may be) and won't allow delusions or wishful thinking to affect their innate sense of "direction". But before a realist can become a realist, they have to learn how to spot and dismantle illusions, lies, and programming.

a meme showing three glasses of yellow liquid filled halfway. The first glass smiles and says "I'm half full". The second glass frowns and says "I'm half empty". The last glass has a look of shock and says "I think this is piss".

You said the Memory Wipe energy affects some people more or less - can you expound on this?

When you're very young, you have a strong and clear connection to the other side. This is why young children often recall their other incarnations up until a certain age. If their connection to the other side isn't encouraged and properly cultivated, they will gradually lose this connection as a result of this Memory Wipe energy (in conjunction with familial, societal, and cultural programming which generally shits on anything related to psychic phenomena, true spirituality, reclaiming your own power, and seeking out who you really are).

When it comes to adults, those that have started the process of reclaiming their power (by re-establishing/strengthening their connection to the other side through spiritual/energetic practices, dismantling prevalent illusions and lies, and integrating Truths) are correspondingly less affected by this energy.

What factors increase this forgetfulness?

If a person is a "follower" of any group, they willingly (unconsciously) accept and succumb to the group thought that is associated with that particular group. This Memory Wipe energy is especially strong in these groups which is why those that "march to the beat of their own drum" have a better chance of remembering things once they permanently disassociate from those groups.

Certain pharmaceuticals, although able to address specific issues, can simultaneously disrupt or attenuate your energetic clarity. Some natural ingredients used for cooking can do this as well. This also extends to the chemicals found in the processed foods you eat and chemicals that are prevalent in everything else a person uses or comes into contact with on a daily basis.

What can be done to help myself remember who I really am?

As I touched upon above (and in much of my writing), it can be boiled down to the following:

  • Observe yourself and your world

  • Identify Illusions and Lies and start to Dismantle them

  • Identify Programming running in your background that do not Align with Your Path (regardless if you or others installed them) and start to Uninstall them

  • Identify Experiential Loops that keep you coming back here and start the process of breaking them

  • Rebuild your Framework/"map of reality"

  • Learn how to Meditate so you can Connect to the other side and access what you're looking for

This is essentially a process to Reclaim Your Power. In time, you'll discover that you'll be less affected by the Memory Wipe energy and your access to what had been previously blocked or muddled will become much clearer. Simple, but NOT easy.


Waking up Spiritually is very painful because in order to do so, you must see things for how they REALLY ARE. If you want to wake up and escape this place once and for all, you're going to have to accept some ugly Truths at some point. If you just aren't ready yet, that's ok too. You'll get there when you get there.


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