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Updated: Jan 6

Did I hit a nerve with my title?

Excellent. Now that I have your attention, I'm going to explain WHY karma is bullshit and by the end of this article, you're going to have to re-evaluate your entire beLIEf system. Or not. I don't have a horse in this race.

meme with Dave Chapelle and his PopCopy skit. "Why do you keep posting things that you know will trigger people?" and the response says "why? because fuck'em! That's why!"

Let's start with time. For the most part, time only exists down here, not in non-ordinary reality. Some may argue that time does exist in non-ordinary reality (only that it's ridiculously slow), but I feel that the difference between "ridiculously slow" and "no-time" is negligible for the purposes of this article. Anyone in deep meditation, on a psychedelic journey or on an Astral trip will attest to the fact that time does NOT behave in the same manner as it does when one is conscious, awake and sober in 3rd density and comes much closer to a state of "no-time", so let's proceed.

People like to believe that time runs linearly which would allow for sequential lives, one right after the other, but time is not linear for everyone participating in this "game". There are a select group of incarnations that are simultaneous and it's why we chose Earth to incarnate. Simultaneous incarnations have all of their "past" lives living concurrently rather than one right after another. All of your "past" lives spanning every sex, sexual orientation, race, geographic location and time period are going on right now, simultaneously. Simultaneous incarnations overall are far more spiritually advanced than sequential incarnations (E.T.'s for example), but that's for another article. I didn't make the rules, I'm just telling you how it is.

Let's now attempt to define "karma" as most people would understand it. It's basically your actions that are supposed to have influence over your "future" incarnations. "Good" actions are supposed to make your next life better or easier and "bad" actions are supposed to fuck you over in the next life. "Good" and "bad" are subjective judgments that are so arbitrary, that this should be your first flag that something isn't right.

People are conditioned to see things down here as "good" or "bad". Nothing is good or bad. Things just are. So you twisted your ankle last weekend - Was it a "bad" weekend? Not if it gets you out of that stupid 5k "Fun Run" this weekend that your significant other guilted you into doing so they wouldn't feel alone. So you won $50k from a lottery ticket. Is that "good" if you bought a fancy sports car and end up in a full body cast at the hospital because your wrecked while racing some douchebag at a stoplight? If you volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter, is that a "good" deed if you immediately post pics of yourself on social media because you want to brag to your friends about what a "good" person you are? See where I'm going with this?

Now let's look at "karma" from a sequential time perspective first, since a lot of people operate under the "time passes linearly" paradigm. Let's say your "first" incarnation down here was as a caveman and you become enraged that your caveman buddy hooked up with your girlfriend, so you bludgeoned your buddy with a very heavy rock, killing him. Now let's say that your next life down here is during the Renaissance period and you're a shop keeper. Someone robs you at knife-point. You wrestle with the robber and know that if you don't kill him, he's going to repeatedly shank the shit out of you until you expire. You prevail in that lifetime, although you feel guilty about taking a life. It had to be done. Fast-forward to a future incarnation. You're a baker in the 1900's and you have a fascination with the occult and psychic phenomena. You seek out a psychic to assist you in connecting to the other side. The psychic tells you he sees that you've murdered two people in previous lives. If you're operating under the beLIEf of karma, then you're going to feel compelled to spend the rest of your life atoning for those two murders. You weren't even aware of those lives until recently and yet now that you are, you're responsible for those actions? Really? Ignorance really is bliss. Now let's look at this from the simultaneous time perspective. If you have 500 incarnations living on Earth, they are all going on at the same time. Your current 2023 (as of this writing) incarnation is living your life simultaneously with your 1930 Mafia enforcer life, your 1892 Maasai warrior life, your 1368 Mongolian mother of 3 life, etc., etc.

Your Mafia enforcer guy is busy wacking a bunch of people. He may be living in a time period that is labeled as occurring "before" your time, but that does NOT mean that he came before you and that you have to clean up his mess. How can you be responsible for what the "previous" past life did when you cannot accurately confirm which one was the "last" one? They're all going on at the same time. So you want to go by the year that the last incarnation died before you popped into your current body? Did you know that incarnations can overlap their lifetimes? Meaning that you might have one that is/was born in 1945 and dies/died in 1994 and another one that is/was born in 1977 and dies/will die in 2034. Ok, so now tell me which of your incarnations is/was/will be the "last" one? And this is assuming that you even have access to your other incarnations which most people do not (without possessing the requisite skill or enlisting the help of a skilled psychic or past-life regressionist). Let's also take into account that you can have hundreds upon hundreds of other incarnations with each of them probably fucking up and doing some "bad" things in the course of their lifetimes. Hell, I have more than 1600 incarnations. That would make for a looooong list of fuck-ups that you need to atone for, huh?

If you did something shitty in your current life, would you expect your other incarnations to make amends for your "bad" choices? If your other incarnations weren't even aware of the shitty things you've done, how would you ever expect them to wipe the karma slate clean? You'd be fucked right? Well, the truth is that you're only fucked if you beLIEve in karma.

How many old ladies do you have to help cross the street to wipe clean the fact that in another lifetime, you shot a cattle rustler and killed him late one night on your ranch? Do you even have to atone for that? He was stealing from you. Where the fuck is the manual defining what counts as "bad" deeds? How are "good" deeds defined and how much "credit" do you get for doing those? Where the fuck do you get an Incarnational Karma Report Card of how many "good points" you've earned so far and how much is left to earn to wipe your bullshit karmic debt clean?

Do you see how they've suckered you into a game you can't possibly win?

Here's the bottom line: Karma is an experiential loop that will keep you trapped here because you beLIEve you have to make amends for the shitty things that you did in a "past" life and since the vast majority of people cannot easily access their "past" lives, they can't really know if there were any shitty things done or not. And there is no way to quantify what type of and how many "good" deeds need to be done to offset a bank robbery or stabbing someone if they deserved it because they raped your sister, etc. And lastly, there are no "past" lives as all your lives are going on simultaneously - Right. Fucking. Now.

When I talk about "karma", I prefer to use the term "baggage" instead. That's really all it is. It's whatever you're "carrying" with you throughout your life/lives. The great news about this is that you can drop your baggage anytime you want. Some people may feel that it's not that simple, but it's as simple or difficult AS YOU WANT IT TO BE. I recall reading somewhere that even OBE pioneer Robert Monroe said that karma is only real IF you believe it. Look at the word - beLIEve. Karma is a beLIEf. Karma is a LIE.

So what about "ancestral karma"? Ancestral karma is supposed to be karma that is passed down from your ancestors and people have been conditioned to beLIEve that their entire bloodline is fucked because of one idiot ancestor that fucked up. Let's dismantle this.

First off, not all of your "ancestors" are YOU. You can choose to incarnate back into your ancestral bloodline if you want, but for the most part and to keep it simple, every blood relative you have is another individual soul/oversoul/higher self having their very own individual Earth experience. They ARE NOT you. The bloodline itself may have the extra baggage and it can definitely be yours to try to take on IF you had pre-planned to experience repercussions from this. If you don't want to give your power away and take on this faux-responsibility, you don't have to. You can break the experiential loop of allegiance to bloodlines (this doesn't mean you have to alienate your family, but you will have to maintain an energetic "distance"). It's sort of like joining a gang and then being told that now that you're a part of the "family", you have to deal with other gang members fucking with you. You can accept this OR wave to them with one finger, leave and let the "family" or bloodline deal with their own shit. Ancestral karma starts to lose its power over you once you start to reclaim your power by recognizing that the animating spirit in humans and the physical bodies of humans are mutually exclusive - your spirit can animate hundreds upon hundreds of other human bodies spanning every sex, sexual orientation, race, geographic location and time period. Ancestry and bloodlines strictly deal with physical DNA and physical bodies. The spirit and the physical can crisscross, but you're not going to be playing every familial role (mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) in your entire lineage. It doesn't work that way.

I hope you take the time to really mull this concept over (because it's a biggie) and decide what works for you. I honestly hope it keeps you up at night. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. The side effects can also be very harsh, but once those subside, there is peace and tranquility that comes with true understanding.

This topic is related to experiential loops. Please read this article and then the second part here to have a better understanding of this complex dynamic.


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