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  • What kind of healing modality does Victor use?
    Victor was born with healing abilities which are channeled from the Divine and cannot be taught to another person. He also incorporates his skillset as a Shaman (NOT a shamanic practitioner) and his background in Qigong which he learned through direct transmission and direct instruction from a Qigong Master and Taoist Priest. This blending of healing modalities does not fall under any modern day classification.
  • How long does the healing last? Will I need more than one treatment?
    The healings that are performed will last as long as you can maintain the correct frequency that Victor has instilled within you. What this means is that he can shift your vibration so it matches the vibration of the timeline where you have already been healed. Your job is to make those shifts in your life to maintain that higher vibration. If you can't maintain the vibration or struggle doing so, you may need more than one treatment until you're strong enough to make those shifts in your life. Some people need one healing and others need more than one. Think of it like getting into a car accident and injuring your leg. Some people can learn to walk on their own after a little help from the physical therapist and others need months of regular rehabilitation. For example, if you're an alcoholic and are having issues related to drinking, you probably have a few attachments feeding off of you and influencing you to continue to drink. Once Victor changes your frequency, he can easily remove them or they will leave on their own as there isn't a frequency match. It then becomes your job to maintain this frequency as best as you can by making changes in your lifestyle to maintain the higher vibrational timeline he has put you on. If you decide to start drinking again, it will lower your vibration and those attachments will come back and smother you again. For more information on this, please read the article "Why energetic healings don't always work."
  • What is the process for a remote healing?
    After scheduling your initial consultation and speaking with us, we will determine the best time based on your daily activities. Ideally, we would prefer that you are somewhere without distractions and as relaxed as possible. A meditative state or even while you sleep at night. We want to eliminate any waking interference from your daily routine as much as possible and performing a remote healing as you sleep will also give you a head start to integrate the healing during the remainder of your sleep. During your session, he will scan your auric field and energetic bodies to identify where blockages and disturbances are present. Blockages occur due to stress/tension, injury, fear, current and/or past life trauma and disturbances can result from psychic attacks and/or dark energy. These will be dissolved and cleared on etheric, emotional, mental and psychic levels which allows your body to continue to naturally heal on its own with restored energy flow. He will use energetic channeling, manipulation and/or qigong healing in conjunction with shamanic tools and methods such as cord-cutting, removal of attachments, etc. to fully restore and balance your energetic field. We will follow up with a phone call a few days after the healing to check on you and discuss anything that may have come up since the healing.
  • Is an in-person healing more intense or more effective than a remote healing?
    Not necessarily. A client receiving a remote healing from an exceptional remote healer could actually have a "stronger" healing than a client receiving an in-person healing from an average healer. Taking into account the receptiveness of the client as well in addition to the specific issues that need to be healed in the client will also affect the outcome.
  • What can I expect to feel during and after a healing session?
    Everyone will have different sensations and reactions to Victor's healing, so we can't give you definite answers. but you might be aware of any of the following: lightness, tingles, warmth in certain areas, cool spots in certain areas, heaviness in certain areas, pulling and pushing sensations, twisting sensations, pulsations, vibrations of varying frequencies, distant sounds, sensations of a physical presence or presences, wave-like motions, up and down motions, floating, sinking, etc. In some cases, you may feel more "intense" sensations as Victor clears dark energy and blockages including, but not limited to: sharp fleeting random pains, dull pains, emptiness, heaviness in certain areas, tightness, pinching, dark imagery, negative fleeting thoughts, etc. These will pass, but we need to address the truth about healing. It's not always pleasant. Although feeling like sunshine, lollipops and rainbows happens from time-to-time after a healing, the reality is that depending on what your individual needs were and what Victor found and had to rectify (especially if you requested a soul retrieval), for a few days you may feel out of whack. Sadness, emptiness, irritability, panic, confusion, being lost in the clouds, difficulty focusing, weepiness, crying, insomnia, lethargy, longer than normal sleep periods, loss of appetite, increased appetite, etc while your physical body integrates the changes are perfectly normal. Please be assured that these will pass with time. If you broke your leg, you know that when you get to the hospital, you're going to have to go through more pain (when the doctor sets the leg) before you start to feel better and you're going to have discomfort while the cast is on and your body heals on its own over the following weeks. This is no different.
  • What is the process for a remote pet healing?
    After scheduling your initial consultation and speaking with us, we will determine the best time based on your pet's daily routine. Ideally, we would prefer that your pet is as relaxed as possible if scheduled during the day. Sleeping at night would be the optimal time. During your session, Victor will scan your pet's auric field and energy body to identify where blockages and disturbances are present. These will be dissolved and cleared to fully restore and balance your pet's energetic field. We will follow up with a phone call a few days after the healing to check on your pet and discuss anything that may have come up since the healing.
  • I'm menstruating. Can you still do energetic healing on me?
    No. Attention females: Please note that Victor does not do any healing/energy work on females that are premenstrual or currently menstruating. The reason behind this is that increased qi will increase blood flow and can extend or amplify menstruation symptoms. If you have scheduled a healing session and you find that it will conflict with your menstrual cycle, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.
  • I'm pregnant. Can you still do energetic healing on me?
    No. Victor will not do any work on you if you're pregnant. When it comes to healing, he channels far more energy into a larger person than a smaller person and it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for him to modulate the amount of energy that you get and what your baby gets.
  • Does Victor retrieve or work with my spirit animals?
    Although Victor can do spirit animal/totem retrievals, spirit has guided Victor to concentrate on healings, soul retrievals, and speaking the truth. However, if you've lost your spirit animal, generally the animal(s) will return in time after the healing has been completed.
  • What is a Soul Retrieval?
    To simplify, when you experience a trauma, your soul can fracture into "pieces". Those pieces remain lost or hidden in other dimensions until they are retrieved. Soul pieces can also be lost when a person gives it away (often referred to as "giving away your power") or another person consciously or unconsciously takes it from you. Missing soul pieces can cause much strife in your life. You may feel empty, depressed, sad, irritated, angry, lost or incomplete. On a deeper level, you know something is "missing" or "not right". Have you ever spoken with someone who described a person that experienced a trauma and afterwards said "He/She just wasn't the same after that occurred"? This is an example of how missing soul pieces affects people. A shaman can locate these pieces for you and restore them, like finding and fitting a missing puzzle piece back into the main puzzle. But it's not quite as simple as that because the piece needs to integrate back into you. Trauma caused it to leave and so when it's returned, you will feel a shift in your life and it isn't always pleasant. It can also take days to weeks to months to integrate just one piece back into your life and if the integration doesn't work, it will disappear again until you're better equipped to handle it (and another retrieval must be done). Essentially, it means you need to do the work to heal the trauma. Not everyone is ready to do that and that's ok. Victor offers soul retrieval and integration along with healing. This is an intense process and you can't replace all your pieces in one session. With guidance from the other side during the journey, Victor will ascertain how many pieces you can handle, locate and retrieve them and then help you integrate them. You will have to wait at least 90 days to fully allow for this integration before requesting another soul retrieval. For more in-depth information, please read these articles: Soul Retrievals - Part 1 - The Basics Soul Retrievals - Part 2 - Preparation and Integration
  • What is "dark energy"?
    Dark energy is a general term he uses to refer to the energetic consequence of someone who has experienced or been the victim of psychic attacks, curses, spells, hexes, dark enchantments, negative thought projections, etc.
  • What are "attachments"?
    Attachments can be anything from human earthbound spirits, dark entities, dark ET's (including reptilians), tulpas, demons, and any of the myriad of nameless little nasty things that enjoy feeding off the vast majority of the population. These unseen nasties are only detectable to those with spiritual gifts.
  • I'm pregnant. Can you still do shamanic work on me?
    No. Victor will not do any shamanic work on someone who is pregnant. Everything is interconnected and any work he does for you can and most likely will affect the baby you're carrying.
  • The captcha isn't letting me login or send a message. What now?
    Generally this is due to using a VPN. If you insist on using a VPN, please find another location to connect to or simply disable the VPN during the process. If you need more assistance, please email us.
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