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Experiential Loops - Part 1 - What Are They?

Updated: Jan 3

While incarnated down here on Earth, there are many scenarios that will suck you in. This awful life "game" that we're all playing is inherently designed to obstruct your spiritual awakening and these obstacles are all part of the experience of living as a human. That's why spiritual awakenings are difficult to go through and rare. Some experiences can be fun, but most are less-than-ideal and downright shitty and they're all meant to test you; to chew you up and spit you out and then chew you up again and run you over with a crappy Buick. It could be anything from belief in karma, drug/alcohol addiction, other miscellaneous addictions (your phone, gaming, etc.), religion, politics, protesting/activism, patriotism, racism, sexuality, biological family loyalty, having kids, conforming, keeping up with the Joneses, etc. Seeing these scenarios for what they really are can be extremely difficult when you're stuck inside of them. You can think of it as not being able to see the forest for the trees. You need to be able to disassociate and see them from another perspective in order to recognize them.

They're called experiential loops because you will experience them over and over and over again in each incarnation to varying degrees until you get sick of them and realize that you need to break the loop to be "free" of it. Breaking one loop often presents you with another, so you might think you've made huge progress, but you've really just jumped out of one box and into another.

Let's take religion for example: This is a vast oversimplification, but a person might think that they've broken the religion loop (one of the hardest loops to break) and then discover that there are "new age" religions and they'll jump to one of those thinking they've finally "made it". Wrong. You now have the same loop, but just a different flavor of it. Or they may spend many, many lifetimes bouncing through the myriad of new age religions or even regress to old school religions which is why it can take hundreds and hundreds of incarnations just to break the religion loop.

These loops span "time" and so your other incarnations will struggle with religion to varying degrees. The progress made between your other incarnations attempting to break the religion loop is cumulative. There will eventually be a tipping point when there has been enough progress made for one incarnation to finally realize that giving away any bit of your power to ANY religion keeps you trapped in this particular loop. Think of baton relay runners in the Olympics, except in this example, there are hundreds of runners. Each runner is one of your incarnations involved in breaking this loop. The baton is the loop. Each runner does their part to carry the baton and pass it further down the line to the next incarnation. Some runners grip the baton tightly (loving religion), some lightly (neutral, but they still hold on to it), some have thoughts of getting rid of it or wishing it was made of a nicer material (realizing having their current religion burden them isn't serving them or desiring to follow a different religion). Sometimes the baton is accidentally dropped (stagnation or regression in breaking the loop). Eventually, the last runner (the incarnation that finally breaks the loop) will cross the finish line (and will be free of carrying the baton), but ONLY through the efforts of each runner doing their part. Add to this race the multitude of other loops to be broken and you can understand how living here on Earth is extremely fucking difficult.

Let's look at just a few more loops as examples:

Drug addiction: If you need to partake in one or many drugs regularly just to hack it down here (no judgment - this planet is soul-crushing), then this is a loop. It doesn't matter if there are breaks in between periods of usage, even if the break is for years at a time, because you're still going back to the drugs.

Protesting and activism: This loop is closely tied to politics. There are those who still feel the need to convince others that their viewpoint is the "correct" one and some will go to great lengths to further their agenda. The fact that these people believe that gathering in a large crowd, shouting rhyming phrases and waving signs will be all it takes to change everyone else's mind proves that they're no brighter than those people who actually change their mind when they watch a large crowd of protesters waving signs and shouting rhyming phrases.

Conforming: This loop can be especially difficult to break as long as the person continues to utilize an external frame of reference. People who still have this loop are being coerced into restricting their true nature at all levels. It is very evident when they are around other people, but in extreme cases, these people fail to embody their authentic selves even when alone. Some of the things that are suppressed are their unique ways of thinking, their opinions, the style in which they dress or "decorate" their body (tattoos, piercings, hair color), the ways in which they want to express themselves with speech, their behaviors in the presence of other people and even down to what they should do for a living and where they should live.

You can ponder some of the other loops mentioned in the first paragraph and analyze your own life to find loops that I haven't mentioned.

So WHY would you want to break an experiential loop? After all, you've made lots of friends at your church and you can't see any harm in participating. It's precisely because you can't see the harm which is why you need to take steps to look at it from a different perspective. Essentially, having existing loops keeps you trapped here on Earth playing the Game by giving your power away to the loop. If you give your power away, then you're powerless. Think of this as having no money in the bank. It fucking sucks (been there, done that). So to be able to break free of the ties that bind you to this game, you need your energy/power back. It was yours to begin with so you have every right to claim it despite what your friends, family, society and culture may have you beLIEve.

Think of each loop as a chain binding you to this planet. Every single one of your incarnations that works a little bit to break free from these loops helps the rest of your incarnations. It is a cumulative effort despite the fact that most people aren't even aware of nor can they access their other simultaneous lives. Once the tipping point is reached, your life will shift dramatically. The shift isn't always pretty, but then again, much of life is full of ugliness isn't it?


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