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Jen - Shaman, Mystic, Spiritual Medium and Channeler

Jen is a natural born Shaman, Spiritual and Physical Medium, and Channeler.


She has been gifted with the "Gift of all Spiritual Gifts"... 


She reads energy at a soul level and her ability to do this is unmatched, especially when provided a picture of her subject. She offers clarity to other sensitive and gifted individuals who are struggling to understand their spiritual gifts and abilities. 

She has a special affinity for spirit animals and her clear connection to the spiritual realm and higher dimensions is due in part to this being her first (and only) human incarnation. She shares the same energetic bloodline (soul family) as *Paramhansa Yogananda, with whom she has a very special, divine connection. He serves as her only Spirit Guide in this human life.

*Paramhansa is the correct spelling that few know about. The extra "a" was added AFTER his death and his original signature
was altered to reflect this.

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outline of a black panther
Meme from Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp: I am under no obligation to make sense to you.


Jen’s journey in this life has not been easy…

It could be said that her life has been fated from the start. Like many mystics before her, Jen came into this world bearing the mark of a guru, a "simian line", and was born when the earth's Balsamic moon was at its darkest. 


She inherited her spiritual gifts and abilities from her parents, both of whom have Native American lineage. On her father's side, they consider it a gift and call it the "breath of vision”. Her paternal aunt works as a medium specializing in locating missing children. Unfortunately, her mother experienced the "curse" of being spiritually gifted. Her sensitivities led to spiritual possession or what Westerners often refer to as, bipolar disorder.

By the time Jen was 2-years-old, her parents had divorced. She was a sensitive, “psychically open” child raised by her mentally unstable mother in Miami during the 1980’s. Despite her father knowing her mother was “crazy”, he did not fight the custody arrangement. Many years later, when she asked him why he allowed her mother to raise her, he confessed, “I was scared of her”.

Meme: Everyone wants a "spiritual Woman" until she's pissed off. Now she's a witch and you're scared.

Jen’s most vivid and earliest psychic memory occurred at the age of 4. One night, she saw a Native American man in the flesh standing outside her bedroom window.  “He was beautiful.  He had long black hair and silky-smooth skin.” She recalls the intensity in his eyes which felt like “he was piercing my soul.”  She kept this event to herself, haunting her psyche for decades. Eventually she received clarity and was told that the man was her spirit guide.

“My childhood could best be described as a mix of energy from the movies Scarface, Firestarter, and Mommy Dearest," she said. "I experienced a lot of paranormal events, exposure to drugs and their related chaos, and psychological torment”.

a translucent ghost passing through a wall

Jen vividly recalls an incident hearing her mother screaming, “There are demons inside the walls!” Jen nervously approached and watched her mother flailing her arms frantically while screaming. Then, her mother became calm, but in a much scarier kind of way. Her mother told the demons what she was going to do to them. Then her mother’s energy shifted back again while screaming agonizing pleas for help. This went on for hours.


Her mother was being tortured by dark entities and Jen watched her suffer in horror, completely helpless. Jen would try to calm her down and reassure her that there were no demons in the walls, but her attempts were futile and her mother loudly continued on, causing Jen enormous anxiety and stress. 


Jen's attempts to convince her mother the demons weren't there created a conflict within her, because Jen sensed them too. Throughout her childhood, Jen witnessed the judgement and lack of compassion her mother experienced as a result of these types of incidents.  Due to fear that she would be seen and treated like her and as a "crazy" person, she buried her own experiences for years.

Due to her experiences with non-ordinary reality, escape from ordinary reality came naturally for Jen. By the time she was a teenager, she developed a particular fondness for psychedelics. “I took LSD at least once a week my junior year in high school. I was so acclimated to its affects that I took it during the day while at school”.  

Despite her early drug usage and being on her own from the age of 16, Jen graduated high school in the top of her class. After graduation, she felt "free" and was the happiest she had ever been up to that point, but it didn't last long. After being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Jen’s freedom was at risk. Her life quickly came crashing down around her. Her will and fighting spirit were put to the test against the judicial system. Although the eventual outcome was legally favorable for her, she did not come out of it unscathed.  

abstract colors and shapes representing visuals from LSD

After years of escaping, Jen awoke one morning without the urge or desire to escape anymore. “Just like that, I was done. The actual decision to stop came easily; correcting the many years of poor choices, not so easy...”

She made the decision to separate from her long-term partner and father of their son.  Then, “during the midst of an ugly custody fight, I lost my grandmother. She was the one adult in my life whose love did not feel like obligation or manipulation. I was also laid off from numerous jobs in succession, lost my home to foreclosure which led to homelessness, had more legal issues arise, and the list goes on”.

a heart with the text: "Doctors study medicine, Teachers study education, Healers study darkness...

In time, Jen eventually found a small apartment and thought things were finally settling down. Shortly after moving in, her beloved Boxer, Hunter, became terribly sick. Multiple veterinarians were unable to determine the cause, but Jen’s intuition kept steering her to water. She recognized a pattern with her apartments’ irrigation schedule and periods when Hunter would get sick. “I had the reclaimed water used in the sprinklers tested and was told it was extremely toxic and likely causing my dogs illness (he liked licking his paws), so I did what any loving dog owner would do and left. I didn’t actually move per say, but I left that night with a bag and never went back. My priority was saving his life.”

Despite her best efforts, Hunter never recovered.  "I tried so hard to save him and I failed.  His death, after a lifetime of hardships and so soon after suffering through many other losses, broke my spirit". 

After losing Hunter, Jen was desperate for a change. “I had to get away from the bad memories and toxic energies that plagued me there”, she said.  When she arrived in Texas,  she was “energetically broken and penniless”. Jen and her son slept on a leaky air mattress that required repeated filling throughout the night just to stay off the floor and warm. Her unhealed traumas coupled with sleep deprivation and exhaustion were a dangerous combination.


“I had a nervous breakdown. A friend, who was unable to console me and concerned for my well-being, called the paramedics. I’m not sure what I said that day, but I woke up in a hospital bed with a stranger sitting next to me. I flipped out when she followed me into the restroom. I was on suicide watch.”

Text: Religion is for people who fear hell. Spirituality is for people who have been there.

The journey and life of a Shaman is often plagued with crisis, chaos, illness, despair, and trauma. When the Shaman awakens, their life begins to change. Often times, the awakening occurs when the Shaman's soul is at their lowest point emotionally, mentally, and physically.

“My spiritual awakening began after the tragic and unexpected death of my son’s father.” After many years, Jen and her ex had finally arrived at a good place and were friends again.

For three days prior to receiving the news of his death, Jen was distraught and inconsolable. Her boyfriend at the time had broken up with her because she was acting “crazy”. She could barely speak or articulate what was plaguing her. The only words she expressed were “impending doom.” On that Monday morning, she called in sick to work which was completely out of character for her. When her boyfriend found out she wasn’t at work, he showed up at her door, now with genuine concern. She was in the same emotional state and wearing the same clothes he last saw her in, 3 days earlier. Then, the phone rang and time stood still...

a black panther painting

“The shock of being told that he had died catapulted me out of my body and into the ethers, where I stayed for a very long time. When I returned many months later, everything had changed. I had changed. I was different. I was someone new…”

Jen’s spiritual awakening and Shamanic initiation was brutal. Up until that time in her life, she had successfully contained her paranormal and spiritual experiences. After the death of her son’s father, the “dam broke”. Her ex was constantly around in sprit trying to get her attention. His presence coupled with Jen’s everyday spiritual experiences was too much to bear. She could no longer pretend the occurrences weren't happening and was on the brink of losing her mind. Due to her childhood experiences, mental stability was paramount. She was left with only one choice - to stop resisting.   

Over the next few years, she endured the initiation as best she could. "With my gifts no longer suppressed, I was consumed on a daily basis by my metaphysical experiences. Everything was happening to me and around me at warp speed. That period in my life was extremely intense. One day while walking my dog in an area I frequented often, I was electrocuted. I didn't have an electronic device on me, nor was there any logical explanation for how this could even happened, but it did. It was paralyzing. While showering one night, I realized I could feel the rotational spin of the earth. I was so overwhelmed with the sensations, my mental and emotional bodies could not handle it. All I could do was sit and cry and allow the energies to run their course. There were many nights I laid in bed wondering if I was going to survive my new reality. I was a hot mess". 


Jen spent a year going to specialist after specialist, seeking help from a condition that caused debilitating symptoms which included tachycardia and very low blood pressure. She would have frequent black out spells throughout the day, preventing her from being able to do the most basic of tasks. In typical Shamanic form, her relief did not come from Western medicine. When she received holistic treatment however, she recovered very quickly.

Prior to incarnating, we choose the lessons and experiences we want to have on Earth. Experienced astrologers can see those choices in our astrological birth chart. With a Stellium in the 12th house and a Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction, among other notable aspects, most astrologers would agree Jen’s birth chart was destined for an intense spiritual path, but properly balanced with enormous power to help her survive it.

colorful chart with astrological symbols

After decades of fearing her abilities and many spiritual transformations, Jen has found her spiritual balance. She has made peace with her skills and although she would prefer to live life under the radar, she knows she must share her spiritual knowledge and abilities with those who are called to her for healing and spiritual transformation.

She resides in Texas with the other half of her soul, found in Victor.

Together, they are the epitome of Divine Balance on this planet.

They formed Tribe of 1, LLC and and offer various spiritual services.

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Jen and Victor from
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