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Victor - Shaman, Mystic, Psychic and Divine Source Energy Healer
Victor - A shaman, mystic, psychic and energy healer from

Victor was born in Colorado as an only child to his Vietnamese Buddhist mother and American Christian father. Adding that combination to growing up in Saudi Arabia and being exposed to Islam, he made the early choice to shun all religions.

Knowing there was something different that set him apart from the other kids, but not being able to pinpoint or articulate it, made his life increasingly difficult. For almost the next two decades, Victor tried to block out the spirits, entities and psychic information that would plague him incessantly.

Although he tried to "fit in" to the social expectation of going to college, he dropped out and decided to pursue a career in law enforcement to "help protect people from injustice". Initially he had high hopes, but early into it, "The reality ruined the fantasy," as he put it. Although well-liked by the citizens, he was often reprimanded by his superiors for "having low productivity” and being “too nice”. "I fucking hated police work, but the free Krispy Kreme donuts were awesome", he said.

Victor wrote a tell-all book early into his law enforcement career detailing illegal steroid usage in law enforcement circles. It was written under a pen name to protect his privacy many years prior to his spiritual awakening.

Krispy Kreme donuts in a box

Victor continued searching for answers despite not always being sure he knew what some of the questions actually were. He read metaphysical books every chance he got. As he moved into his 30s, the psychic dam that he had been building all those years to try to "fit in" and attempt to be "normal" finally burst wreaking more havoc in his life. Leaving the house was extremely challenging for Victor due to his energetic sensitivities.

a pot of brewing Ayahuasca

Victor was 33 when his intuition compelled him to fly to the Amazon jungle to try Ayahuasca. The life of a Shaman is predestined and this trip was the catalyst for his Spiritual Awakening, forcing him him to accept his Shamanic destiny.


Today, when asked about his Ayahuasca experience, Victor says, “Drinking that cup of jungle juice was a huge fucking mistake.” Victor was not spiritually prepared for Ayahuasca, nor did he have the help he needed afterwards with integration. He cut his trip short, had a nervous breakdown, took a 4 month leave of absence from work, and sat at the vortexes in Sedona until he ran out of money. Then he came home and tried to accept and integrate his abilities while simultaneously rebuilding the framework of his "reality" that had been demolished with one nasty mug of brown sludge.

For the next few years, he struggled with the most basic of tasks. It took several years before he learned how to manage life with his new vibration. Then within a year’s time, his 5th grade premonition of contracting Lyme disease came to fruition. It caused severe damage to his joints, central nervous system, and equilibrium.  At one point, Victor was bed-ridden with Lyme vertigo, unable to walk without assistance for weeks and eventually having to walk with a cane for 6 months. "It was like having 6 shots of hard liquor on an empty stomach. Fun for the first 30 minutes, but it got old really quickly".

It was during this time, Victor began working with his most beloved animal totem, Bee Spirit. He became a bee keeper to mitigate his Lyme symptoms with the venom from bee stings. Over the next few years, he stung himself more than five thousand times along his spine. The bee venom therapy combined with Chinese herbs put his Lyme disease into remission.

Victor has been also been "lucky" enough to experience the following during his journey: meningitis, e. coli poisoning, acute mercury poisoning, pneumonia, and two rounds of an ass-kicking flu (or what everyone else calls Covid).

honeybee on my thumb

Victor’s success and relief from his Lyme illness was short-lived due to his girlfriend's aggressive breast cancer diagnosis. Although he could see the dark energy of her cancer and had been able to heal others, he was unable to affect any change in her condition. Her journey to leave early in her lifetime was out of his control and it pushed him over the edge. "I was beyond angry. How could I be gifted with healing abilities and not be allowed to heal someone I love? I fell into a deep depression, put my affairs in order and planned my exit from this ball of dirt." It took a lot of Shamanic work from a few close friends and a pre-incarnational pact with his little buddy to pull him "off the cliff".

Victor has had more than 1600 human incarnations on Earth. In this lifetime, he has been traditionally trained in non-ordinary reality by his Spirit Guides as a Shaman and Divine Source Healer. His spiritual gifts allow him to utilize the knowledge and wisdom from his other pertinent lifetimes as shamans, witchdoctors, medicine men/women, sorcerers, witches, psychics, mystics and monks. He has a background in Qigong and Shengong through direct training and direct transmission from a Qigong Master and Taoist Priest.

After many painful spiritual transformations, he has found his spiritual balance and sovereignty and he feels the time is right for him to share the gifts that were given to him.

sitting in peace in non-ordinary reality
Meme from The Matrix - Blue pill: You go on with your shit life / Red pill: Same. Only it's strawberry.

Victor is straight forward with his guidance, but also soft and gentle. His unique perspective on the harsh realities of life is a breath of fresh air in this New Age world of "Light Workers", many of whom fall prey to the multitude of illusions on Earth by deluding themselves and each other. Victor aims to tell you the real truth about this reality.

Victor used to consider himself a "Truth Seeker" and after having read more than 750 metaphysical books and trusting his intuition, today he is a "Truth Speaker" on a myriad of spiritual topics, including the taboo ones, and he conveys that energy in his writing, speaking engagements, and spiritual guidance.

He resides in Austin, Texas with the other half of his soul, found in Jen. Together, they are the epitome of divine balance on this planet.

They formed Tribe of 1, LLC and and offer various spiritual services.

Jen and Victor from
Jen and Victor from
Jen and Victor from
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