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In this ongoing series, I'm going to point out examples of how energy creates, permeates, and affects everything until everyone gets it or until I die, whichever comes first (I'm betting on/hoping for the latter), and how this affects you whether or not you're aware of it.

If you found this through shitty search engine indexing, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.


Let's take a look at situations where your energy is "mixed" with energy from others and what happens.

Sexual Intercourse

Well, if this didn't cross your mind, then you probably need to clean out the crap that's floating around in your head. Ever wonder why, after a man and woman have sex, the man becomes tired and the woman ends up energized? It has nothing to do with the exertion of physical energy because a healthy man can hit the gym for an hour or run a few miles to completion without wanting to curl up for a nap part-way into it, and yet if he engages in sexual intercourse and ejaculates, he wants to curl up into a ball and take a nap. Many years ago, in an unofficial poll of my friends and their significant others, the females usually described their post-sex energy as being "charged up", "energized", "bouncing off the walls", "pumped-up", "revitalized", or something similar. The males all said they felt "tired", "drained", "energetically sapped", "sleepy", etc. This is because of the energetic transfer that occurs. This subtopic goes very deep, so to briefly hit the bullet points here, consider that the male has a positive (+) charge and the female has a negative (-) charge. Sexual intercourse between a man and woman will, by nature, drain the man of his lifeforce by a tiny bit. Add this up over the years and perhaps you can make a connection as to another reason women tend to live longer than men. There are ancient techniques males can learn to prevent losing their lifeforce to females, but you really must be adept at understanding, feeling, and controlling the qi in your body before you can practice this.

simple stick figure drawing of a tired man. The caption says "being a guy after sex is like transforming back from being a werewolf". The stick figure man says "Why am I so tired... and naked..."


I was sitting on my ass watching an old episode of Ink Master not too long ago. Yes, sometimes I love becoming "one" with the couch and trying to do as little as humanly possible. Anyway, it dawned on me that this would be a good example of energy in the tattooing process. Getting a tattoo is a very intimate process. Having the tattoo artist draw what you want is the first step. By now, you know that this artwork will be infused with their energy. Or you could draw your own design to ensure your energy goes into the artwork rather than the energy of the tattoo artist, but this is where your energy infusion stops. Once the tattoo artist starts the machine and pierces your skin, you're going to be dealing with their energy for a while. If it's possible before you start your session, try to assess the overall mood of the artist and confirm it with dialogue if you're not confident in reading energy. If the tattoo artist is in a bad mood (but is working anyway because not having a roof over your head sucks), guess what goes into your tattoo? Do you think that energy is going to affect you detrimentally? I'd happily pay a rescheduling/cancellation fee rather than let someone infuse me with their shitty energy.

One of my buddies owns a tattoo shop and I used to have a standing appointment with him every three weeks. We had shared other incarnations and he was aware of our connection which made our chats rewarding for both of us as he was much more spiritually awake than most. I recall being in his chair one afternoon and mentally preparing myself for some rather painful work on my chest. As he started the process, our conversation segued from an Ayahuasca ceremony that his wife had participated in to how things had been going with their relationship as he had mentioned things had been getting "worse" the last time I saw him. I felt an energy shift within him slightly and it started moving towards the "anger" end of the emotional spectrum. His attempts to use "softer" words couldn't hide his underlying feelings though. I was just about to tell him to stop tattooing and take breather when he sensed the shift on his own, immediately put the tattoo machine down, and told me that he needed to cool off so he wouldn't be tattooing me with his angry energy. I was grateful that he was aware of how his energy would have gone straight into me which would have left me with the added task of transmuting it later.

Blood Transfusions

I've been fortunate enough to have never needed to receive a blood transfusion, but based on what a close friend shared with me, it seems like a horrific thing to go through if you're sensitive to energy. Here's why: Generally, blood can be viewed as the physical manifestation and representation of life force, so when a person donates blood, they're giving away part of their essence/energy. When a person receives that blood, now they've introduced energy into their body/energetic field from a complete fucking stranger. Sure, sometimes this transfusion is necessary to save a life, but that's not the point here. Think about the energy of that particular stranger. Having the blood/energy from that person coursing through your body might be akin to inviting a random person to live with you. There would be a good chance that the two of you would NOT be compatible, but in this case, the stranger is also sharing your bed, couch, clothing, shoes, toothbrush, etc. At least in that scenario, you can kick the person out of your home, but not so much with a transfusion. If the recipient is sensitive enough to feel the foreign energy and unable to transmute it, they're in for a weird/rough ride until they can adapt and/or the energy naturally settles/transmutes over time.

Organ Transplants

This should come as no surprise to you by now, but there are many accounts of people receiving an organ transplant and then taking on the quirks and personality traits of their donor. Often, the recipient will know things about the donor and their life that they couldn't have possibly known beforehand. Some of this can be due to the spirit of the deceased person communicating through the recipient as well, but that's not what this article is about. I'll share one account here taken from the PDF below.

"The donor was a 16-month-old boy (Jerry) who drowned in a bathtub. The recipient was a 7-month-old boy (Carter) diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot, a syndrome involving a hole in the ventricular septum, displacement of the aorta, pulmonary stenosis, and thickening of the right ventricle.

The donor's mother, a physician, reported:

The first thing is that I could more than hear Jerry's [her son, the donor] heart. I could feel it in me. When Carter [the recipient] first saw me, he ran to me and pushed his nose against me and rubbed and rubbed it. It was just exactly what we did with Jerry. Jerry and Carter's heart is 5 years old now, but Carter's eyes were Jerry's eyes. When he hugged me, I could feel my son. I mean I could feel him, not just symbolically. He was there. I felt his energy.

I'm a doctor. I'm trained to be a keen observer and have always been a natural born skeptic. But this was real. I know people will say that I need to believe my son's spirit is alive, and perhaps I do. But I felt it. My husband and my father felt it. And I swear to you, and you can ask my mother, Carter said the same baby-talk words that Jerry said. Carter is 6, but he was talking Jerry's baby talk and playing with my nose just like Jerry did.

We stayed with the [recipient family] that night. In the middle of the night, Carter came in and asked to sleep with my husband and me. He cuddled up between us exactly like Jerry did, and we began to cry. Carter told us not to cry because Jerry said everything was okay. My husband and I, our parents, and those who really knew Jerry have no doubt. Our son's heart contains much of our son and beats in Carter's chest. On some level, our son is still alive.

The recipient's mother reported:

I saw Carter go to her [the donor's mother]. He never does that. He is very, very shy, but he went to her just like he used to run to me when he was a baby. When he whispered "It's okay, Mama," I broke down. He called her Mother, or maybe it was Jerry's heart talking. And one more thing that got to us. We found out talking to Jerry's mom that Jerry had mild cerebral palsy, mostly on his left side. Carter has stiffness and some shaking on that same side. He never did as a baby and it only showed up after the transplant. The doctors say it's probably something to do with his medical condition, but I really think there's more to it.

One more thing I'd like you to know about. When we went to church together, Carter had never met Jerry's father. We came late and Jerry's dad was sitting with a group of people in the middle of the congregation. Carter let go of my hand and ran right to that man. He climbed on his lap, hugged him, and said "Daddy." We were flabbergasted. How could he have known him? Why did he call him Dad? He never did things like that. He would never let go of my hand in church and never run to a stranger. When I asked him why he did it, he said he didn't. He said Jerry did and he went with him."

--Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. - University of Hawaii

Paul Pearsall - Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of
Download • 838KB

Couples Dancing

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching two people dancing so well together, that it's hard to take your eyes off of them? People who don't understand energy will argue that the dancers merely excel at memorization of the routines and are "in touch" with their physical body through countless hours of practice. There's no doubt that learning to dance with another person involves dedication and practice, but a large, unseen part of this deals with how the energies of two people mingle and merge and how adept each dancer is at reading this energy.

Before things manifest in the physical (a dance move or an ailment for example), it shows up in a persons energetic field with differing degrees of "notice". If someone noticed a small lump on their body in the past 2 days, that just means the tumor has finally manifested in the physical (things manifest slowly here), but the reality is that any skilled clairvoyant could have seen this in the persons energetic body many months prior. With the example of a dance move, you wouldn't sense it months before, but you could still sense it a split-second or more preceding the physical movement.

Those that excel in couples dancing have learned to unconsciously sense the energy preceding the movements from their dance partner and adjust/execute their own movements fluidly and precisely to remain in synchrony. At the highest levels, their energy is intermingled to the degree that they operate as "one" on the dance floor, just "knowing" what to do next. This is very evident in improvisational dances.

Despite their different preference of dancing styles and this being their first (unrehearsed) dance together, these two are able to take the hours of practice memorizing synchronized dance moves out of the equation. They manage to not step on toes or bump into each other. Not bad for a first dance?

Sparring in Martial Arts

Similarly, the best martial artists don't need to rely on their physical senses as much as beginners do. There is a term called "telegraphing" which simply means that a person (involuntarily) signals their intent to attack/defend/move through a shifting of: their weight, body position, hand/arm/leg position, eyes, etc. To reduce chances of unconsciously telegraphing, a person needs to learn to relax as tension in the body often gives away their next move. Good martial artists can see physical micro-gestures initiating the movement. Exceptional martial artists (masters) don't need to rely on noticing these micro-gestures because they can read/sense the energetic intent of their opponent before any subtle physical movements have even started. To prevent an opponent from reading your energy/intent, a person needs to learn how to either shrink the diameter of their energetic field so it doesn't fall into the detection radius of their opponent or even better, "close" their energy. If you're energy is properly "closed", you won't "leak" anything for the opponent to sense.

Energy "Vampires"

This could be a full article on its own, but essentially there are some people that will drain your energy and I know that you can probably pinpoint who in your life does this without much thought. You don't even have to be physically near them to experience this. It can be done over a phone call and in extreme cases, this can also happen over a distance without the victim being aware of it except for their constant lethargy, fuzzy thinking, and lack of "get up and go". Not every energy "vampire" is consciously aware of what they're doing - all they know is they get "charged up" around others (extroverts). The ones that are aware of what they're doing are pieces of shit - Dark-aligned individuals (in addition to entities/spirits) are the culprits here. Usually, unhealthy energetic cords allow this drain to happen plus a lack of personal shielding/boundaries. The best way to prevent an energy vampire from draining you is to cut them out of your life permanently utilizing physical and non-physical means. In a future related article, I'll cover how everything (every type of physical and non-physical being/entity) feeds on something.

Horseback Riding

If you've never been around a horse, it can be intimidating just being in the presence of such a large, powerful, and majestic creature, so learning to ride a horse can be even more daunting. Aside from the rules and practices that must be adhered to so you don't get kicked in the head or bucked off into the nearest cactus patch, being able to read and merge with the energy of the horse is rather important if you intend on riding one. Keep in mind that horses have feelings too, so it might not like your energy to begin with which means you should probably find another horse. Try to sense one that you're energetically drawn to rather than judging a book by its cover and picking the "pretty" or "cool-looking" one. On a side note, I wasted far too much time watching videos of people getting bucked off horses for this section (there really aren't enough of these for my amusement).

I'll cut this off right here as this is enough for now. I hope these examples help to further your understanding that energy is everything. I'll post Part 4 of this series here when I finish it.

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Mark Jessup
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Very nice, and remind me to tell you about blood plasma, where they mix the blood plasma of up to 1,000 people and infuse it into patients.

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