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Updated: Jan 6

In this ongoing series, I'm going to point out examples of how energy creates, permeates, and affects everything until everyone gets it or until I die, whichever comes first (I'm betting on/hoping for the latter), and how this affects you whether or not you're aware of it.

Energy is everywhere. Energy changes form constantly down here regardless of your awareness of this happening. People that are aware of this AND also possess the skill to change this energy have an advantage over everyone else. Just because you might not be able to see it or sense it doesn't mean it isn't there. When you start your day, you have a certain amount of energy depending on how well you slept. Some of you will eat breakfast to top off your fuel tank. Veggies become energy by transmuting the energy from the sun. Animals get their energy from eating other animals or from veggies. Whether you drive to work or take public transportation, those vehicles need energy from petroleum products which are a pain in the ass to acquire and refine. Electric vehicles get energy from their batteries which store energy that has been generated from electrical plants. Those electrical plants get their energy from the sun, steam turbines, nuclear sources, geothermal sources, the wind, yada yada.

When you get to work and start talking to your coworkers, you're expending energy. Some coworkers drain more of your energy than others. Others can energize you (it's rare, but wonderful to have a relationship with someone where you both feel energized by each other). When you're at your desk and working, your energy goes into everything you do. If you have a lot of energy and are in an optimal state, it will reflect in your work and conversely if you're tired and not in the best state, your work suffers. When your boss evaluates your work, despite not being aware of it, he/she is sensing the energy you put into it on one level (of course he/she will evaluate it on other basic levels such as whether it's accurate or pertinent to their needs, but that's not what this article is about).

While you're sitting in silence in the office and staring at you screen daydreaming, your mind is using energy (and of course your physical body continues burning through your stored energy for other metabolic process and body maintenance), but much less than when you're focusing intensely on your shitty job. When your coworker walks in and startles you, it's because you didn't sense their energy approaching. When an annoying coworker comes into work with shitty energy, some people can sense that and steer clear while others blindly walk into a shitstorm. When you get your paycheck, the money you receive is a form of "regionally accepted" energy that you've "earned" whilst slaving away (astute observers will note that for most people, you get back far less than what you put in).

Think of the days of the week and the energy that each one has. So many people around the world have put a certain "flavor" of energy into each day, that each day has now developed a distinctly different feel despite days of the "week" being arbitrary. In a Swedish study, researchers analyzed data from over 156,000 hospital admissions for heart attacks over seven years. The most heart attacks occurred on Mondays, and the least on Saturdays. The risk of heart attack was 11 percent higher on Mondays than Tuesdays through Fridays. Younger workers seemed most vulnerable to Monday heart attacks with a risk 20 percent higher on the first day of the work week. Interestingly, this energy/day of the week connection changes depending on where in the world you are. When I lived in Saudi Arabia decades ago, Saturday/Sunday were the Monday/Tuesday equivalents here in the West and we looked forward to Thursday/Fridays (Saturday/Sundays over there).

meme with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet: "What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's Monday," said Piglet. "Fuck," said Pooh.

So let's move on. Hungry? Your body is telling you it needs more energy. Get in your car, hit the highway and notice the energy of the people driving around you - a streaming cesspool (my new favorite word😉) of uncontrolled energy, emotion and thought. This changes constantly depending on the time: Early morning traffic jams with stress and irritation building because Monday energy has flooded your hemisphere, evening traffic jams on Wednesday with a sense of relief that "hump day" is over with, and Friday traffic which carries far less irritation and stress because of the permeating Friday/weekend energy. Add to that having a Monday off, and Friday driving energy is rather pleasant. You can also observe that these roadways are artificial meridians that have been created through highway/road construction plans and reinforced by the energy of drivers (which really does wonders (sarcasm) for the natural energy flows and meridians that the Earth already possesses). When driving in different cities, their roads will each have distinctly different flavors.

Exit the highway and pull into your favorite restaurant. It's a 50's style diner where you can see the cooks prepare your meal. You order what you always order, it arrives and you commence to stuffing your pie hole, but every bite just doesn't taste right. What the hell happened? The first thought most people would have would be that the restaurant must have new people preparing your food and that could certainly explain it, but what if it's the same kitchen staff that you see over the counters that are always there? Did you ever stop to consider the moods of those that had a hand in preparing your food? Probably not, but the energy they put into your food is a part of why it tastes the way it tastes. Did you also stop to consider if they changed restaurant suppliers or the original source of their ingredients? How did the energy of the surroundings of the chickens affect the eggs in your omelet? If the entire staff was disgruntled (not just the cook), each in their own individual ways, the effect would be exponentially worse and I know you've been to a restaurant where the entire experience from arriving to leaving was just god-awful. If this group-shit-energy became a regular thing at that restaurant (a long duration of crappy energy or a short duration of intensely shitty energy), these employees could unconsciously form a tulpa with the same characteristics. This tulpa would then continue to breed and grow the same shit energy as the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Have you ever noticed restaurants going out of business, then a completely new restaurant with new owners takes over and it also fails as does the next one and and the next one? This is because none of those people could overcome the tulpa lingering in that building (cue the Kitchen Nightmares intro). The new restaurants that succeed where the others failed were able to destroy or disperse this existing tulpa.

When you read a book or an article, you're reading more than words. It's the energy of the writer that makes the story/topic so much more interesting and compelling. On a smaller scale, writer's that also know how to choose the proper word to convey their thoughts and ideas enhance this even more because...drum roll...words carry specific energies. Not only do the words carry specific energies, but the manner in which the writer/speaker delivers the word changes that energy. The word CUNT (in caps and bold because I love offending people with this word) carries a certain definition. In the U.S., this word carries a default extremely derogatory energy. This word is regional as well since the connotation and energy in the U.K. is different and they use it more freely in conversation because they don't have a sequoia stuck up their ass sideways like the "I'm-easily-offended-and-triggered-and-words-hurt-me-so-I-need-a-safe-space-now-and-you-need-to-tiptoe-around-my-delicate-bitch-ass-because-I'm-special" americans. Now amongst close friends, if I call someone a CUNT, I imbue it with a playful, happy energy of "you're such a fucker, but I'm only letting you get away with this because I love you" energy and the default energy changes drastically.

Have you searched for something online and found a shit ton of articles that "someone" has written, but the article itself feels dead or odd? It's because these fucking articles were written by A.I. and A.I. lacks the ability to instill real energy into something. The "energy" of A.I. is drastically different because it is ARTIFICIAL. I don't even know if I want to classify it as energy as we know it at this point. I know for a fact that anyone that reads my articles knows inherently that I wrote it and not some fucking piece of programming because of the passion I put into it.


My wife and I recently worked with a local jeweler to create a custom ring. We sensed that the person helping us had a negative bias towards my physical appearance, so we chose NOT to work with him to bring this ring to life because his shit energy would have gone into the final product. I searched for another custom jeweler and found one a few states away. The pics on their website, their reviews on the web, my interactions with the employees on the phone, and their email updates all had good, clean energy. And it was no surprise that when I finally received the ring, it exuded the most beautiful energy of pride in craftmanship and attention to detail.

We do not let anyone into our home unless we've energetically vetted them or can energetically handle it. If we need a repair done, we go to great lengths to ensure that the person who will be doing the actual repair has acceptable energy. This means speaking to them beforehand and/or meeting them in person outside of our domain. We would rather live with a minor inconvenience than let a shitty person into our domicile putting their shitty energy into the repair/replacement of the defective item and then have to later deal with clearing the house of their essence and anticipating an early death/replacement for the item they replaced/infused with their shitty energy.

How do you implement this into your daily life? Start by analyzing EVERYTHING that occurs in the course of your day for WHAT energy might be affecting it and then analyze HOW the energy affects it. Once you can do that, you can take it a step further to figure out how you can CHANGE the energy with small tweaks. I'll let you figure out what small tweaks that might be, but here's a hint: the tweaks could be anything from a shift in your reactive energy, a change of word selection, a change in route selection, a change in times that you do something, etc. etc.

You need to learn to treat yourself, your surroundings and your possessions with more respect instead of just allowing anyone to waltz into these areas or near your items. Think of anything having to do with YOUR energy as a pristine, white carpet. You wouldn't let some smelly, dirty motherfucker wear muddy shoes into your space would you? Of course not. And yet people do this all the time without any thought.

Are you buying a house? What's the energy of the surrounding landscape like? What's the energy of the neighborhood like? What's the energy of the street like? What's the energy of the house like? What does the energy of each room feel like? How do these change depending on the time of day? What's the energy of the realtor like?

meme with text saying Realtor: 38 people have died in this house and it's haunted and the caption above the next pic says :Scorpio/Pisces and the pic shows a family happily walking in with moving boxes

Flying? Try to tap into the energy of the day and time you booked your flight taking into account not only days of the week, but the nearby holidays, the seasons, the weather forecast for those few days before and during, the astrological transits and the energy of the airport you're flying from (if you have a choice). On the day of the flight, tap into the energy of the traffic, the routes to the airport, the energy of those TSA fucktards, the energy of the security screening line, the energy of using a self check-in kiosk vs dealing with the line of people and a live person at the check-in desk. Scan the gate to find the best place to sit so you don't pickup some other passenger's shitty energy. Do you see the flight crew walking up to board? Tap into the pilot to see if it feels like he's in a great mood or if he's dealing with his current divorce, ailing parent in hospice and his 7-year battle with alcoholism. Do you see where I'm going here? I hope so because I could go on and on until I pass out from exhaustion. The sensing of energy to this degree may sound overwhelming, but it's really NOT. If you can learn to do this, you won't really need to tune into each individual variable because the OVERALL energy (of your trip in this case) will paint a decent enough picture for you to make the correct decision. But it helps immensely to LEARN how to read each person or situation (variables) to finely tune things for your benefit when things change after you thought you were done sensing everything you needed to. And energy will change - always and often. So you can get the big picture like looking at a painting, but if something is "off" with the painting, you need to learn how to see and tweak the colors (variables) so the big picture looks and feels better at a glance. Like flying a plane to a destination, the pilot needs to correct course as the Earth rotates, air traffic changes, weather patterns change, UFO's dive bomb them, etc. You also need to be sensitive enough to detect the changes and correct your course on the fly. And as the title states, EVERYTHING is Energy so why someone WOULDN'T care to learn to sense it is beyond me.

What if you can't sense energy? Well, you might be oblivious to it or you might feel it unconsciously (not knowing why you react oddly to certain things), but everyone starts somewhere. When I started my qigong practice, I did it daily and I didn't feel jack shit moving in my body for TWO years. Now, feeling energy is akin to breathing and you'll have to practice sensing it in order to strengthen this foundational psychic skill.

Sometimes it's hard to sense the energy of something or someone because you're around it all the time and you've become desensitized to it, sort of like how people are immune to their own body odor until you put your awareness on it. The brain naturally starts to ignore the things surrounding you every day so it can focus on "newer" things/threats. So try this: Before your spouse leaves for work or to run errands, sit and calibrate the energy surrounding you when you're sitting near your spouse. Then sense how your place feels WITHOUT his/her energy present when they leave, then compare it again to how you feel when he/she gets home. Same thing goes for EMFs. People who live in places with many towers and antennas nearby become accustomed to the way these affect their body and it's not until they leave that area and go to the beach or mountains that they notice how much more peaceful and relaxed they are.

I hope that this gives you enough to ponder and work with. Until then, remember to ask yourself throughout the day "What am I sensing right now, where is it coming from, how does it affect me and can I affect change in it?" Part 2 of this series is here.

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