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Opening and Closing Your Energy - A Quick Lesson in Energy Control

Updated: Jan 3

When you start learning qigong principles, you may hear the term "neigong" as you progress. Neigong translates to mean "internal work, skill or practice". When you watch someone practice qigong, what you see on the outside is only about 10% of what's really going on. The other 90% is happening internally. There are 16 Neigong principles that you'll endeavor to integrate into your qigong practice. You can't do it all at once. You'll just have to master one and then circle back and add the next one until you can unconsciously do those two, then add a third and so on. It can take years to integrate all 16 components into your qigong practice and most people never get past a basic few. Hell, I haven't even mastered all 16 components yet, but the time is going to pass by anyway so I'll just keep working on it. Each of the 16 has their individual roles to play, but I'm going to focus on one in particular for this article as it relates to learning how to keep your energy "private".

Have you ever been to a metaphysical fair and noticed some of the psychics "glancing" at you? They aren't just using their eyes. They're reaching out to read your aura to get information about you. I can't blame them for wanting to gather information about someone walking through the room. It's no different than a girl watching a man walk past her at night on a dimly lit street. She has a right to be vigilant and aware, but there is also a point where too much looking with the eyes becomes intrusive, uncomfortable, unwelcome and violating. There isn't much you can do about that though aside from walk or run away really quickly from the person that was eye-humping you (unless you're like me and are completely comfortable making someone else feel uncomfortable). In the case of someone with the skill to scan your energy field and sense things about you, there is also a boundary that constitutes an invasion of privacy. This also can happen remotely. The person who wants to view you doesn't have to be in physical sight distance. Ask any remote viewer or spirit - there really isn't any privacy - well, not unless you know how to shield yourself in more than one way. Think of it this way: you can put on sunscreen and it will shield you from UV rays, but it wont' stop rain from hitting your skin. You need a rain coat to block the rain, but a rain coat won't stop hail from leaving bruises on your body, so you would need a big piece of plexiglass. Do you follow? Different methods of viewing would require different shielding techniques. I'm only going to cover one of the techniques now.

A closed, multi-colored Hoberman sphere which is a good toy to demonstrate how to open and close your energy
Opening and closing a Hoberman sphere is a good demonstration of what opening and closing your energy should be like

So let's talk about opening first. If you "opened" your body, you would be putting space between your joints, stretching your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, putting space between your organs, expanding the cavities in your body (like the arm pit), and generally expanding outwards. Now add the energetic component to this and we're going to be expanding our energy from a central point outwards - that central point being the lower dantian (tantien).

When you're with friends that you trust and are comfortable with, generally your energy will naturally open up. If your home life is safe and secure, this is where you can notice your energy open as well. Think of it like a balloon expanding. Pay attention to this feeling of how far out your etheric body extends to.

Closing would be just the opposite. It's about contracting inwards, all aspects of your physical body and energetic as well. The closing point would be the lower dantian I used to envision a tiny black hole where my lower dantian is, pulling in my energy. Doing this can greatly assist you in learning how to feel the closing sensation.

When you're in unfamiliar situations or you feel uncomfortable, generally your energy will naturally close. If you're sick, you'll find that your etheric field doesn't extend as far out and if you're really ill, it may be very hard for someone to detect it. This is because you've closed down naturally to conserve your energy and to protect yourself. Think of it like a balloon deflating. Pay attention to this feeling of how far out your etheric body extends to in these situations so you can compare.

For the purposes of this article, it's the closing aspect that you'll need to focus on to stay protected and private. When you close down, just think of that tiny black hole in the center of your lower dantian. Visualize and REALLY FEEL IT pulling your energy inwards. This is far, far more difficult that I'm making it sound and if you tell me that you can do it with just my simple instructions, I'll know you're full of shit and you'll lie about other things too. Don't be discouraged if it takes you a long time to feel this happening. Most people can't feel their energy flows or energy blockages to begin with, so this is even tougher. At the very least, you understand the concept. If you have any legit psychic friends, you can try to test your closing skills by asking if they can "read" you. If you do this properly, they will have much difficulty or not be able to sense anything about you at all. Remember being a kid and playing hide-and-seek? The best hiders knew how to close their energy so the other kids couldn't sense it. Here's another example that will probably help you learn this a bit easier. Imagine that you're home alone and asleep in the wee hours. You hear glass breaking coming from the other room and whispers indicating that there is more than one person that has just broken into your place. You don't have any weapons, so you quietly grab your phone and make your way to the closet to hide while you dial for help. Once inside your closet, you instinctively close your energy because you're trying to be as "small" and "undetectable" as possible. Now do you understand a bit better?

If you want to understand this concept from another perspective, in Robert Monroe's 2nd book, "Far Journeys", Monroe (AA) recounts some adventures in non-ordinary reality. He uses the phrase "close tightly" many times. Monroe's friend (BB) is pulling-in his energy as I described.

"BB blanked completely, then slowly turned inward and closed tightly. There wasn’t the slightest radiation or movement in him that I could perceive.

Monroe, Robert. Far Journeys (p. 203).

By "radiation" above, Monroe means perceptible energy.

"(AA) went motionless to get percept of BB close in, as he didn’t seem evident … percept brought surprise … he was directly under me. Closed and dulled so tightly, no wonder he was hard to find.

Monroe, Robert. Far Journeys (p. 157). Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony. Kindle Edition.

In the above excerpt, Monroe was looking for his friend BB. BB had closed so much that Monroe was right above him because he had difficulty perceiving BB's energy.

I hope this information is enough to at least get you started with learning to protect your energy. People open/close naturally, but few have conscious control over their energy. If you can master it, you'll have a powerful way to keep your energy private. I'll cover some other techniques in future posts.


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