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EVERYONE Has An Agenda - Part 1 - Spirit Guides

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Let's be realistic here. There are always two reasons why someone does something: The REAL reason and the reason they tell everyone. Very rarely are those two answers the same.

So why the dichotomy between those?

Because everyone has an agenda.

If you volunteer at an animal shelter, you might tell your friends that you do so because you love the animals, but posting about the time you spent at the shelter on social media pretty much shows your true colors. You had a hidden agenda and you just wanted people (like the person you're dating) to view you as a kind, soft-hearted, animal-loving person, but really you're just "selling yourself" so you can ensure that people continue to view you in a certain "light" for your own agenda (which includes stroking your ego).

Mother Theresa was a selfish person because she received the immense satisfaction and juice that came from helping the needy. Some will try to call it "selfless" work, but don't kid yourself. There's nothing selfless about it. I promise you she wouldn't have lifted a fucking finger if she hadn't gotten something out of her work. And neither would anyone else. Her work just happened to fall into a win/win category, but strangely, people only seem to be capable of recognizing the "win" for the needy people. To paraphrase Newton, for every action, there is an opposite, but equal, reaction.

So why would any other intelligent life form/entity be different?

Drum roll.......

They're not. I know what some of you are thinking, so let's get this out of the way first.

So what's OUR agenda at Tribe of 1?

To assist those that are waking up in:

  • reclaiming their power, trusting themselves, and being in proper alignment

  • seeing through and dismantling the lies and illusions of this fabricated "reality"

  • providing answers for those seeking understanding of the paranormal, supernatural, and mystical world

  • extricating themselves from this fucked up "reality" and reincarnation cycle by sharing the awful truth about this place

Do we get anything out of this? Well of course - gratification from helping people with any of the above and whatever monetary donation the person feels is fair for the energetic exchange. Now let's get back on track...


Our lives are inextricably intertwined with relationships down here especially when you take into account the intertwining of incarnations throughout time. There are more types of relationships to experience than you can classify, but some are much more difficult to maintain and be a part of than others. To complicate matters, relationships extend past the physical and into non-physical realms as well. Most people will not be very aware of these relationships, but as you start to sense non-physical entities, you'll open up a whole new can of worms with the sheer number of different types of relationships one can have. Aside from trying to connect to deceased loved ones, one of the first non-physical relationships that people can start to become aware of is the one with their "spirit guides".

So what are "spirit guides"?

Conventional new agers generally say that these non-physical spirits/entities are assigned to you in order to "assist" you on your spiritual journey (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean). There is some confusion as to what the term "spirit guide" actually refers to, but do a search and any of the following will be listed as "spirit guides":

  • Protectors

  • Guardian Angels

  • Gatekeepers

  • Messengers

  • Spirit Animals

  • Healers

  • Teachers

  • (Make up another category that sounds good and I'm sure some lightsider has written about it)

It's been said that some guides stay for your entire life and they/others may come and go as you progress down your path. It's important to keep in mind that one size does not fit all, so the number/types of guides a person might have at any point in their journey will be unique to their individual path as will their individual relationships with said guides.

Spirit guides are not your friends

Understand that when I say this, I don't necessarily mean that they're your enemy, they want to fuck with you, or they dislike you - not at all. Think of it this way: You share common interests with friends, you enjoy their company, you regularly communicate with them, you trust them, you'd bend over backwards for them, and you'll spend time with them in your free time. This is not the case with spirit guides in general. Maybe considering them "distant relatives that linger in the background at your family reunion" paints a better picture - you don't really know them that well, you don't speak to them regularly (if at all), you don't know if you can trust them completely (based off of a few instances where you desperately reached out to them and they failed to come through for you), generally much of their history, personality, purpose, and motives are still a big fucking mystery to you, and they've been thrust into your "bubble" of relationships.

meme of a person in a costume that resembles a weird, but funny looking monster dragging a person by the jacket down the sidewalk with the caption reading: "actual picture of my spirit guide being totally sick of my shit"

What are spirit guides supposed to do for you?

According to the general consensus, spirit guides assist with the following:

  • offering protection, shielding

  • offering healing

  • offering knowledge, guidance

  • offering "support"

  • delivering messages

  • blah, blah, blah

What do spirit guides really do for you though?

Whatever the fuck they were assigned to do and make no mistake that what they were assigned to do for you and what you want them to do for you are sometimes two ENTIRELY different things.

Think of this like having a billionaire grandfather that has his own plans for you down the line despite you not really being aware of or caring about this (you happen to be somewhat of an arrogant asshat in this scenario). In order to protect his "asset", he will hire and assign 2 bodyguards to be with you 24/7. These 2 bodyguards will make sure that you are taken care of in the manner that was outlined per their individual agreements with your grandfather (NOT with YOU). So if your grandfather tells them to ensure that you don't end up unconscious in the emergency room, (BUT it's ok to let you get your ass handed to you on a platter because you need to learn some humility), this means that "your" assigned bodyguards will stand by while you run your mouth and silently watch as someone kicks your happy-ass across the parking lot. "Your" bodyguards will only step in if it goes too far (keeping you from being beaten unconscious per their directive), but otherwise, it's time for them to sit back, eat some energetic popcorn, and enjoy the part of the show where you end up spitting out bloody Chiclets after getting popped in the mouth a couple times.

Anyone that has ever asked their guides for "help" and then realized that they didn't help you AT ALL will understand exactly what I'm trying to convey. Did their lack of intervention come as quite a surprise when all these new age "spiritual teachers" told you to ask your guides for help? And isn't it oh-so-convenient that when these guides fail to assist you, some fucking lightsider will always chime in (with their programmed response) something to the effect of "you needed to have that experience to grow"?

So who do spirit guides actually work for?

Well, as you may have figured out by now, they sure as shit don't work for you since you're not "paying" their "salary". These spirit guides have their own agenda as spelled out in whatever agreement they entered into when they took up the position in the first place (and you will probably never be privy to what their operating rules are while you're still incarnated down here). Their choice to embark upon the path of becoming a "spirit guide" in the first place means that they "work" for another entity "above" them that has already laid out rules and guidelines for the role of being a spirit guide for humans on Earth. Once they've been assigned to you, their assigned duties will be specifically tailored to match YOUR unique path, whatever that may be. (Technically, if you go up the "chain of command", they work for "something" much higher up, but that's for another article).

Have you ever had to train someone new at your job? Think of it like that. Your instructions are clear from your supervisor and if the FNG (fucking new guy) is overwhelmed during the first few days of the job, do you actually care? Not really. That's HIS problem. You just have to make sure to cover your ass and do what your boss told you to do regardless of what the FNG asks/begs of you and how it affects the FNG. Harsh, but true.


I remember a book by a famous "spiritual teacher" that talked about communicating with your spirit guides. The book was awful, but I had to finish it because I think I knew psychically that I'd be sharing this blurb and ripping on her dumbass one day. This lady was so reliant on the advice of her guides, that I seriously wondered if she ever made ANY decisions on her own. I'm not exaggerating. It seemed like this lady couldn't take a shit without confirmation from her guides if it was a good idea or not. The irony is that although she is supposed to be a "spiritual teacher", it's clearly evident that she doesn't even trust her own intuition enough to make her own decisions, so I'm really curious as to what the hell she "teaches" her students/clients.

Although my outlook on spirit guides is contrary to the masses, I still advise people to ask their guides for assistance for a few reasons:

  • It's a fucking crap shoot if they'll help you or not, so you have NOTHING to lose by asking them because if they don't help you, you're still in the same predicament as you were before you asked and if they do help you, you can see it as a bonus that they've interceded.

  • MY path is not YOUR path so MY requirements and experiences are different. Your path might actually involve or depend upon interaction with them to varying degrees.

  • You might be lucky and have a great relationship with them.

In Part 2 of this series, I'm going to cover E.T.s and their hidden agendas.

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Sep 19, 2023


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