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Chakras are BULLSHIT - That's Why I Removed Mine

Updated: 5 days ago

During your Spiritual Journey, one of the topics that will inevitably cross your path will be chakras. I remember having extreme difficulty and irritation early in my journey trying to learn about and manipulate my chakras because the concept just didn't resonate with me. I found myself having a strong aversion to anything chakra-related for the most part, but it was really difficult to avoid chakras seeing as damn near every metaphysical/spiritual professional integrated them into their work or writing in some manner.

During healing sessions, I've cleared chakra blockages for people per their request, but it was never anything I wanted to focus on directly. I've also had a couple people work on my chakras in the past during "tune-up" sessions, but the results were almost always underwhelming which further solidified that I really didn't give a shit about chakras. In the last couple years, I've come to understand why I really didn't give a shit about them - because they are NOT what they seem, much like everything else on this planet.

When I started my qigong training, trying to understand the similarities/differences between the dantians and chakras confused me even more. To make matters worse, the Qigong Master/Taoist Priest/Qigong Doctor that I had the misfortune of training with avoided going into any great detail about the relationship between them. So once again, I was left to my own devices to piece everything together.

side illustration of upper, middle, and lower dantians

In a nutshell, the human body has three energy reservoirs (dantians/tantiens) that are used to gather, store, transmute, and direct energy. They are located INSIDE the physical body. The Upper Dantian is located in the center of forehead above the eye brows, the Middle Dantian located in the center of the chest around heart level (some debate that it sits a bit lower), and the Lower Dantian located a couple inches below the navel and about 1/3rd of the way in.

(On a side note, during my training, we were told that psychic ability originates from the Middle Dantian according to the Chinese, while in the west, it is said to originate from the Third Eye chakra. Strangely, I came across material by another Qigong Master/Taoist Priest/Qigong Doctor who stated that psychic ability comes from the Upper Dantian. I find it amusing that even "masters" aren't always on the same page, but whatever).


side-view illustration of chakras on a human

The general consensus from those working in the metaphysical arena is that there are 7 chakras and each one governs certain aspects of how your physical/energetic bodies function. And of course they are each associated with unique names, colors, symbols, mudras, mantras, stones/crystals, and other horseshit to keep people occupied (distracted) with. The chakras are NOT located inside the body, but rather they start permeating your energetic field a short distance from your physical. From the front of the body, each chakra resembles a vortex that narrows in the center as it penetrates deeper into your energetic field. From the side, the narrowest part of the chakra vortexes lie at the edge of the physical and are said to extend through the body until coming out the back and mirroring the front side. That's all you need to know for the purposes of this article.

illustration of Kermit the Frog at the doctor's office. The doctor is looking at an x-ray showing a human hand inside of Kermit operating him. The Dr says "What I'm about to tell you is going to change your life forever. Are you really sure you want to know it?"

This is where I'm going to lose/irritate some of you.

The dantians are a NATURAL part of the human body, however, chakras are NOT NATURAL to the human body. The chakras are an ARTIFICIAL ENERGETIC OVERLAY that permeate your energetic bodies from birth. They were created to allow easy and unrestricted access into your physical and energetic bodies. Who designed this chakra system? Extra Terrestrials in conjunction with the "creators" of this manufactured "reality" we find ourselves trapped in. I will cover this in depth in future articles.

How do chakras detrimentally affect your physical/mental/emotional/psychic health? Entities, spirits, tulpas, etc. can utilize them to go inside of you because these chakras are essentially portals to different "destinations" in your physical/energetic bodies. Once inside, they have the ability to influence you, push negative thoughts to you, give you nightmares, trick you into thinking their "voices" are yours, drain your energy, cause illnesses, cause confusion and chaos, and in extreme cases, possess you. Keep in mind that these things occur in differing degrees for everyone. Why? Frankly, the entities/spirits that love to wreak havoc and feed off of people target those that are the biggest threat to their "gold mine". If you're waking up spiritually, they will continuously attempt to prevent you from discovering/sharing the truth with others and escaping their control (....aaaannnd welcome to my life lol).

Are chakras necessary to live a "normal" life? Absolutely...not. You can find accounts from other people that have had their chakras removed and they report feeling better than when they had their chakras. I have yet to come across anyone that regretted having theirs removed. What can one expect when their chakras have been removed?

Your mileage may vary, but generally:

  • Feeling more stable/grounded

  • Feeling more shielded/protected

  • Having more energy

  • More inner strength

  • More peace

  • Far less energetic chaos/noise/chatter

  • More clarity and a better connection to the other side

  • Stronger/improved psychic abilities

  • Feeling more complete/whole similar to having soul pieces returned, but to a much stronger degree

Can I remove them myself?

Can you? I suppose. Should you? Probably not unless you KNOW you have the requisite skills to do so properly. I removed mine because I generally don't trust just anyone working on me. The other reason I worked on myself was due to the fact that my wife (also a shaman) suggested that I take a precautionary step. If I walked around without the chakras that humans are "supposed" to have, I would stick out like a sore thumb to clairvoyants, entities, spirits, tulpas, E.T.'s, and/or other nasties that might want examine, experiment with, or continue fucking with me - Fuck. That. Shit. What was the precautionary step?

Essentially, I shamanically created a fully "working" duplicate of my chakras. They spin, open, close, and react to normal physical/non-physical stimuli, but they DO NOT allow ANY access into my physical/energetic bodies. Once I removed my chakras (all at once), I immediately replaced them with my counterfeits. As of this writing, of the small handful of people offering chakra removal services, NONE OF THEM mention anything about offering this essential step to fully complete the removal process. Perhaps it never occurred to them or perhaps they just don't know how to create the duplicates, but regardless, we feel that this step is CRUCIAL to staying off the radar while you're on your Spiritual Path, which is difficult enough as it is without having the added headache of being fucked with.

Did you experience any side effects?

I have not experienced ANY negative side effects. I will tell you that absolutely NONE of the qualities, feelings, and emotions that have been said to be governed by specific chakras (and preached about ad nauseam) have been detrimentally affected in any way whatsoever. My entire emotional range, love, self-expression, sexual energy, will power, passion, creativity, intuition, connection, etc., are all still present, fully active, and functioning normally, if not better than before. The chakras DO NOT control ANY of those things. If they don't control ANY of those things, then what the fuck do they do and why is there a vortex in each one? The vortex at the center is essentially a portal. Now think about why you have portals embedded in your energetic field. Just like a door, a portal allows things IN and OUT, and in this case, nasties can get IN and your energy can leak OUT. One thing that I forgot to add is that the amount of time it takes for various forms of the emotion of anger (irritation, frustration, annoyance, etc.) to dissipate and settle back to baseline has decreased drastically after removing my chakras. I would estimate that my "cool down" period after getting angry at someone or an undesired event has decreased by an average of 80%+ depending on the specific situation. Why did this have an effect on my cool down? Fuck if I know, but it's a good thing for those around me (especially the person that pissed me off).

I want you to really let this sink it is very important for you to see things as they actually ARE and NOT as what you've been programmed to (or WANT to) beLIEve.

Can this process be reversed?

Technically...yes, but I'm not about to put mine back just to know for sure. If you're going to make this important decision, it's best that you are on board 100% before you do it. It's just easier for everyone involved. I'm not going to try to convince everyone that they need to have this done because each path is unique, but if what I've written resonates with you, then perhaps you should explore this further.

A screenshot from the movie "We're The Millers" of Scotty P. showing off a tattoo on his chest that reads "No Ragrets".

I cleared out my chakra blockages and balanced them. I feel amazing so there's nothing bad about them!

That's great to hear. If you enjoy the rituals and disadvantages associated with having chakras, then who am I to rain on your parade? But unless you have something to compare it to (like having the experience of NOT having chakras), you really can't make a fair comparison now, can you?


If you decide to go down this route, please do your homework. Recognizing that the human chakra system is just ONE of the big LIES that you've been programmed to accept is the beginning of dismantling your beLIEfS and reclaiming your power. I hope this impacts you as much as it impacted me.


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