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Shamanic Services

We offer a variety of Shamanic Services depending on your personal situation including, but not limited to: • Remote Healing (People AND Pets) - (this is NOT reiki!!) • Soul Retrieval • Chakra Removal • Cord Cutting • Etheric Implant Removal • Energetic Blockage Removal • Energy Balancing Clients sometimes want a particular service, but because everything is connected, often times what they actually NEED is something different. We can assess your needs during our initial consultation. Another reason for the consult is to ensure an energetic alignment with us. Not everyone will fit into this category and that's ok. It just means that you would be best suited finding someone that aligns with your particular energy and where you're currently at spiritually. Based on our experiences, we've listed some services that we will NO LONGER PROVIDE. If you're interested in something that isn't listed above or below, just ask. We will evaluate your request on a case-by-case basis. Things we will NOT do: • Removal of reiki symbols/demons attached as a result of reiki healings/attunements • Crossing over of Earthbound spirits • Exorcisms • Clearing your home/vehicle HOW TO REQUEST SERVICE: Please go to our CONTACT page at the top right and choose "Shamanic Services" in the drop-down menu. The following is REQUIRED for NEW CLIENTS ONLY: 1. A detailed description of your situation. 2. Headshot (directly facing the camera) taken within the last 2 days. If it's for your pet, please send a few pics. Photo should not have obstructions to the eyes (sunglasses, hat, etc.) and please do not submit photos that include other people. We will contact you to setup an initial consultation on Zoom to discuss details and schedule a time/date for this service if we have a match. PLEASE read our FAQ PRIOR to your initial consultation. Many common questions are addressed there. EXISTING CLIENTS: You can just email us or go to our CONTACT page to request additional sessions.

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