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"For about 4 years, my mother had required daily chemotherapy that suppressed her immune system and despite vaccinations, finally got COVID. She was actually doing reasonably well at home, but the dizziness that came with that infection caused a fall and a broken hip, landing her in the hospital. That's where everything spiraled out of control.


Per the rules of the health care system in that country, no surgery could be done until she was tested negative for COVID, but then staff shortages brought on a number of healthcare acquired infections. Everything that could go wrong surely did and it was all very painful for her as she battled a UTI that progressed to kidney infections, sepsis, plus a terrible pressure ulcer and more.


As the medical staff did all they could with strong antibiotics and pain relief, Mom prayed for relief, even had literally thousands of people of various denominations doing the same on her behalf. But nothing worked - in fact, her situation kept deteriorating. She was not familiar with shamanic work, but at last in desperation, she agreed to let me ask Richard to help with her pain.


The change was almost immediate, and still seems incredible!


The pain from her broken hip decreased considerably, followed by the pain of the pressure ulcer. Mom began to refuse pain medication to the shock of her health care providers. Then the tests started to show that all the infections were disappearing. I hadn't even asked Victor if he could address this, but everything including the original COVID infection was simply gone. 

Surgery was quickly scheduled and completed, yet Mom, amazingly, experienced only minor pain. But - COVID had stirred up a formerly undiagnosed heart problem caused decades before by rheumatic fever in Mom's early childhood. Mom understood that death was inevitable, and was terrified. A new and much deeper torture began, as extreme fear took hold of her mind. 


Once again (to my surprise) the healing work that Victor had already done began to clear through Mom's abject fear, and when she passed, her transition was quiet and peaceful.


I'm beyond grateful for all the effects of Victor's work, and most especially for the sense of peace that Mom found as a result."


"Victor is amazing. I was in a rough transitionary period when I contacted Victor. We talked for a while, and he’s helped me immensely on my journey. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I don’t think I would have been able to be helped by anyone else. Right person, right place, and right time sort of thing. 

Victor has helped me heal things that I didn’t even know were broken. I’ve received spiritual guidance and have done a soul retrieval with Victor. In many ways my delusions have been smashed and my beliefs have fallen away. The greatest part about not having to cling to a belief system is the freedom to experience truth for myself. I don’t have to rely on anyone else’s experience to show me how live my life. I have learned to trust myself first and foremost.

I have one word of advice when working with Victor; be open to letting go of old ideas/beliefs and be open to learning to trust yourself. Victor can help you heal, but ultimately you will be the one responsible for healing yourself. I’ve tried many things over the years from pharmacology, to psyche wards, to reiki, to changing my diet, to all forms of religion and beliefs, and the ones thing that offered me healing was learning to trust myself. Victor guided me into that realization, and it’s my responsibility to keep it.


Victor has immense strength and power. He uses his gifts to help others find themselves. For me, finding myself, my inner strength and wisdom, is all that matters. If you are reading this and you are ready to heal yourself, then you’ve found the right person, place, and time. Change is uncomfortable, and very much worth it."


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