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Spiritual Guidance - 90 minutes

Do you want to remember who you REALLY are and reclaim your power? Are you stuck at a fork in the road and intuitively know that this just might be the turning point in your life, but you're not sure how to proceed? Are you spiritually waking up and struggling? Victor can be the catalyst you need to move forward. What can you expect during your 90 minute session? All sessions are organic and where we start is dependent on where you are with your evolution and where you want to go. Some areas that we can focus on include: -Waking up spiritually and how to cope with it -Dealing with paranormal experiences and psychic abilities -Discussions about energy, meditation, psychedelics and mystical experiences -How to deal with positive and negative trauma -Finding and unlocking the doors that are preventing you from finding your authentic self and being in alignment with who you really are -Examining the experiential loops that still control you and what you can do to break them -Techniques for reclaiming your power -Examining your map of "reality" and making the proper adjustments so you can escape this "game" on your own -Discussions regarding the nature of reality and the illusions that surround us WARNING: Interacting with Victor may be hazardous to your beliefs. HOW TO REQUEST SERVICE: Please go to our CONTACT page at the top right and choose this service in the drop-down menu. The following is REQUIRED: 1. A detailed description of your situation. 2. The best times/days to reach you by phone. 2. Headshot (directly facing the camera) taken within the last 5 days. Photo should not have obstructions to eyes (sunglasses, hat, etc.) and please do not submit photos that include other people. We will contact you to setup an initial consultation on Zoom to discuss details and schedule a time/date for this service.

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Tribe of 1, LLC

  • Austin, TX, USA

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