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Remote Healing

During your session, Victor will scan your auric field and energetic bodies to identify where blockages and disturbances are present. Blockages occur due to stress/tension, injury, fear, current and/or past life trauma and disturbances can result from psychic attacks and/or dark energy. These will be dissolved and cleared on etheric, emotional, mental and psychic levels which allows your body to continue to naturally heal on its own with restored energy flow. Victor will channel his healing energy to you in conjunction with utilizing shamanic methods such as cord-cutting, removal of attachments, etc. This is an energetic healing only and does NOT include soul retrieval. His healings generally result in improved physical, mental, and emotional balance, complete elimination or vast reduction in physical pain and an overall sense of well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. HOW TO REQUEST SERVICE: Please go to our CONTACT page at the top right and choose this service in the drop-down menu. The following is REQUIRED: 1. A detailed description of your situation. 2. The best times/days to reach you by phone. 2. Headshot (directly facing the camera) taken within the last 5 days. Photo should not have obstructions to eyes (sunglasses, hat, etc.) and please do not submit photos that include other people. We will contact you to setup an initial consultation on Zoom to discuss details and schedule a time/date for this service. PLEASE read our FAQ PRIOR to your initial consultation. Many common questions are addressed there.

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