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Why Would You Want to Consult a Shaman?

Updated: Jan 3

There are a lot of people who don't know what a shaman is. READ A BOOK!

Handy from The Tick cartoon  saying "Read A Book!"
"READ A BOOK!" An obscure quote from a 90's cartoon called The Tick placed here strictly for my own amusement

I'm just kidding.

Actually I'm not. The decline of book-reading (or even listening-to) in this day and age brings a tear to my eye, but that's another post for a completely different website.

At least some people have heard of the word "shaman" and have a really vague notion of what it means, but they still don't truly understand what a shaman is or what you would need one for. It's ok, I used to be one of those people. I even recall in the 90s, sitting in a shamanism lecture being given by a new acquaintance/shaman and falling asleep in the front row. Shamanism interested me THAT much. Oh how the turn tables.

In a nutshell, a shaman is a person that can traverse other dimensions and timelines by shifting their state of consciousness. Some shamans prefer to use supplements/psychedlics to journey, some have to drop into deep meditation, some use sounds (such as drumming) and others do it straight up without the aid of substances. The intended outcome remains the same no matter how they choose to alter their state of consciousness. They are traditionally trained in non-ordinary reality by their Spirit Guides and the decision to become one is always predestined. This destiny is forced upon the person. There is no getting out of it (except choosing to exit early and that complicates things even more and is for another article in the future). Early in my initiation, another shaman journeyed and brought back a message for me directly from the Galactic Nexus:


Believe me, I was angry about it for YEARS.

Here's a short list of some of the things they can do (this list does NOT include skills reserved for shamanic self-defense or offense when attacked):

  • Heal or cure the sick (people or animals) either in-person or remotely (dark shamans can steal your life force)

  • Foresee future events

  • Help a person prepare for the death process and assist in the transition

  • Retrieve spirit animals that have left you

  • Manipulate timelines

  • Communicate with the dead and other non-physical entities

  • Remove curses/hexes (dark shamans can place these on you)

  • Travel to other worlds/dimensions

  • Retrieve soul pieces and re-integrate them into the host (dark shamans can steal soul pieces)

  • Crossover earthbound spirits

  • Affect changes in the weather

  • Remove attachments and entities from people (dark shamans can unleash them upon you)

  • Remove and clear places of unwanted energy/spirits/entities

  • Clear trauma in your current/other incarnations

Keep in mind that some shamans specialize in certain areas (such as facilitating Ayahuasca or other psychedelic journeys or healing) and they may not be best suited to help you with your particular needs, so be sure to ask what they excel in if you're looking to consult one.

Please read my article on the different type of shamans for a better understanding before you seek the services of a shaman.


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