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Why Energetic Healing Isn’t Always Successful

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Have you ever hired a healer to work on you and although you may have felt great initially after the treatment (whether remote or in-person), days, weeks or months later, you find that it didn't "stick" and you're back to square one? Energetic healing is a complex topic that goes much deeper than most would have the patience to dig. There are many factors to consider and it's just too easy to blame the healer or lose faith in energetic healing, so I'm going to do my best to summarize the reasons here.

A male silhouette with purple and blue and white energy radiating from the heart chakra

When it's the healer's fault:

The healer may not be proficient at what he/she does.

Everyone has to start somewhere and you may have met the healer when they were still learning. The healer may not be familiar with or have mastered all the techniques in their chosen modality. The healer is human and could be having a shit day and not able to give you their 100%.

The healer failed to clear/heal all the energetic bodies.

Depending on what book or website you're looking at, you're going to get different answers as to how many energetic bodies a human has. Five, seven, eight, nine and twelve are a few of the common numbers from various belief systems, but the number doesn't matter as much as the fact that if the healer misses clearing the illness or dark energy from one of the energy bodies, it's the equivalent of doing a half-assed cleaning of an infected wound. The sick person might be better off than they were, but in time they're going to get sick again when the infection spreads.

When it's the person's fault or a choice they made during their life between lives:

The person seeking the healing failed to do his or her part to maintain the correct frequency of optimal health.

I cannot speak for other healers and the methods they use so I will only speak from my experience as a shaman. When I heal someone, I do two things simultaneously (in addition to a host of other things that are not germane to this particular article). I search for the specific timeline where the sick person has been cured/healed. This timeline has a specific frequency. Simultaneously, I am raising the sick person's vibration to match that of the timeline I just found. Once those frequencies are a match and I hold it in place for a short period (like letting super glue bond), the curing/healing has taken place (it can take time for it to manifest in the physical, but sometimes it is instantaneous). The person will only remain on that cured/healed timeline IF they take the proper steps to maintain that frequency. How do they do that? Well, they have to take an active role to eliminate negative habits/people/circumstances that contributed/caused the illness and replace those with more positive habits/people/circumstances. Their entire lifestyle needs to shift to support the new frequency. Cut the cheeseburgers and Diet Coke and get your ass off the couch. Quit your stressful job. Disconnect from "toxic" people even if it's family. See where this is going?

The person seeking the healing wanted to have the experience of going to a healer and NOT being healed because of the "valuable lessons" learned from having the illness.

This will be more difficult for some to understand. If you have read Michael Newton's books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls - be very careful with the programming in these), you will instantly get this (I am going to continue addressing this because so many people here unconsciously subscribe to this line of thinking). But to summarize, when you die (for those that WANT to continue the reincarnation cycle), there is a period before people come back to this ball of dirt. This period is what Newton called the "life between lives". The current lightsider propaganda says that you make choices over "there" and then live them out when you come back. Since this line of thinking says you're here for experiences, a common experience that some want to have is being ill either with a temporary affliction or a life-threatening fatal condition. Not every soul wants to be healed or cured because dying from an affliction might be the experience they WANTED - even if they aren't aware of it consciously. They could also choose to die from an illness to fulfill a pact they made with others in their soul group to help those souls with their experiences involving the illness and death of a loved one. All of this remains true for those WANTING to continue reincarnating on Earth (but for those of us who are so tired of this, there IS an alternate choice to reincarnating that few are aware of and I touch upon this in other articles). Also take into account that, for the most part, your time and manner of death have already been chosen (by yourself) prior to incarnating down here. There are some exceptions (early exit points and accidents), but those are beyond the scope of this article.

The person seeking the healing wanted to have the experience of going to a healer and not being healed because they wanted to have the experience of being healed by Western medicine instead (or having Western medicine fail them also).

This is another choice that you could have made during your life between lives. The desire to experience what Western medicine has to offer.

When it's just a matter of trying until you get it right:

One size does NOT fit all and there are so many different energetic healing modalities. Which one will work for you? Part of the experience you may have wanted prior to incarnating is being able to sample the vast array of healing modalities offered during this time period. Think of it as your metaphysical healing buffet. Sample everything and then go back for seconds or thirds of what you really enjoyed and eventually you'll find the one that cures/heals you.

Here's an example: When you were in the womb, your parents argued all the time. Your mother was angry that she was pregnant with you and you absorbed ALL of this heavy emotion. You didn't have any words to explain what you were feeling or going through at the time. As an adult, you discovered that you had lingering anger issues. You tried every kind of "talking" therapy and none of it worked because you can't talk through something if you didn't have words or the cognitive ability to process your experience during your trauma. But you came across another type of healing "therapy" that did NOT use words or normal cognitive processing and it worked for you.

I hope this article clarifies some of the misunderstandings surrounding energetic healing. If you have a highly proficient energetic healer, your successful healing essentially hinges upon YOURSELF.


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