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Tulpas From a Different Perspective

Updated: Jan 3

Most people have never heard of the term "tulpa". Generally the definition of a tulpa is an autonomous, "conscious" entity that a person creates with their intention. The amount of focused energy/intent the person puts into this creation will determine how strong the tulpa is when it's "born". The tulpa does evolve with time, but it will continue to require your intent/energy to "grow". Many people new to the occult seem to think that making your own tulpa is cool and I hate the fact that there are instructional guides on the web showing people how to do this. I've read enough horror stories about tulpas turning on their creators. Creating a life form is not something that should be taken lightly, but if you look around at all the people breeding on this planet without thought to repercussions of procreating, it's no wonder that people are creating these things without any regard to consequences.

So now that you know what a tulpa is, can you think of any tulpas that exist in everyday society that people interact with daily, but are clueless to the fact that they're enslaved to them? Have you considered that the company you work for is a tulpa and you're feeding it with your energy? Let's examine this.

A corporation is formed when one or more people have an intent to form one. The paperwork is more than just a 3rd density legal formality because you can think of it as a really complicated magick spell outlining how this thing will "live". The corporation is "born" at a certain time and date which gives this company its own natal chart. This is where electional astrology comes into play. It's no coincidence that the corporation is called an "entity".

The corporation will grow steadily with the right nurturing (intention) and energy source (people's energy). Some will be harder to grow than others, but it's no different than trying to grow different kinds of plants. Eventually, this entity will reach a certain "size" and have enough consciousness to start becoming autonomous. Autonomous? Yes. At a certain critical mass, this company will run itself. The people that formed it THINK that they run the company, but haven't you ever heard of C-level executives getting fired? Does that always kill the company? Nope. Think of this like a lizard losing a tail and having one grow back. So what if the CFO/co-founder is gone or dead? The corporation will find another one to replace what it lost.

"But the corporation doesn't find a CFO! HR is told to post a job and starts the process of interviewing until people agree on who the next new hire is!"

Really? You think that people are now heading this task? They're forced to do the task because the corporation needs a CFO. It needs to exist to bring in profits. Those profits pay the employees. The employees are actually controlled by the corporation. Do you see now? It's a form of parasitism, but instead of the people feeding off the host (corporation) regardless of whether the host is harmed or not, the corporation is the parasite and feeds off the energy of the people and it doesn't care if the people suffer or die because it knows that the people will replace the ones that leave while simultaneously searching for more people to help "work for" (feed) the company.

So in daily life, you're surrounded by these corporate tulpas. You work for them. You talk about them in the news. You support them by buying their stocks. You support them by buying the products they create. You're saddened when some of them cease to exist (*giving away my age here - Blockbuster, Sharper Image, Sound Warehouse, Camelot Music, K.B. Toys, CompUSA, Pier 1 Imports, Toys R Us, Luby's, etc.). Some get excited to hear of new baby corporate tulpas being "born" (through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.). When some corporate tulpas aren't doing well, you ask people to give their "energy" (which is money) to bring them back to life - they're called investors and venture capitalists.

Still don't think that these corporate tulpas are conscious? These corporate tulpas "fight" with each other (in court, corporate espionage and sabotage, incorrect stock tip rumors, etc.) They continue to feed themselves with the energy from all the employees and by feeding on other companies (mergers, acquisitions). These corporate entities are aware of things that do NOT serve their purpose (which is to exist) and will eliminate branches, departments, subsidiaries, employees, etc. as a form of self-preservation. Think of this like being in the wilderness and having an injured foot in that's showing signs of infection and gangrene. If you want to live, you better chug that brown liquid, tie that tourniquet extra-tight and swing that hatchet as hard as you can (hopefully in that order).

Have you ever tried to transact some type of business with a corporate tulpa and have had such a bad experience, that you want to talk to someone or demand they change something? We all have. And what happens when you voice your concern with a phone call or strongly-worded email or letter? It gets "lost" and becomes a waste of your time because the truth is that although there may be some people who truly care, the tulpa itself is the one that will determine what new policies and procedures it will accept as part of its operating system agreement. The truth is that people want to believe they have the power and that they control the corporation, but it's the other way around. You think that the power of a dozen people on the executive team is enough to overwhelm the energy of a large corporation? Think again.

Let's not forget the governments of the world. Those are tulpas too.

As you try to fall asleep tonight, try not to think about living in a world surrounded by these vast entities feeding off of you. And if you can't sleep, just think about the fact that these corporate entities are not the only things feeding off of your energy. This will be addressed in another article.


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