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The Worst Jobs for Receiving Psychic Attacks

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I was once kicked out and permanently banned from attending a certain metaphysical fair that happened once a month. I didn't cause a ruckus or pop anyone in the mouth. In fact, I was just greeting and exchanging hugs with my friends that were working there as I walked through. One of the organizers tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could speak to me outside of the venue. I turned, looked at her and got a weird feeling, but I followed her out to the entrance anyway. She said that the main organizer of the event wanted me to leave and that I was not welcome to attend future events. I asked her why. She said that I was "scaring" people. Really? I asked her what I did exactly and she said it was my gun that was scaring people. You see, I was on a lunch break from working a side job as a police officer and I was in full uniform that identified me as a law enforcement officer.

I knew that everyone in the building knew what police officers looked like and seeing as every couple of tables I walked past, friends came up to hug me while strangers said hello, nodded or smiled at me....yeah, I can see that I "scared" the shit out of everyone for sure. They definitely didn't feel safe with my presence there.

animated gif of Judge Judy rolling her eyes

I pointed out the ridiculousness of the request and she said that they didn't want guns at the fair. I asked her what what exactly would happen if a violent armed criminal created a dangerous situation in the venue and they had to call 911. The police would show up. Would they stop the cops from entering because they had *GASP* - GUNS?!!

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She blankly looked at me because her simple mind was not capable of processing this concept. I looked back into the venue and my friends were looking at me wondering what the fuck was going on. I yelled to them loudly enough for the rest of the people nearby to hear "They don't like law enforcement and want me to leave because apparently I've "scared" everyone here by being in uniform with my GUN."

I walked away. On the way out, I saw the main organizer. I had met her once before at the last event and despite her being somewhat cordial with me, I knew then that she really didn't like me for whatever reason. I locked eyes with her, energetically waved to her with one finger and she immediately broke eye contact and walked away.

Now I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not perfect. Although I try to see things from a larger perspective and from both sides as much as possible, there are still things that piss me the fuck off, especially, when I didn't deserve what was thrown at me. I don't recall how long I marinated on that event, but I know that there was a need to "balance" what took place, so I energetically bitch slapped her.

Possibly more than once.

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So what is a psychic attack? The definition is in the phrase. You're attacking someone psychically, although most people don't have conscious control over when they do this to another person. The person on the receiving end can experience a multitude of things including, but not limited to:

  • headaches

  • stomach pain

  • anxiety

  • moodiness

  • fatigue

  • fear

  • nausea

  • pain in various parts of the body

  • disruptions in sleep

  • nightmares

  • difficulty thinking

  • "bad luck"

  • depression

In extreme cases, the receiver can end up being a "shit" magnet. The person (asshole) that is being attacked will carry that heavy energy with them until it has dissipated or until they are able to transmute it. The more people they piss off, the more attacks they receive, until one day, the asshole hits a tipping point. They have received so much heavy energy that they become a shit magnet with a lower vibration. Like attracts like so one day, they'll be driving down the street and another shit magnet person with a similarly low vibration will rear-end them at a stop light because of the attraction. This is about as close to "karma" as you can get down here.

Now that you have an overview, let's go over some of the worst jobs that you can have due to the sheer number of people that despise you just for having or doing your job. You might be nicer than your co-workers and you might be nice to the person you're dealing with, but you'll still be subjected to a "blanket" psychic attack because your company or organization is hated by so many other individuals (the IRS for example). Taking into account how long people have been hating on this company and how much this company fucks with the little guy, you're basically going to be thrown into an ocean of shitty energy.

If you're working one of these jobs and find yourself with recurring symptoms listed above, you should quit and find something else. Of course, you could be working a job that brings positivity to customers or clients, but if YOU are a gaping butthole to them, you're probably going to get nailed, so be nice to people. There really isn't a reason to not be unless they're being a gaping butthole to you (it's called balance).

Here are some of the worst jobs for being psychically attacked in no particular order:

  1. IRS Tax Auditor

  2. Debt Collector

  3. TSA

  4. Billing Department Call Center Rep

  5. Telemarketer

  6. Insurance Adjuster

  7. Internal Affairs Investigator

  8. Law Enforcement / Jailers / Probation Officers

  9. Car Rental Agent

  10. Child Protective Services Social Worker

  11. Semi Truck Driver

  12. Repo Man

  13. Airline Luggage Claims Desk Clerk

  14. Used Car Salesman

  15. Fast Food Drive-Through employees

  16. Governmental Employees (Social Security, Welfare, DMV, etc.)

I can speak from experience when I used to be a police officer. It was very evident when I would merge onto the highway in my patrol car. Even when I would stay in the slow lane and drive 10 mph slower that the rest of the traffic, very few people wanted to pass me. I could literally feel the energy of hatred directed towards me. It got so bad, that I would just drive on access roads and side roads whenever possible.

In a future article, I'll address things that you can do to negate psychic attacks.


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