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The Truth About Metaphysical “Certifications” and “Degrees”

Updated: Jan 3

You've done your research and find yourself at your local metaphysical fair. You want to find a good energy healer and astrologer. As you walk down the aisles, you pause and survey the vendors.

Do you listen to your intuition and go to the person that you're pulled to? Or do you scan each person's signage to see some type of diploma/certification from some obscure "school" that you've never even heard of before you can rest assured that you've chosen the right person?

Unfortunately, our current society has conditioned people to NOT trust their gut, and instead rely on societal programming. What exactly are you being programmed to believe?

You're being programmed to believe two things: 1. A person needs a degree/diploma/certification to do something properly.


2. A person who does not have the aforementioned degree/diploma/certification is less qualified or skilled than a person with the faux-proofs-of-proficiency.

A meme of Karl Pilkington from "An Idiot Abroad" pointing his finger and yelling BULLSHIT.
I love Karl Pilkington

Do you know what a certification actually is? It takes something that used to be free and now charges you a fee so they can "allow" you to do it. Kind of fucked up isn't it?

What exactly does a degree or certification in Metaphysics or Spirituality actually mean anyway?

Well, metaphysics is technically defined as a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence, reality, and being, without dogma. Today the word also encompasses subjects like yoga, astrology, meditation, reincarnation, parapsychology, tarot, psychic ability, etc.

So the person who holds a "Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics" will be educated, proficient, knowledgeable and will be able to do metaphysical things “properly”? I seriously doubt it.

Every human on earth has an inherent right to explore, study, and practice metaphysics and/or spirituality. The core nature of metaphysics excludes dogma and any school which claims to be the authority on such things is textbook DOGMA. The “New Age Movement” has put the metaphysical realm and spirituality into the main-stream focus creating the perfect environment for capitalism (and greedy people) to target metaphysical disciplines by creating bogus schools and certifications.

Below is an actual quote from the accreditation page from the University of Sedona (third paragraph from the bottom):

"The primary purpose of the doctoral degree is to establish a highly professional image of you as a person who is truly educated in Transpersonal, Transcendent, Theocentric, Holistic, New Thought Metaphysics and has taken the time to obtain a doctoral level of knowledge."

A one-panel Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin is sitting at his desk and is writing on a test paper "As you can see, I've memorized this utterly useless fact long enough to pass a test question. I now intend to forget it forever. You've taught me nothing except how to cynically manipulate the system. Congratulations."
Calvin said it best

Note the word "image" in bold. So they're stating that getting this "degree" is to establish an IMAGE of you being educated, not that you're actually going to BE educated. Seriously?

At this school, course exams are open book. Basically, anyone with the ability to scan through or search for a topic can pass. This is the basis for their "learning". What if their facts are incorrect and you know so from your direct life experience and intuition? In my personal experience as a Shaman, I have seen this situation many times. Disregarding your intuition and conforming can create soul loss. (Please see FAQs on soul retrieval for more information).

Does this mean that I think that all "schools" are bullshit? No, but most of the dozens of schools I've heard of are crap. I understand that structured curriculums can help people organize things into bite-sized chunks, but I personally feel you're better off getting the entire reading list for the courses from the college if possible and then just grinding through it on your own time. When it comes to astrology, I cannot recommend a school (I'm a dropout from a famous astrology "college"). When it comes to a legitimate Metaphysical school, the Arthur Findlay College is the only reputable one that I would trust.

Don't let the lack of letters behind a name dissuade you to work with someone nor should you allow a bunch of letters behind a name to persuade you to work with someone. Be aware of this legalized scam and most importantly, learn to trust your intuition.


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