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The Truth About “Manifesting” Your Soul Mate

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I finished a book a couple months ago that made me want to bleach and scrub my brain due to the sheer amount of bullshit the author was spewing. It touched upon a myriad of metaphysical subjects and the author wrote as if she was an expert on all of them. What really irked me was one of the chapters talked about "manifesting your soul mate".

Let's define "manifestation" before I rip into her. Merriam-Webster gives one definition of "an occult phenomenon -specifically- : MATERIALIZATION". When you click deeper, "materialization" is the action of materializing or becoming materialized or something that has been materialized.

Therefore in a metaphysical context, when someone talks about manifesting, they're essentially talking about creating. Manifesting works, but NOT in this context. This lady talked about manifesting your soul mate or twin flame. She is under the delusion that whatever god you believe in will snap omnipotent "fingers" and create out of thin air, a living being that is tightly bound to and aligned with you and who just happens to be an adult willing to be in a relationship with you. Can you see and feel my eyes rolling right now?

By her writing, she seems to have no clue that of the many soul mates you could meet in your lifetime (yes, you can have more than one in your lifetime), they've all been living their own lives down here regardless of whether they were aware of you or not. If you are spiritually ready to meet one AND the other person is spiritually ready to meet you, like attracts like and you both will be pulled together like magnets. You CANNOT force this process no matter how much you try to manifest it. If the other person isn't ready spiritually, there will NOT be a vibrational match and you most likely would NOT meet them until later in life when that person has done whatever work needed to be at your vibrational level or vice versa. If you did happen to cross paths, you still would not come together until the frequency matches between the two of you. One of your soul mates could be happily sitting on a rock in Sedona meditating and living a happy, simple life while she knowingly or most likely unknowingly, is waiting for her soul mate (you) to get off your ass, DO the work you need to do and "coincidentally" or synchronistically bump into her while you're visiting Sedona hiking at Boynton Canyon.

Just know that as long as you do the things you're guided to do down here, you will end up having the experiences that you're meant to have. You really can't force anything to happen.


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