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The Difficulty in Pinpointing Specific Times and Dates

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

A couple years ago, I went on a shamanic journey. I can't recall any specific purpose, but usually I'll have a long list of things that I need to do while I'm in the zone. But I do recall that for some strange (stupid) reason, I inquired about when a close friend would depart (we'll call him Raymond). He was much older than I was and he had some recurring health issues in the previous couple years. Anyway, I was told that he would pass in October. This really shook me up because October was going to be about 9 months away, but that's what I get for asking a question I wasn't completely ready to hear the answer to at the time.

Months go by. This information lingered in the back of my mind. My only saving grace was that I view death differently than most and I felt that I was ready to accept his passing despite the large impact that he had on my life. October came...and went...and he was just fine for the most part. I was surprised I got it wrong, but simultaneously relieved. I then figured I got the year wrong.

And the next October came and went and he was just fine aside from an increased number of medical issues. And once again, I was surprised I got it wrong, but simultaneously relieved.

I had to ponder this for quite some time. You see, when it comes to seeing/predicting the "future", pinpointing a time is extremely difficult. There are many factors at play that can shift the date of an event. Timelines shift voluntarily and involuntarily and accidents do happen. Interventions from your "higher self" can occur, but only in rare circumstances in order to ensure you complete your "mission" here, whatever that may be. Regardless, I tucked this information away in a corner of my mind and was thankful to have his presence on Earth for a bit longer.

I recall when my ex was was on her way out from cancer, we often had discussions about her departure. Even when you see death differently than most people, it doesn't seem to make the discussion any easier especially when it hits close to home. I had an astrologer friend ask if I wanted to know the date my ex would be leaving. My astrologer friend had a psychic friend who was "very accurate" with dates of death. I was too distraught and too emotionally close to find out through my own shamanic means, so I told her I would like to know. A few days later, I was given the date and I kept it to myself. I wasn't going to share it with my ex, but now my dumbass had this horrible piece of information and I was left to deal with it all by myself. I felt it was going to be somewhat accurate given the aggressiveness of my ex's cancer, but I didn't give it too much credence. And the date came and went. My ex left two months after the predicted date and the person who foresaw this had been vetted to be "very accurate".

Fast forward to today, September 26, 2022. I just spoke to a friend who also knows Raymond. I haven't kept in touch with anyone in a very long time due to my hectic life. My friend said that Raymond is very ill and might not make it through the next two weeks. That would put Raymond's departure date in...October.

I wiped away my tears and ended the call.

One way around this difficult task of pinpointing a date is to go by events. If you want to know when event D is going to happen, you can peer at events that will happen before event D. So that would be event A, B and C. Now there may be quite a gap of time between those events and between C and D, but it will at least get you in the ballpark.

I sat there in silence for a while thinking back to when I first became aware that I had certain psychic skills. I used to always hope that I would be right whenever I had a psychic hit about someone or an event or place. The confirmation was important for me to calibrate my skills. And then fast forward to now when my desire to be right completely flips so that I hope I'm wrong instead.

What were the lessons?

  1. Don't ask a question that you might not want to know the answer to. Yes, everyone dies, but it makes a world of difference if you inquire about your family member or spouse and instead of the 6 months you might hope they have left, you get the information that it's more like 6 weeks or 6 days.

  2. Be clear with your questions. If you ask for a time, ask for the day, month and year and specify the correct timeline (if that is within your skill set). The universe still might decide to not give you what you asked for, but at least you did your part to be specific.

  3. Quit asking shit like this.

I never thought being psychic would have downsides, but like everything else down here, the pluses have to be balanced out by the minuses. It is what it is.


My friend passed away on September 28, just 3 days before October. So was I "right" with my original insight that he would pass in October, but just unknowingly seeing too far forward by almost three years? I guess. Three days away from October is close. But ultimately in the end, I wish I hadn't been right or even close to being right. Sometimes, it's better not to know because I can tell you from experience, it hurts all the same.


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