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The Best Metaphysical Books to Read When You’re Awakening

Updated: Mar 11

There were periods in my life when I would finish a book a day. They were all spiritual/metaphysical in nature and I estimate that I've chewed up and spit out more than 750 books over the past couple decades. As stated in my bio, it's apparent to me that I had to read these (and pollute my poor brain) so YOU DON'T HAVE TO. About 98%+ were either complete shit or was littered with misinformation and/or LIES that have just been parroted back and forth in the metaphysical arena. They are presented in no particular order.

Keep in mind that books 1-7 can paint a picture of the Astral and "afterlife", BUT they also contain lightsider propaganda that can only be seen once you've removed most of your filters, locks, blocks, and have restructured your belief system. Despite this, they still hold enough value to be listed here because it's important to know where you are in your journey so you can actually get to where you want to go - In other words, knowing which LIES have been influencing you will help you start dismantling them and learning what the TRUTH actually is. How does one discern the difference between the LIES and the TRUTHS?

Well, that's what we're here for....

These books cover Monroe's evolution through learning to have OBEs and gives a nice overview of the "leech entities/parasites" involved in this awful game. You will have to read between the lines for some of the juicy bits as Monroe was a Scorpio and doesn't reveal everything in plain text.

This series was basically a continuation of the Monroe trilogy and so you probably won't get the most out of this unless you've read the Monroe trilogy first. You'll understand why once you read them. They give an overview of the current lies about the "afterlife" to assist you in re-drawing your map of "reality". He's definitely a lightsider and I don't agree with some of his actions in the series (mainly "rescuing" those spirits that never asked for his help), but not everyone understands the Law of Allowance.


Joe Dispenza does a great job of bridging the gap between science and the metaphysical. This is one of my favorites, but he has other great books as well.

If you're one of those people that uses science as your religion and needs "proof" for every metaphysical anomaly that you hear about, then this book is for you.

My favorite Ingo Swann book. The first half covers the history of metaphysics and the Theosophical Society. The second half went into detail about the copper mirror of the Mahatmas, adds more detail to the chakras and ties in the importance of sexual energy and psychic ability.

A great book for those serious in developing their psychic ability (however, you'll need more training on the side either through qigong or yoga). Ingo does an excellent job in analyzing and breaking down something as abstract as psychic hits and how they work.


I can no longer recommend 12-15 due to the propaganda and LIES that continue to be disseminated regarding the "choices" you have when you die and where you go from there. Not ONE of the dead motherfuckers in Newton's books questioned WHY it was necessary to go to the "council of elders" nor did any of them refuse to make the "choice" to reincarnate. They just blindly accepted their fate like cattle going through a slaughterhouse. Robert Schwartz shares interesting stories, but just like Newton, he is also unknowingly "working for the system" to promote the recycling and reincarnation agenda. You can read these if you have the desire to compare the LIES inside with what we teach.

Newton's seminal work on what happens after you die and before you come back to this ball of dirt. Paints a picture of life between lives.

These books cover pre-birth planning and share amazing stories that will shake up your worldview if you're not spiritually advanced enough. I don't recommend the books if you can't handle the truth behind "taboo" topics, but then again, you probably need a little shaking up to make progress on your path.

I'm going to recommend the dozen books in this series as a whole and only to those more aligned to shamanism, mysticism and dimensions that few readers will ever visit. One of the books covers energetic practices (that were ripped off from qigong), so you can skip the rebranding of Magical Passes. There is evidence that Carlos Castaneda "stole" a good amount of information and rewrote it as his own, so use your intuition to sort through what feels true to you. That being said, there are still truths in this series.

17. Matrix V (Gold)

This book was in limited production many years ago and was probably ~1500 pages total if I recall once you add up the additional volumes. It is listed here because it filled in the missing gaps from Monroe's trilogy and offered many truths (which I verified for myself experientially - BOTH THE TRUTHS AND LIES), however, I don't recommend that you try to find this book because it also installed "programs" that were VERY difficult to remove AND it subtly weaved LIES back in so readers would STILL be derailed in their quest for absolute FREEDOM.

Imagine that you've finally escaped a high-security prison and you run across the field and through the woods for days until you find a road. A car slows down and offers to give you a ride AWAY from the horrors that you just left. The Driver is a skilled raconteur and before you realize it, he has taken you through the entrance of another prison. Most escapees (readers) wouldn't even notice that they have been admitted to this new prison because it doesn't look like one at all, so they accept their FATE to continue being a pawn and energy source in this unrelenting cycle of bullshit. Had it not been for my wife, I may not have been able to escape that prison on my own. Once I finish the article about this book, I will update the title here.


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