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Technology Sucks When Your Energy Field is “Developed”

Updated: Jan 6

I fucking despise touch screens. Early days of Palm Pilots utilizing a stylus weren't so bad, but the capacitive screens that are ubiquitous on our phones, tablets and higher-end laptops are just stupid. In addition to the disgusting fingerprint smears and the fact that you need special conductive tips on gloves (due to outdoor temperatures or your specific job) to get these goddamned things to register a touch, my primary complaint is that technology doesn't fucking work with any regularity or reliability for those of us with enhanced energy fields.

You don't know how many times I've tried to touch or swipe a phone with a clean, bare finger in non-extreme temperatures only to leave a fingerprint smear without affecting any change to the phone itself. Sometimes on the opposite end of this annoying phenomenon, the phone will register a touch a few millimeters away before I even physically touch the glass and sometimes in the wrong spot to boot.

I became so fed up with smartphones many years ago that I went back to a Blackberry with a physical keyboard which I still use today.

While I'm bitching about touch screen phones, let me not leave out other all the other electronic devices that fail to function properly for me also. We're talking anything from paying at the pump, using GPS, point-of-sale pin pads, run-of-the-mill laptops, desktops and servers, multi-function printers, etc....all of the above will "mysteriously" reboot, freeze, blue screen or just flat out give up and die.

a stick figure drawing of an angry man typing on a laptop

I recall early in my 20s when I started noticing that when I would go out and about town at night, an inordinate amount of street lamps would flicker or go out as I drove underneath them. Paranormal author Hilary Evans wrote a book on this phenomena called "SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference".

There's no really point to my bitching here except to possibly help others feel better when they face the same issues with technology and the book above is worth a read if my venting wasn't enough to connect with you. I don't have a solution to offer except to tell others to get a phone with a physical keyboard, but those are a dying breed so I'm going to be more pissed than ever when they stop making them.


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