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So...this is about...DONUTS?

Updated: Jun 4

My wife and I are far from fitting into "normal" society based on who we are and what we do. This continual shift towards dwelling on the fringes has taken some time to get used to and of course, there are some things that we do miss about fitting in with the "normal" people, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Being able to share some of our craziness with our readers because some of these things are amusing, if not downright hilarious, brings us some joy and this in turn helps us to feel completely authentic and in alignment with our lives and our purpose down here before we depart.

During the last year+, Jen has been working through The Veil with Paramhansa Yogananda on a cooperative, long-term, Sacred project. Sometimes her body is compelled to shut down and make a bee-line for the bedroom for an impromptu nap or go to sleep earlier than usual in order to facilitate her training and absorption of Spiritual information (it's just easier when she's out of her body). Other times, they'll work together during her waking hours, but even if they aren't working, she has transitioned to staying connected to him and channeling for longer periods than we ever thought would be possible while stuck on this planet.

I made the mistake of mindlessly barging into her office many months ago when I thought she was doing regular 3-D stuff. As I opened the door, the room was almost completely dark except for the light from her monitor (I love working like this as well). I saw her typing a mile a minute and I stood there for a bit waiting for her to stop typing and acknowledge that I was standing at the door. I sensed something weird energetically and as I was trying to discern what the pervading energy was in the room, she finally started turning her head (and her gaze) towards me very slowly while still typing at the same rapid pace. When her eyes met mine, it hit me that she was obviously deeply involved in something and that I should probably make a quiet, but hasty retreat. I couldn't help but notice that the way my wife and best friend looked at me creeped me the fuck out. As I closed the door, try as I might, I could NOT shake the image of her head slowly turning and then feeling her eyes stare right through me as the click-clacking of keys continued to echo in the background. I did my best to shrug it off and went to go finish an article I was knee-deep in.

A short while later, she came out of her office and I accosted her on her way to the kitchen. I exclaimed that I had never seen her so focused on something before and inquired as to what she was working on. She asked me what I was talking about. I paused for a second thinking that she was messing with me, but then told her about waiting at her door for her to acknowledge me and the creepy-ass look she gave me. She stood there staring at me in silence for a bit and then told me she didn't know I had walked into the room. At this point, I felt my mind pulling away and wanting to focus on something - anything else - not so "mind-fucking", but I forced my mind to focus back onto our conversation and slowly explained that I was standing there while she was furiously typing and she looked straight at me as she continued to type, then added the significant fact that it creeped me the fuck out.

After a couple of lightning-fast psychic exchanges between us, she informed me that she had been channeling Yogananda and doing "automatic typing" for her Sacred project. She had no recollection that I was there or that her physical eyes were pointed right at me. We laughed about it, but we were also sharing amazement from having experienced this from our individual perspectives.


Despite his presence in our home many times in the past when he came through to give us (and some clients) information pertinent to our paths, or lend his assistance with other metaphysical things that I won't go into, that particular experience really solidified how her link to the other side had exponentially strengthened over time, the true depth of their connection, and the extent of their synergy. We had always known our lives were "on the fringe" before, but these events continue to push our "metaphysical envelope" beyond what we ever imagined. Recently, I was suffering from Writer's Block and so I decided to ask him to help me complete a paragraph through automatic typing. I have never before asked him (or any other spirit/entity) to assist me in this manner with anything that I've written, but I was desperate to move through that particular blockage and I knew that his particular perspective would help. As I quietly sat for a few minutes in front of the keyboard trying to get into the correct state, I soon felt a tingling energy in my forearms. I started off slowly as working with him in this manner was still new to me. A couple minutes into it, a window popped up saying that "Someone else is editing this post" (which has never happened before because I'm the sole writer for our website). I smiled as I realized that it was Yogananda. Also make note of where the name of the "editor" is missing on the second line. I refreshed the page and we completed the task in just a couple of minutes. Thank you again Yogananda.

screenshot with text only telling me that "Someone else is editing this post" and the next line has a blank space where a name should be. The next line reads" ______ is editingthis post in another window"


As you can gather, there sure isn't a dull moment in our lives, but I wanted to share how beautiful it is and how fortunate and grateful we are to be able to have unfettered access to Yogananda, his assistance, and his wisdom. And with that, we thought our readers might want to get a small glimpse into the Divine Wisdom that he shared with me a couple evenings ago.

We had finished up our daily business and Jen and I plopped onto the couch and lazily melted into each other out of sheer exhaustion. She felt that he was present and so she got into state and he came through to speak with me. I wasn't expecting him to pop-in for a chat, but she and I have been dealing with some heavy personal events recently and I sensed that he wanted to give me input which has always been greatly appreciated. After listening to his perspective and sage wisdom and thanking him for it, he asked if I had any questions for him (which is what he usually does when we chat), so I thought of one regarding the severe gluten allergy that both Jen and I have suffered from over the years.

What follows is an abridged conversation with him channeled by my amazing wife. Keep in mind that he and I have a similar sense of humor that comes through as "subtly dry and deadpan":

Yogananda: Do you have any questions?

Me: Yeah...I've tried to heal our gluten allergy a couple times, but I can't seem to cure there something I'm missing or an adjustment that I need to make to fix it once and for all? Is it even curable for us?

Yogananda: Both of you can cure this on your own...but why do you want to?

Me: makes eating out extremely difficult...when we're out, it would be nice to sit down at a restaurant and eat without worrying about getting sick...

Yogananda: So you want to be normal?

Me: Well...not really...I would just prefer to be able to eat whatever I want...

Yogananda: (There was a pause and then he continued very slowly.) want to eat gluten?

Me: (It sounded so silly hearing him phrase it like that. I energetically "smiled" broadly and had to pause to let his words sink in.)

Well, I mean...I guess...but...I don't know...I love donuts...

Yogananda: (There was another pause and then he again continued very slowly.)

So...this is about...donuts?

Me: (I sensed his humor and tried not to laugh out loud for the rest of our chat.)

Well...not totally...I mean...Yes...a BIG part of it is...the rest of it is just an annoyance I guess....

Yogananda holding donuts with sprinkles in his hands while sitting crossed legged in a grove of trees with whimsical pink leaves.
Yogananda gave me a thumbs up on my crude photoshopping skills.

Because Jen was deep in trance, she didn't recall most of the conversation, so when I told her about the donut thing, initially she cringed and felt embarrassed for both of us (luckily, nothing embarrasses me). After reflecting on it, she found the humor and we laughed our asses off throughout the rest of the night.


Now you have a glimpse into my private conversation channeled through The Veil between a Spiritual "Giant" that introduced millions of people to meditation and Kriya Yoga and authored the greatest selling Spiritual autobiography of all time (selling millions of copies and translated into 50+ languages) and an existentially exhausted shaman/healer with more than 1600+ weary lives under his belt that shares uncomfortable Truths which people need to hear through his writing and Spiritual Guidance sessions.

We hope that our readers recognized and enjoyed the sheer irony of being in the presence of Spiritual greatness and merely talking about donuts and dining at "normal" restaurants rather than conversing about deeper Spiritual matters regarding Life, the Universe, and Everything.

No matter who you are or where you're at in your Spiritual Journey, it's refreshing to receive clarity without judgment and humor to boot. If you're interested in having a Private Channeling Session with Paramhansa Yogananda through Jen, please click here. You'll be glad you did. *Paramhansa is the correct spelling of his first name that few are aware of. The extra "a" was added AFTER his death and his original signature was altered to reflect this.


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