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Remote Viewing Deconstructed

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Let's face it. Being an adult sucks. Seriously. I've never been good at it, I probably never will be and I don't care to put any effort into attempting to master it, honestly. Being an adult (more specifically, being a human) is just not my thing. This might have something to do with the fact that I'm still a big kid, but I'm ok with that because that means I still know how to have fun.

meme of Chris Pratt blankly staring into the distance with the caption: "What's your favorite childhood memory?"  Me: "Not paying bills"

Luckily, I'm blessed to have someone exactly like me to explore and experiment with psychic phenomena. My wife and I enjoy spending some of our free time playing psychic games. One of the many games that we play is remote viewing. Sometimes we'll use a random object that the other person places in a box, sometimes we'll just pull cards from tarot/oracle decks to remotely view and other times, we'll play with coordinate remote viewing (CRV) utilizing Google Earth.

I recall halfway through Tell Me What You See where Ed Dames recounts the story of Robert Monroe being the target of psychic attacks many, many years ago. At the time, Monroe was suffering from insomnia and said that it felt as if he was being "pinged" all the time like a sonar echo. The sound was driving him crazy. He would easily forget things like items he needed at the store or things that people said in conversations. He knew this was not just old age kicking in, but that he was being watched. During one of his OBEs, he encountered a young woman. Monroe was able to get her name and he was positive that she was the one probing his mind.

Ed Dames and a few of the adept military remote viewers were asked to help Monroe. They used Monroe's name and the lady's name as the target and had to remote view backwards in time to the first time the lady had met Monroe on the astral. The RV'ers saw her hovering over Monroe. She was probing his mind. They also saw two men standing by Monroe. These three turned out to be Russian psychic spies and they thought that Monroe was the person in charge of psychic espionage/warfare for the United States, which is why they had been searching for information and psychically attacking him. The RV'ers pinpointed the location of the three spies to the KGB building and then decided to reconvene after a good night's sleep.

It was said in the book that the Russians didn't have a regimented military RV training program set in place, but instead were using legitimate psychics, shamans and witch doctors that they had scoured the country for in order to do their psychic espionage.

The next day, the RV team targeted the three Russians and found the lady sitting in a dimly-lit room meditating at KGB headquarters. They also found the two men in separate rooms also meditating quietly. Ed instructed the RV team to converge and invade the lady's mind. They felt her worrying about her daughter and being able to do her job to the best of her ability. She stared sweating, fidgeting and getting anxious, not knowing what was happening to her. She was looking all around the room panicking and wondering what was going on. Then the door burst open to reveal the two Russian men looking very distraught and confused as well. The three of them were at a loss as to why they were feeling the way they were.

The three psychic spies frantically looked around the room and then simultaneously looked up at the exact vantage point from which the RV'ers were viewing them, much to the shock and dismay of the RV team. Being legitimate psychics, the Russians were perceptive enough to sense this foreign presence. Ed Dames yelled for the RV team to pull back and disconnect quickly, but it was too late. They had been seen. The story never elaborated on what happened to the RV'ers that were caught peeping, but from a shamanic perspective, the Russians had each of the RV'ers unique energetic signatures and they very well could have targeted any of the team afterwards because of that.

I've read a fair amount about remote viewing over the years and I've taken a short course about 15 years ago, but one thing that I've noticed is that none of the books or articles have been able to properly articulate the way RV really works. People just sort of do it without any awareness of the energetic techniques behind it. I haven't yet come across anyone talking about what I'm about to share with you, but I hope this information helps you hone your ability if RV (clairvoyance) is your thing. You're welcome.

So let me break this down for you.

Simply stated, remote viewing is the Western term for clairvoyance. It's probably the easiest psychic skill to develop which is why so many people teach courses on it. Essentially, you can remote view using either the Yin or Yang method. Westerners seem to be conditioned to do things the Yang way. The Yang way emphasizes the exertion of force, output of energy/effort and expansion to do things. It works, but it can be very draining energetically and for me, I prefer to know more than one technique to achieve a specific outcome. The Yang method is what they used in the story above and is essentially a form of bi-location. The RV'ers projected (pushed) their consciousness to Russia once they honed in on the energetic signature of the lady and her cohorts. The downside of this is that the Russian psychics were sensitive enough to perceive their energy once the RV'ers popped in. Think of this method like tip-toeing into a room to try to spy on someone.

The Yin method requires far less energetic output and there is less of a chance that someone can sense you. You can wait with the intention of letting the information pop into your awareness or you can simply "pull" gently. Waiting for the information is like using binoculars to look into your neighbor's bedroom window (pervert lol). You're really not exerting any effort. If you choose to gently "pull", you can imagine a black hole effortlessly pulling matter from space towards the center. It's not forcefully reaching out past it's normal boundary to grab matter, but if the matter is within the range of the pull, it's just a matter of time before the black hole has it. The Yin method can take a little longer time-wise and you have to be adept at clearing your head in order to receive the information since it's coming "into" your space. You might accidentally pull in other things nearby from the RV target or from the the wrong time period, but practice can reduce these occurrences.

Here's something you can try that might help you understand this better. Like everything else down here, seeing with your physical eyes can be done in a Yin or Yang manner.

I want you to look out the window or go outside and look at an object. You can GENTLY view it and just let the reflected light come into your eyes. This is a soft gaze or the Yin version and barely requires any effort. Now look at the same object, but stare intensely at it like you want to burn a hole through it. Usually, the eyelids and muscles around the eyes will unconsciously tense up as well. This is a hard gaze or the Yang version of seeing and it requires much more exertion. Go back to a soft gaze (let your eyes go blurry a bit, relax the eyelids/muscles around the eyes, then gently refocus) and then back to a hard one. Feel the difference? You can still view the same object and get the same information from it, but in two different ways. The same principle applies to clairvoyance/remote viewing.

The hard gaze (Yang method) is the reason people get eye-strain when staring at a computer screen all day. If this isn't addressed and balanced out, it will become hard-wired into your nervous system which can keep you in a constant state of hyper-focus. Not good.

If you want to see if this is affecting you, start a stopwatch, close your eyes (ideally at the end of your work day) and pay attention to two things: how tightly you find yourself keeping your eyelids closed and how much your eyeballs wiggle, searching for something to focus on. Eventually, the muscles in your eyelids will calm down and not have any tension in them and your eyeballs will stop wiggling. Now doesn't that feel wonderful? Open your eyes and stop your stopwatch. The longer the time it takes to fully relax your eyes, the more fucked your nervous system is and the more you should probably focus on relaxing the eyes during the day.

If you close your eyes and don't notice any eyelid spasms, micro-contractions or tension and your eyeballs don't wiggle, then you're better off than most people, so good for you. I'd surmise that you don't suffer from eye strain or stress induced headaches. Years ago, I recall after a hard day's slavery...I mean "work"...that it would take me about 10-15 minutes before my closed eyes were completely still. My nervous system was REALLY fucked up, so don't feel bad if your eyes aren't relaxed the first few times you try this.

Once you've mastered your eyes being calm and still when you close them, just try to keep that same calm and stillness active when they're open. If you're sensitive, you'll feel the vast difference in how you used to see the world. I hope this exercise helps you to better understand how the Yin and Yang method applies to physical sight so you can then apply it to clairvoyance/remote viewing. If you want to read something more in depth along these lines, you can read my article on Things you never knew about the psychic senses.

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Apr 28, 2023

Nice work

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