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Reiki - This Healing Modality Comes With Free Demons

Updated: Jan 23

Have you ever said words to the effect of "If only I knew then what I know now"? The difficulty in getting to the point of "what you know now" is that you usually feel regret and anger for having been so blind or ignorant. Sometimes someone will say something that angers you unexpectedly on your journey to "what you know now".

Do you know why this happens? It's because whatever they have said hits your unconscious mind and shakes you up. It shakes you up because you beLIEved something and the other person has spoken a TRUTH which conflicts with your beLIEfs. It may not be the entire truth, but as long as part of the truth is present, it will get a rise out of you.

When this happens, it makes a person feel their beliefs are wrong and the ego does not like to be wrong. If the statement or comment dismantles a CORE beLIEf that you've had for years, well…no one likes to have their entire world upturned. This would require a lot of work to re-evaluate and re-structure your world-view so you're back in alignment.

Now it's time to piss a lot of people off, but I'm not trying to do this intentionally. Before you consider sending me a strongly-worded email, think about why you feel so angry as you continue reading and consider the phrase "Don't kill the messenger".

I previously wrote in another post about what a racket metaphysical "certifications" are. I said that a certification takes something that was once free and now charges you a fee to do it. So let's dive a little deeper into healing.

There are a good number of individuals on the planet that have been "given" the ability to heal. I put "given" in quotes because a lot of them weren't given shit. They paid for it and that is NOT the same as being given the gift of healing from birth - a true spiritual gift.

Each healing modality is different and some are more effective than others depending on what you're trying to heal or cure. They can all work to some degree, but not all of them will work for you. There are about two dozen of them that I know of and I've personally sampled a good number of these modalities over the years. None of them really stood out as being the "one" to heal my body, mind and soul, but there was one that stood out very clearly as "not the one" and "not right". My wife and I have had a repulsion to this particular type of healing for many years. When I say "not right", I'm trying to sum up a shitload of my thoughts and cramming them into a two-word phrase which really doesn't cut it. Time to open up this two-word phrase to the public.

Have you ever stopped to think where the energy that healers utilize comes from? Probably not. I never used to, but really take a moment here. It comes from some nebulous and intangible place that can't be shown on a map. No one can take you by the hand and walk you to the origin. Healers get their healing energy from either polarity OR directly from Source.

Think of this like electricity. There are a handful of healers that have solar panels and windmills on their property to harness all the power they need naturally (from Source). There are far more healers that must receive their electricity from a power company. This electricity is NOT free and therefore the healers (and persons receiving the healing) must pay a "price" to utilize the energy. We'll cover the "price" shortly. Many of these power companies are aligned to a Dark polarity. Some are aligned with a Light polarity, but for this article, we're going to focus on the Dark ones.

Wait, back up. You mean that there are healers (and "Light Workers") that utilize Dark energy?

Yes. There are Dark energy healers. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it is a logical fallacy to beLIEve that all energy healing is utilizing "positive" or "Light" energy just because someone can be healed or cured.

Now let's look at the two types of energetic healers.

  1. Healers who have the innate gift from birth aka natural born healers.

  2. Healers who take a class to "learn" how to heal.

We're only going to focus on "Group 2 healers that take classes" for this article. Much in the same way that paying for a metaphysical certification doesn't automatically infuse you with the skillset and corresponding energy of that skill, paying for a healing certification doesn't make you a healer.

meme of a bottle that is labeled "hard to swallow pills" and in the next frame, a handful of pills and the caption "I'll take a dozen" in regards to learning that reiki uses dark energy to heal and paying for a healing certification doesn't make you a healer.

There is ONE particular healing modality that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the metaphysical community and it is so prevalent now that I'm not sure if everyone will actually be able to reverse the trajectory that it's currently on. I say this because I've only seen a few links online from brave people who feel the way I do. It can be extremely difficult to speak your truth when you know there is going to be backlash. I find that not giving a flying-fuck coupled with not having a filter lends itself as an effective remedy. A quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer comes to mind here:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Drum roll...

"reiki certification is a racket and reiki’s healing power and energy are sourced from the dark side. A person receiving reiki healings and/or attunements will be subjected to negative consequences as a result of this connection to dark forces."

In my particular case, this post is fueled by my anger after being subjected over and over again over many years to people's misinformed, incorrect and delusional beliefs about reiki healing. There isn’t a metaphysical community, group, meetup, chat or even conversation these days where a reiki practitioner isn’t present or reiki healing is being discussed. Yes, I know how to capitalize, but the "R" in reiki is lower case on purpose and will remain in lower case throughout this post.

In the case of Black Magic and other "dark" practices, the utilization of rituals and symbols/sigils form the foundation of their practices. In order to become a reiki practitioner or "master", you will be "initiated" into the group with a ritual (class) where you receive your attunements. The attunement melds demonic symbols into your energetic body. IF A HEALING MODALITY USES SYMBOLS, IT IS UTILIZING DARK ENERGY. Do you know what the symbols mean? You don't. You only know what they may have told you it means, but that doesn't mean it's true. They can tell you what they want you to believe and you just accepted it because you wanted to be a healer.

Those that don't choose to become practitioners, but only need energetic healing are also subjected to the consequences of the dark energy whether or not they are aware of it.

How is it that reiki can heal then? The person receiving the healing will pay a "price" for the "healing" and it's more than just paying the healer with money. Haven't you ever watched those stupid commercials for prescription medications? They're full of happy imagery where the people are smiling, laughing and living a fun and care-free life all because they took this medication and it made their life amazing! And in the fine print, they list a cornucopia of side effects and some of them are actually worse than what you had to begin with right? Everyone knows at least one person that regularly takes prescription meds, but also has to take twice as many other prescription meds to negate the side effects of the original ones. Think of receiving reiki healing like that. You may fix what you want for now, but other "issues" will pop-up in your life. It's not a matter of "if", but "when".

By allowing a reiki practitioner or "master" to heal you or attune you, you have entered into a Dark contract to allow Dark forces into your life. You can't read the "contract", but it is in place and allows the Dark entities to do anything from steal your life force, take up residence in your home, influence your thoughts and actions in physical and non-physical reality, wreak havoc in your personal and work life, ruin your health and finances, attack and/or fuck with you in your "dreams"/the Astral or all of the above in some form or fashion. Basically, they can do whatever the fuck they want. It probably won't be immediate though. What's the rush? They've got a key to your inner world now for the duration of your current incarnation and this can bleed into your next ones as well.

My wife and I attended a metaphysical meeting a while back. We were the only shamans there. There was a reiki "master" that offered to do a little energy "balancing" on anyone who requested it. She struck a crystal pyramid above the person's head and made her way around the room to each person who wanted it. I wasn't paying attention because I was bored as fuck, but my wife noticed that as soon as the reiki "master" stood up to start her work, there were a couple small, dark entities that appeared and followed this lady around (I'll add a link here to a future article on why my Shaman wife was the only healer in that meeting that saw the dark entities). Now why on earth would these little reiki demons feel the need to accompany this lady? Doesn't it make you wonder?

Let me address the term reiki "master". I have to chuckle every time I meet someone who claims to be one or see the title used on a website or metaphysical fair and I'll tell you why. I found one online reiki certification class that says you can learn Level 1 in one day, Level 2 in one day and the "master" level in two days. FOUR DAYS AND $1000 TO BECOME A "MASTER"!! WOW!!

During my training with a Qigong Master, I learned that in China, no matter how much of a bad-ass you are in your chosen discipline, no one can be referred to as "master" until they reach the age of 70. They reason that you need the requisite wisdom that only comes with age and if you've practiced your art throughout your life, you should be pretty fucking good at it by the time you reach 70, which should makes sense to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. But for the rest of the world, there isn't any hard and fast rule that says you have to be practicing something for 40-50 years to be considered a "master". Using just a little bit of your brain power and "common" sense (common sense is so uncommon, it should be considered a fucking super power), you can understand that someone that claims to be a "master" obviously must be fucking exceptional at what they do to carry that title, so why does the reiki community allow people to lightly throw this title around and cheapen the impact and energy of it's meaning by allowing ANYONE to claim it in exchange for some greenbacks and a few days of their time? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

So back to learning reiki. There is a draw to the "power" (channeled healing) and special abilities (psychic-related) that reiki "masters" can attain. I recall reading a short article from an ex-reiki master. He was explaining that anyone involved in reiki is generally NOT aware that they are calling in the reiki spirits whenever they practice or initiate others into it. He said that people invite the spirit in by drawing the symbol of the specific reiki devil and calling their name three times. The deception comes from the practitioners being able to send energy (by means of these demons) and the short-term sense of well-being they experience. He also added that during his exit from the reiki edifice, he became very ill.

So what do you do if someone has given you a reiki treatment and you want to break this contract? Or what if you're a practitioner or "master" and find that all of this all resonates with you. How do you get out of the "mob" now that you've unknowingly married into it? That's a great fucking question.

Earlier this year, I found a person online that specialized in assisting those wanting to extricate themselves from their reiki involvement by removing the reiki symbols that had been melded into their energy body. His website explained that once the symbols have been removed, you will most definitely suffer the wrath of these dark entities because they don't like their source of energy being tampered with. I surmised that this person was also targeted by numerous Dark attacks since he was the person removing them and when I checked his website a few months ago, it was gone. Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

But don't fret if you've fallen victim to the reiki trap. I was speaking to someone very close to me prior to writing this and she shared that she had been given a reiki attunement many years ago. I asked her about her experience and she said that when the reiki "master" was about to give the attunement, a large Light entity appeared next to my friend radiating a strong, protective energy, yet the entity was very clearly benevolent. Everyone in the room was aware of it's presence, even those not especially sensitive to energies, however, no one knew what or who it was including the reiki "master" and the reiki "master" had never before encountered this entity in other attunements. The attunements were given while the entity was present and then it slowly faded away over the next half-hour after the last attunement was given. When I asked my friend what she felt it's purpose was there, she said that looking back on the incident, she knows that it was there to protect her and extended that protection to everyone else in the class. She has encountered this entity numerous times since the reiki incident and each time, my friend was in an area with dark or heavy energy and this entity would transmute the energy when it would pop in. My intuition also tells me that this entity was protecting my friend from being enveloped in dark/demonic energy and unknowingly contracting with the Dark side.

I share this story with you because this particular entity would not have been there protecting my friend if there wasn't a need.

Can the symbols be removed shamanically? Yes. I have done this a couple times in exigent circumstances, but not without the harshest backlash you could imagine. Never again.

Do we offer this service? Unfortunately, we do not and will not ever offer this service. Why? Because sharing the TRUTH is our mission down here, not battling against reiki demons. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you're supposed to. Here is another harsh truth that people need to know about reiki - If a person has already become entangled with reiki or is adamant they want to receive reiki healing/attunements/certifications, it is/was by design and already part of that person's path to do so.

Do we know of anyone who performs this service that we trust? Unfortunately, we do not.

I have no doubt that this article will circulate throughout the metaphysical and reiki community in time. If you happen to be a reiki practitioner or "master" reading this, then please sit down, swallow your pride and analyze why you're feeling defensive. Writing this was difficult, but someone has to say it and unfortunately, I wasn't given a choice in this matter.


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