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Psychic Interference - Part 2 - Noise

Updated: Jan 30

Psychic Interference - Part 2 - Noise


Under this category, I'm going to address:

  1. EMFs

  2. Unconscious Energetic Vomit

  3. Consensus Reality Energy

Have you ever had a roommate blare some god awful music while you were trying to write a paper? The noise I'm talking about is just like that, except the roommate would at least leave the house from time-to-time, go to sleep regularly, and have the common fucking courtesy of cleaning up his shit once in awhile. The shitty noise down here is fucking relentless, never-ending, and slowly and steadily increasing with time. For the vast majority of people, it's extremely unlikely that they'll be able to completely block it, however, there are a few things that can attenuate this incessant, energetic onslaught (My wife and I cannot wait to leave this ball of dirt for some peace and quiet).

1. EMFs - Man-made and Natural

Energy that irritates and disrupts your biology is obviously going to adversely affect how your psychic skills work - everything is connected. A lot has been written about the dangers of man-made EMFs, but for the purposes of this article, just know that EMFs are bad for you. It's not up for debate. Natural EMFs can affect you adversely as well, but given that those studies were done with man-made EMFs already present and fucking us up for years, you can't really get an accurate picture of the true impact of natural EMFs on humans unless you travel back in time to before all these stupid cell towers, wifi routers, high-power transmission and distribution lines, etc. started blasting us. I'd put all my money on man-made EMFs doing far more damage than the natural ones.

There have been numerous studies that show that increased geomagnetic activity inhibits psychic perceptions. It's like trying to see the bottom of the river when an excess amount of flood water is passing through and churning up the bottom. Have fun with that. You can check the KP Index (thanks for this link MJ) to see how calm or chaotic things are prior to doing your psychic work. From what I understand from the documentation that came with the God Helmet, the best time to do psychic work is when the KP index is around a 4.

How can you block/attenuate this?

Well, the "easiest" thing is to move the fuck away from places that have a shit ton of towers and antennas. In order to gauge how bad your area is, lookup your address here. We're currently in an area that has ~80 towers and ~350 antennas in a 3 mile radius. That might sound high, but you can't put it in perspective until you compare it to where we used to live which had more than 500 towers and more than 900 antennas. During our short time there, my pain level was through the roof and my anxiety level wasn't far behind.

2 panel cartoon: the first panel shows a man stranded on a tiny desert island who sees a man on boat in the distance and he excitedly yells "Boat!". panel two shows the man on the boat seeing a tiny island where a man is and he excitedly screams out "Land!" and the caption below the comic says "perspective..."

Looking for a Place with no Wifi_ Discover 40+ EMF and WiFi Free Zones – Atmosure
Download PDF • 13.09MB

EMF shielding

If you're serious about your psychic work, you should consider researching ways to shield your home and it's a pain the fucking ass. We've done it though and it makes a significant difference. I finally finished hardwiring our place for internet connectivity a while back and have permanently shut off wifi. Good fucking riddance. When my wife came home, she immediately noticed how much more relaxed it felt. Blocking wifi from neighbors isn't worth it at this point because the intensity drops off drastically with increased distance from the source. In addition to killing the wifi, for years I have used EMF shielding/grounding fabrics, bedding, clothing, and faraday cages. Buy yourself a good EM meter such as the Trifield TF2, educate yourself on shielding and you'll notice how much of a difference it makes.

Active EMF protection

There are a lot of passive gadgets that claim to block or attenuate the harmful effects of EMFs, but instead of going down that rabbit hole (because many of those products are complete shit), consider using an active device. Be prepared to fork out some dough because these products aren't cheap. We use Blushield products which produce harmonious scalar frequencies that the human body prefers over the discordant and damaging frequencies of man-made EMFs. I didn't do a lab study on this, but from the moment we plugged it in, we felt tingly throughout our entire bodies in a good way. We have the portable versions as well for when we leave the house and when the charges run out, we can tell. A close friend uses Memon products that work differently than Blushield. Memon utilizes frequency cancelling (similar to noise cancelling technology), but the effects, according to her, are significant as well. She is about as sensitive as we are to EMFs and she reports less exhaustion at the end of the day and no more fuzziness in the head or headaches.

2. Unconscious Energetic Vomit

Never heard of this before? That's because I just pulled it out of my ass. This is simply all of the uncontrolled emotional, mental, and psychic energy that people spew outwards, unknowingly, unfailingly, and ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Robert Monroe touched upon this in his books and named it H Band, but I think my term paints a more colorful picture.

"H Band - The wave of disorganized human thought modulation of (M) Field energy.

M Field - Nonphysical energy field that permeates time-space including our Earth Life System, but is not a part of current human scientific knowledge or study."

Monroe, Robert A.. The Ultimate Journey (Journeys Trilogy) (p. 272, 274). Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

(I surmise the M Field is a magnetic field, but I could be wrong. I'll follow up with a related article on the M Field eventually and update the link here.)

"The "H Band" Noise is the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans. If you consider it as truly all, even in a current time frame, you get a better idea of the magnitude of this disorganized, cacophonous mass of messy energy. The amplitude of each segment of the band is determined by the emotion involved in the thought. Yet our civilization does not even recognize that the H Band exists. My impression is that it contains not only current time thought patterns, but all that ever existed. They are continuous and simultaneous, and it may be that the older radiation is layered over so all one perceives is the current emission. To study it objectively, if one is so foolhardy as to want to do so, all one needs do is move to that state of disassociation just beyond the last vestiges of any direct Earth-related Human Mind activity in the nonphysical There. It appears much like a reflective layer, beyond which the effects diminish rapidly. Passing through it quickly is advisable, just as one would try to work through a screaming, angry mob—for that is what it sounds like, in a multitude of accents and tongues."

Monroe, Robert A.. The Ultimate Journey (Journeys Trilogy) (p. 17). Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

So let's scrutinize this a bit more. Anyone that has popped out of their body for an Astral adventure has surely encountered that one zone that is just a cacophony of random voices/noise. There are "lucky" people that can perceive it to their detriment while just going through their normal daytime routine in 3rd density. Also taking into account the density overlay between the Physical (3rd density) and the Astral (4th Density), if you're also one of those "lucky" peeps I just mentioned that can maintain/access your consciousness/awareness on multiple levels simultaneously (shamans, mystics, schizophrenics, or mentally ill individuals), then there's a good chance one of your consciousnesses is vibrating a little too closely to (or even in or passing through) that god awful UEV vibration and you're suffering because of this.

How can you block/attenuate this?

It IS possible to tune this cacophony out, but it takes practice and I'll be the first to tell you that I still have fun times where I want to puncture my psychic ear drums just to make it stop. I'll outline the technique I've used to try to tune this out if I ever fucking master it. I briefly alluded to it in my post "A quick outline for psychic development", but as I stated there, it's much harder than I made it sound. If you've found an easy way, I'd love to hear it. Perhaps more insight from Monroe can shed more light for you:

"Through experience, methods that prevent reception of undesirable thought radiation may be learned, often painfully. It is a matter of phasing. Shut off the aligning receptor thought-form and there is no influence. This holds true both in physical and nonphysical environment. Group thought, especially when it is primarily emotion-inducing, can be highly contagious, owing to the extreme amplitude of the radiation. Conversely, the organized (M) Field radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough, be many thousand times greater than that of the group. Whatever the source, reception can influence any mind and/or body that contains resonant receptors."

Monroe, Robert A.. The Ultimate Journey (Journeys Trilogy) (p. 17). Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

"...may be learned, often painfully" - well, thanks for being so cryptic, asswipe. Identifying the "aligning receptor thought-form" and learning how to shut this off is simultaneously obvious and not-so-obvious.

One temporary Band-Aid for this psychic equivalent of a pus-filled wound that keeps oozing onto your sheets (brain) is to try to keep your psychic work relegated to nighttime if possible. Although the M Field permeates this planet on physical/non-physical levels and most people aren't sensitive enough to be aware of being clairaudiently-raped by this discordant resonance, I think we've all been able to feel the Yin energy of nighttime affect everything locally in the physical, so use that time to your advantage. My favorite hour to meditate is between 3-4am. It's really fucking hard to get into that "ass-crack-of-dawn" groove, but once you can adapt, you may never go back to your regular time. I fell out of this habit, but I'm going to have to get back into doing this since I've acquired the God Helmet.

3. Consensus Reality Energy / Group Thought / Hive Mind This planet and Monroe's Focus levels 24-26 (aka the religious nut territories) are consensus realities. A consensus reality is a very narrow and heavily filtered view of "reality". It is composed of many aligned agreements/beliefs (like you can't fly or psychic ability doesn't exist) about how things should be which ultimately creates a unified consciousness/heavily-weighted energetic blanket (and no doubt an accompanying tulpa). The more "sheeple" aligned with the same thought patterns and beliefs, the stronger the energetic field supporting those beliefs grows which makes makes life extremely difficult for any person or group with differing or diametrically opposed thoughts or beliefs to: create/express their own reality/rules, exist in harmony, or live without being constantly reminded of and adversely affected by the shit they don't care to have forced down their throats. There are few individuals that are able to override and not be affected by the rules of this consensus reality through the utilization of ideal conditions, intense self-work and discovery, and/or by just being just bad-ass motherfuckers (I'll delve into these bad-asses in another article). Some examples of people overriding the consensus reality on this planet are cases of levitation.

Mystical Levitations — Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
Download PDF • 3.63MB

A great example of how difficult it is to override this consensus reality energy is apparent in a lot of "scientific" testing for psychic ability. Simply stated, the vast majority of scientists generally choose to submit research and findings that are on an unwritten, acceptable list already unconsciously approved by the scientific community. Those that stray from this and try to "rock the boat" find themselves ostracized, ridiculed, losing funding, and in extreme cases losing their licenses and/or jobs (or worse). Proving that psychic ability is definitely real is a great example of rocking the science "boat", so even if well-meaning scientists are trying to stay open-minded about the results of a psychic ability test, they are unconsciously being influenced by their scientific peer group hive mind and this "skeptical/Psi denying" energy permeates the study enough to throw off and override most of the psychics being tested. This isn't always the case as there have been successful studies from extremely adept psychics (that are usually buried, hidden or simply ignored), but there's no fucking way that this consensus reality energy CAN'T adversely influence or affect the outcome. This is another reason why utilizing Zener Cards to try and test your own ability is a horrible idea. These cards have so much shitty "skeptical/Psi denying" energy around them from years of scientific studies, that your results are going to be extremely disappointing unless you luck out and practice during ideal times and/or you're really fucking good, but even then I would avoid using these things.

How can you block/attenuate this?

This is the hardest thing to work around down here in my opinion, but I have a working theory on how this can be blocked/attenuated that I'm not ready to share quite yet. So for the time being and as I stated above, the best way to manage this noise is to wait for or create ideal conditions, or just work on being a bad-ass motherfucker.

[I'm going off on a related tangent here, but I need to mention sidereal time. This is basically star time: A sidereal day is 3 minutes and 56 seconds shorter than our solar days and it moves backwards in relation to our time. Anywhere you are on the planet, given a specific LST (local sidereal time), you will see the same stars positioned precisely overhead as anyone anywhere else will given that same LST time. Scientists found a direct correlation between the sidereal time of day and success in psychic experiments. To sum it up, psychic ability shot up about 400% at 13.5h LST.

There is a ramp-up and ramp-down period obviously, so I try to include an hour before and an hour after 13.5h LST (two-hour window) to try to meditate or perform psychic experiments. I haven't had too much experience with trying to utilize this time period for spiritual work though because the window of time changes every goddamned day. Perhaps this time frame for ideal psychic work is simply because there is somehow less noise bleed-through? I don't know, but I guarantee you that nobody has tried to find this correlation...yet. I'll add it to my ever-growing list of metaphysical-shit-to-do and write about it when the time comes.]


So there you have it. Sometimes, just having a less ambiguous understanding of the underlying, nebulous structures that permeate this god-awful physical reality is enough to make a significant leap in your progress. I hope it helps.

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Mark Jessup
Mark Jessup
Aug 03, 2023

This is such a huge area, and very difficult. Nice job!

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