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Psychic Interference - Part 1 - Filters, Locks, and Blocks

Updated: Jan 30

The topic of locks and blocks have come up regularly in metaphysical conversations I've had with a close friend. For a better understanding on my part, I thought I would attempt to conceptualize it. Hopefully, this can provide the puzzle pieces you might need to overcome this issue.

Without beating around the bush, at some point or another, anyone that has tried to get a clear connection to the other side (either for information or exploration) has been faced with psychic interference issues. It's annoying as fuck. Before we continue, just a few things to keep in mind about these three impediments:

  • This topic was really fucking nebulous and an absolute bitch to define and organize. There is some overlap between the three, but I tried my best to distinctly define them while keeping in mind that not everything is black and white of course. Rearrange or re-define them whichever way works best for you.

  • They exist and remain actively in-place regardless of whether you're aware of them or not. Not everyone will have all of these, but most will have a lot of these. Your mileage may vary.

  • Not every incarnation will necessarily be able to remove/bypass these in their current lifetime. This is by design and relates to the level of spiritual advancement/maturity they have reached.

  • They fall into "hardware" and "software" categories. Hardware deals with your physical brain (while your consciousness is primarily IN your body) and software deals with intangible and non-physical places (while your consciousness is farting around in non-physical reality). Please note that physical/environmental trauma to the brain can cause it to go "either way" - either you can be blocked from accessing psychic information or if the damage occurs to the areas that control perception of psychic data, you now have an all-access pass whether you want it or not.

  • The reason that any of these are active is due to their role as protection mechanisms set in place so your world isn't shaken-the-fuck-up like a snow globe being held by a guy with Parkinson's doing back flips on a trampoline. These three tend to keep people from truly discovering who they really are and reclaiming their power. Knowledge is (potential) power and the "powers that be" want to keep everyone as dumbed-down and sedated as possible. The ones that can't handle the increasing deluge and depth of information as their "access level" increases quite often end up heavily medicated, living under a bridge, or locked in a room with padded walls. The ones that can handle it are oracles, mystics, and shamans.



A filter allows a connection, but selectively blocks/allows certain things. A few analogies can help you conceptualize this better:

  • Look out your patio door or window and notice the screen. Fresh air and light can pass through, but insects are kept out.

  • Put on a pair of sunglasses. You can still see, but what you see takes on a different tint depending on how dark the tint is. What you see, therefore, is NOT how things actually appear.

  • From an I.T. perspective, a firewall (program) runs in the background to selectively let traffic through.

Filters can be split into "hardware" and "software" versions. Software filters can come from social and cultural conditioning, religion, family, your own beliefs, etc. Everyone grows up with ideas and concepts that are implanted into their consciousness without their awareness or consent. These form your belief system and run in the background like programs. Some people can also create filters to help them cope and get by down here by refusing to accept the truth because it would be detrimental to their map of "reality". These people choose to remain in their own bubble and that's ok, but it's frustrating as shit to have conversations with some of them because they aren't able to discuss what they've chosen to filter out.

When a brain (hardware) is working "normally", one of its primary jobs is to filter out non-physical realities/entities from your awareness. This also includes filtering out psychic information.

For reasons beyond the scope of this article, the vast majority cannot develop their extremely limited psychic ability in the same manner and to the same degree as the minority and for this small group that is capable, these gifts/curses only start to become available once a person reaches a certain level of spiritual advancement/maturity. Trust me when I say that the masses aren't there and will never BE THERE (for reasons I'll cover in yet another article, but for now let's just say that those individuals aren't meant to handle psychic phenomena any more than a 5-year-old is meant to do your stupid taxes).

One reason psychically-inclined people are able to bypass the "normal" filtration that the brain does in order perceive non-physical realities/entities and psychic information is because their brains simply don't work in the same manner as the rest of the population. To sum it up in one sentence, brain scans of legitimate psychics/healers have lower frontal lobe activity and a predominance of theta wave activity.

Another reason comes from brain damage that probably attenuated or deactivated "normal" filtering. Sean Harribance sustained two brain traumas as a child and adolescent and was an incredibly gifted psychic. I had acute mercury poisoning more than a decade ago and having being bitten by a tick and having the Lyme spirochetes attack my brain and CNS at around the same time, I could feel vast changes in my brain functioning.

How do you remove filters?

I can only think of a couple ways to bypass a hardware filter. The easiest would be to just enter an altered state to leave the physical realm and filter behind. Once you do this, you'll still have to deal with any existing software filters though. The other option is to use technology to see if you can take advantage of neuroplasticity to alter the functioning of the brain while you're in your body. This might seem rather extreme for most people, but if it works, it works. The first thought that comes to mind is the God Helmet which can alter the brain in the long term for this desired state. There are other devices, but you can research that on your own.

As for the software aspect, these programs will run until you can become aware of them, analyze them, and realize that they aren't part of your core values and they don't serve you. Only then can you begin to remove them. Past-life regression might be able to temporarily bypass filters (and probably locks and blocks), but it's not always a sure-thing due to the number of factors that could influence the regression: Memory isn't 100% reliable, psychic noise often interferes (that we'll cover in Part 2), the skill of the hypnotherapist, your mental and emotional state, your traumas, your desire for answers, your pre-incarnational guidelines you setup, non-physical entities interfering, etc.

Drugs/entheogens can do a much better job, but as you would guess, the bypassing of filters usually disappear when the entheogens wear of. When you come back to baseline, it's easy for people to just unconsciously put their "sunglasses" back on if they have a ridiculously strong conviction about their world. These people will allow their brain to rationalize and simultaneously discount/invalidate what they just accessed. If you want to permanently remove those sunglasses, you're going to have to scrutinize those filters and figure out for yourself how to remove/dismantle them once and for all. I recall reading a book by a famous psychic medium where he said that suicides were a "sin" and if you killed yourself, you were immediately reborn. That is horseshit and it was evident he still had strong religious filters in place. Don't assume that famous psychics who seem to have "clear" connections are devoid of filters, locks, or blocks.



A lock keeps someone from accessing a place or thing. Think of a locked door or locked safe deposit box. Locks seem to only have a "software" component. They seem to always be in your energetic space wherever your consciousness may be focused at the time (the physical or non-physical). Unlike filters, there is NO ACCESS to what you want.

Similar to filters, social and cultural conditioning, religion, family, your own beliefs, etc. can force you to put these in place. In addition, traumas (physical, emotional, mental, or psychic) are a source of lock creation as well, so you may have unconsciously "locked" yourself out of accessing this part of your experience. This locked trauma is now "floating around your field" and preventing access to your direct link through the veil (like a cloud blocking the sunlight). Or your religion tells you that having these skills is a "sin" against your god and you beLIEved this, so you locked up your direct access to anything on the other side. Another example would be choosing to close off these pathways before you incarnated down here to have the experience of, for example, being a moron...I mean skeptic - think "james randi" (intentional lowercase and his bitch-ass isn't even worthy of a link).

How do you unlock/remove these?

Removing this is only as difficult as you made it and you probably made it difficult because not a goddamned thing comes easily down here (except maybe getting herpes). ONLY YOU know where you put the key or combo. More than likely, this will not be in your conscious awareness because if it was that fucking easy, you wouldn't have this lock in place. Taking the time to review your history, traumas, belief system, etc. and then deciding what route to take in order to process/release the trauma or dismantle your limiting beliefs is basically how you do it. Easier than it sounds, but the time is going to pass by anyway so what have you got to lose?



You can think of a block like a big-ass boulder or a brick wall that presents itself in your path as you merrily traipse down the road. External forces out of your control have put these in place and you cannot proceed further. Blocks stay in "place" to block access to whatever and do not follow you around like locks or software filters.

In the case of software blocks, these will prevent access when you're on the brink of traveling to or accessing areas that contain valuable information. For example, if you are trying to access "akashic records" or whatever the fuck you want to call it, there could be a block at the "entrance" that will remain there the next time you come back until you figure out to how to circumvent it. Make sense?

Robert Monroe recounts an example of a "software" block during an astral trip:

"Here is an illustration. On one non-physical excursion, I was speeding through nothing back to the physical with everything apparently well under control. Without warning, I rammed into a solid wall of some impenetrable material. I wasn’t hurt, but I was utterly shocked.

The material was hard and solid, and seemed to be made of huge plates of steel overlapping slightly and welded together. Each had a slight curvature as if part of a globe. I tried to push through it, but could not. I went up, down, to the right, and to the left. I was absolutely sure my physical body lay beyond this barrier. After what seemed an hour of scratching, clawing, and pushing at this barrier, I prayed. I used every prayer I had ever learned, and made up a few special ones. And I meant every word more than I had ever meant anything in my life. I was that frightened. Nothing happened. I was still plastered against the barrier, unable to get through and back to my physical body. I panicked. I clawed, screamed, and sobbed. After this proved futile, I finally calmed down only out of emotional exhaustion. Feeling lost, I lay there and rested, clinging to the cold, hard wall. I don’t know how long I lay there until the ability to think objectively returned. But it did. I couldn’t stay there forever—or at least I didn’t want to. It seemed an impossible situation. Where before had I encountered an apparently impossible situation? I remembered. Years before, a friend and I had purchased an airplane whose flight characteristics we did not know. The only reason we bought this particular plane was that it was cheap and in good condition.

After several practice flights around the field, we decided to take it up for acrobatics. With borrowed parachutes, we took off and headed up to around ten thousand feet. We took it through several lazy eights, a few sloppy loops, and several spins. Everything seemed all right. After climbing back to altitude, we nosed the ship down slightly and popped stick and rudder to go into a snap roll. The next thing we knew, we were in a spin. We centered stick, and forward, the accepted recovery procedure. It had worked before beautifully. But not this time. The spin became flatter, faster, and was developing a whiplike action. Opposite rudder against the spin, bursts of power, none had any effect on the spin. If anything, the spin worsened and the ground was coming up fast. Bill looked around from the front cockpit, his face white. He yelled at me over the wind roar, “We better get out of here!” I was ready to leave too. The only thing that kept me there a few more seconds was the possible loss of the airplane for which I had saved so long. I reasoned, We’ve tried everything except the procedure that violates the rules, the one thing not to do if you’re in a spin. Pull back on the stick. What did I have to lose? I pulled back on the stick. The ship straightened out of the spin immediately and gathered flying speed. I rolled it until the earth was where it belonged. We landed safely and crawled out shakily and sat on the ground. We had fallen into an outside spin. Neither of us had seen such a spin before, much less tried one. I remembered the outside spin. I tried to apply the concept as I lay there panting against the barrier. Forward, up, down, right, left—no good. There was just one remaining direction, although my knowledge said definitely it was not right. It couldn’t make things any worse to try, so I did, and only a few moments later, I was back in the physical shaken but safe. Which way? It was obvious in hindsight: away from the barrier, back in the direction from which I had been traveling. Why this worked, I don’t know. Nor do I know what the barrier was." Monroe, Robert A.. Journeys Out of the Body (Journeys Trilogy) (pp. 117-119). Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

Hardware blocks are different from hardware filters in that the blocks don't allow anything in at all. Generally shamans, seers, mystics, oracles, and others that need "full access" won't be born with hardware blocks by design.

How do you bypass/remove these?

For hardware blocks, you can try some of the suggestions for hardware filters above. As for software blocks, some of these require outside-the-box thinking to bypass. If you have a "wall" in front of you, you can go around it, over it, or through it depending on how long the wall is, how tall it is, or how thick it is. Past-life regression might be able to temporarily bypass blocks, but even if you manage to, you may not be able to consciously bring back the information you need because of your stupid brain filter and/or the difficulty in solidifying memories in the 3d when coming back across non-physical areas. Getting past a software block once doesn't mean it will magically disappear. It'll probably still be there next time you go back.

Once again, drugs and entheogens can play a big role in helping you temporarily bypass these blocks (have you ever pondered the real reason that drugs are "illegal" down here?), but this requires that you know what the fuck you're doing while in that state as the answer might not be that obvious once you're there and your focus and clarity can wax and wane unless you're an experienced psychonaut. Taking notes or using a voice recorder is very helpful to combatting memory loss, but words leave much to be desired and trying to convey your experience and what you learned on the other side quite often gets lost in translation when you come back here.

Blocks prevent access to extremely valuable information that reveal TRUTHS that the "powers that be" DO NOT want you to know. Those that can bypass these blocks have a chance to:

  • understand the TRUE nature of "reality"

  • see through the illusions and lies of this god-awful place

  • gather enough information to plan your escape and break-free from the reincarnation trap and leave Prison Earth

  • and most importantly, learn how to get back "Home"

The people that have reached the point of wanting, needing, or having already been given access to these hidden "secrets" usually have already dismantled/removed the vast majority, if not all, of their locks and filters because this is a pre-requisite for accessing the deeper stuff.

meme with a smiling female dr . the text says "9 out of 10 doctors agree life is awful, everyone should just lie down in the dirt and give up."

Now I've covered the three biggest impediments to your connection. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have been successful in removing/bypassing all of these, you've still got one more fucking pain in the ass to deal with - NOISE. Read on: Psychic Interference - Part 2 - Noise


An excerpt from the God Helmet website:

"Although there are several signals included with the Shiva software, one in particular is more studied than the rest, and is especially implicated in psychic perceptions. The signal is called the Modulated 40 Hertz ‘Chirp’ signal. It’s based on the ’40 hertz component’ seen in EEG readouts. This signal appears when we are awake and when we are dreaming, but not in dreamless sleep. It’s present whenever we are conscious. It’s been called “the binding factor” for human consciousness, suggesting that this is the activity that “holds it all together”. The modulated 40 Hz signal is almost in sync with the brain’s own ‘binding factor’, but not quite. It’s just different enough to interact with it; to disturb it slightly. When that happens, changes happen which are both changes in consciousness itself as they are “altered states of consciousness”. It seems that the state of consciousness that appears with this kind of stimulation is conducive to psychic perception. Not only does this help us to learn more about it, but it also allows us to try to enhance it deliberately.

An easy way to think of it is that the modulated 40 hertz ‘chirp’ signal, broken into constantly changing segments and applied in a circle around the head, disables the mechanism that ordinarily prevents psychic perceptions.

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Mark Jessup
Aug 03, 2023

Nice! As usual, gifted writing.

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