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Planning Your Escape From Prison Earth - Part 1

Updated: Jan 3

*Please bear in mind that when I speak of events at the level of Earth (3rd density) and the Astral (4th density), I'm choosing NOT to speak about events going on at "higher" levels (5th density +) because it would confuse the shit out of everyone and unfortunately, trying to summarize the Big Picture here in one article isn't possible. The English language fucking sucks. Baby steps. I need to build the foundation first. I'll cover the higher levels and how they all tie together in future posts or in our online Spiritual Guidance classes. Also, we may earn a commission from Amazon links on this page.

I really enjoy visiting Sedona. I've been there 5 or 6 times. I love the energy there. I love the serenity and solitude you can experience when you get up at stupid o'clock to hike out to a private area to just BE. It can even rival some drug experiences.

I recall one trip that I took in December. It was cold as fuck and my girlfriend at the time and I decided to hike the West Fork Oak Creek Trailhead. The trail sort of ends in a beautiful canyon about 7 miles into it, but you can continue onwards another 7 miles if you're hardcore. There was plenty of untouched, freshly fallen snow and parts of the creek had iced over. My Lyme disease at the time ensured I started my day with half-a-tank and having my podiatrist tell me I had the worst case of collapsed arches he had ever seen made my normal days challenging enough, let alone hiking in December snow and ice at an elevation a mile higher than I'm accustomed. When we reached the halfway point, a beautiful elevated area, we climbed as high as we could and sat there for at least 45 minutes while we ate and rested. I would have punched my grandmother for a Whataburger double cheeseburger (I'm kidding - I would have slapped her), but cold protein bars were about as good as it got. I knew that if I wanted to continue the rest of the 7 miles, my girlfriend would have been up for it, but I sure as shit wasn't. I had seen as much beauty as I could handle and I had experienced enough serenity to last me for months on end. No amount of gentle persuasion or coercion could have convinced me to keep going. I wanted to go back home (to the VRBO). No more numb fingers and toes. No more itchy layers of "non-itchy" Merino wool making my crotch sweaty. No more runny nose and chapped lips. I was fucking done.

The reason I share this story is that there may come a time in your future where you come to a precipice on your spiritual journey. From your vantage point, you'll be able to see much farther than you ever have. You may be able to gaze into the distance and see taller "peaks" and more magnificent "views", but you innately know that getting there will require much more effort and let's face it, there is always a point of diminishing returns. You've had the experiences you wanted to have and nothing else would sway you to keep trekking. You want to go home. You are fucking done. If you feel that you are at or very near this point, then keep reading. If you are still fascinated with your life, the experiences you can have in ordinary and non-ordinary reality and want to keep "going", then please stop reading this.

This article isn't going to resonate with a lot of people unless you fall into one or more of the categories below:

  1. You know that this shit never ends and you want off the merry-go-round.

  2. You have no desire to "follow the herd".

  3. You're tired - physically of course, but most importantly, spiritually and existentially.

It has been said that life down here on this ball of dirt is modeled after the Afterlife which is where the term "As above, so below" comes from. That's not a good selling point when you're really sick of this place.

screenshot of a Tweet - "We went to the planetarium today and when the voiceover said "this is the earth" one of the kids booed

pic of Dwight Schrute from The Office sitcom

Let's take a look at a young man named Dwight. Dwight just finished high school and gets a job as a salesman for a large corporation. He is planning to continue his studies in college while he works at this company. While progressing through 4 years of college, he gets promoted at his job to Assistant to the Regional Manager. Once he receives his degree, he is promoted to Assistant Regional Manager. He works hard because, after all, everyone else there is working hard and they're all trying to climb this corporate ladder. Dwight's long hours and neglect of his personal life and health finally land him a Regional Manager position. He is thrilled, but he knows that he can continue upwards. His goal is to eventually become the CEO.

This short story represents someone desiring to climb the "corporate ladder" of life here on Earth. Your "corporate ladder" may be getting married, buying a house and having kids or whatever, but you know what I'm getting at. Back to my point. Did you know that there's a "corporate ladder" on the other side too?

After reading more than 750 metaphysical and spiritual books over the years, I can summarize that people seem to have this strange desire to climb what I'll refer to as the Astral corporate ladder. I'll sum it up like this: After having the Earth-Life experience and crossing over, they want to progress "upwards" and "onwards", but without being conscious of it. They might want to become a Spirit Guide in training to help others that are going through the Earth-Life experience and eventually get "promoted" to being a more experienced "senior" Spirit Guide. They may choose to seek out how to end up on the "Council of Elders" to evaluate and guide those that are in-between lives. And some may have aspirations to continue upwards until they become God(s).

I recall after reading the Newton books (correct me if I'm wrong) that not one fucking person questioned WHY they had to go see this "Council" after death to review their last life and to plan the next one. No one said "Yeah, I'm fucking done and I'm sitting on my ass until I can think straight. Fuck your Council meeting and leave me alone."

Do these people always do as they're told? Don't they have any will power of their own to decide what they might want to do instead? It seemed to me that everyone had been brainwashed to just accept this path, but that shit doesn't fly with me. If I don't want to go before a "Council", there's not a goddamned thing anyone can do about it. What the fuck are you going to do? "Imprison" me? "Kill" me?

What about making the choice to exit this shitty "game" permanently and escape the "wheel of reincarnation"?

Have you ever thought about the indoctrination here on this ball of dirt? When people talk of "heaven", it is always "up". When they talk of "hell", it's always down. The lightsider word "ascension" conveys going upwards. When people become brave enough to talk about death, they always parrot the same bullshit of "go towards the light", but very rarely does ANYONE ask why am I being told to go towards the light? They just obey like sheep going to a slaughterhouse.

What is the "force" behind the unconscious push to continue upwards and onwards without questioning why?

Before you die, you need to be aware that if you continue to listen to the propaganda that is being spewed down here by famous psychic mediums about going toward the light to be reunited with your loved ones, that you're being manipulated and that you're merely a pawn in a game to steal your energy. You don't think your energy is involved? Why is it on Monroe's Focus 27, you can find a "hospital" with doctors and nurses so you can "heal and regenerate" after you die? How the fuck can you be "tired" if you are truly an immortal, energetic being?

It's because EVERYTHING on the other side has to feed off of SOMETHING. It's no different than being down here: Everything has to feed off of something. As above, so below.

So where the fuck would you go if you didn't go towards the light?


Your REAL home and not the one that these powers-that-be are lying to you about.

In a future article, I'm going to go more in-depth, but for now, please just let this marinate and QUESTION YOUR REALITY and all the bullshit that you've been force-fed throughout your multiple incarnations that are meant to extend your sentence on Prison Earth. If you want to know more about breaking this cycle, sign up below to be updated of future posts.

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