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Light, Dark and Balance

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I'm going to do my best to summarize what can turn into a very lengthy post.

Here in 3rd density, we have polarities. "Good" and "Bad", Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, etc. The polarities exist in 4th density also and this is as far "up" as this particular article will cover.

If you're on the Light side, you're a "Lightsider" and if you're on the Dark side, you're a "Darksider". You can play for whatever team you want to. I don't give a fuck. I have friends from both polarities.

This sector of the galaxy is a dark sector. Dark has a stronger foothold here. That's just how it is. There are Lightsiders who want to change this balance of power down here and they "fight" with the Dark while the Dark "fights" back.

Balance is a third option that most people aren't even aware of. Most people think you have to be on one of the other two teams. This is incorrect. When you talk about Balance to a Lightsider, many of them think that they're balanced, but they are NOT. They merely think they're in Balance. This is why it's extremely difficult to find a good shaman or healer that is in Balance. To be balanced, you have to embrace both polarities. Lightsiders and Darksiders cannot and will not embrace their respective darkness and lightness and very often, Lightsiders unknowingly utilize dark energies that have been disguised.

Since Dark and Light are opposite sides of the spectrum, Balance is in the center. Lightsiders will look at someone who is balanced and incorrectly call them out as Dark, but obviously from their perspective at the far end of the spectrum, everyone is going to be "dark". Lightsiders always think "Love and Light" is the answer to everything and they love to refer to themselves as "Light Workers" (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). The Darksiders tend to be a lot more discrete and inconspicuous, but you can find some who will blatantly tell you who they are aligned with and if you're perceptive enough, you'll just sense their darkness.

Here's a very basic example of how to discern between the polarities and Balance. Gary has a chip on his shoulder. Gary is walking down the street and Anthony accidentally bumps into Gary. Gary decides to punch Anthony in the face. Gary is a perpetrator. He is a Darksider. Anthony decides that it was his fault for not watching where he was going, apologizes for bumping into Gary, assumes Gary was just having a rough day, decides to let the incident slide and walks away holding his jaw. Anthony is a victim. He is a Lightsider. The pendulum swung to one side, but it did not return to Balance. Now let's see how someone in Balance would handle this. Gary has a chip on his shoulder. Gary is walking down the street and Victor accidentally bumps into Gary. Gary decides to punch Victor in the face. Gary is a perpetrator. He is a Darksider. Victor knows that the response from Gary was not warranted and punches Gary in the face so hard and so quickly, that Gary falls to the ground, dazed and confused. Victor stands there and waits for Gary's next move. Gary was not expecting retaliation, gets up and runs away. Victor is NOT a victim and he is NOT a Lightsider. He is in Balance. The pendulum swung to one side, so Victor ensured that it swung back to the other side for Balance.

Both Lightsiders and Darksiders have a certain arrogance due to their shared erroneous belief that their alignment and beliefs are "better" and they get stuck in an experiential loop and plateau their spiritual growth. When someone can finally see that Balance exists, sometimes they find that they no longer want to participate in the "game". And not desiring to participate in the "game" is a huge step in waking the fuck up. But sometimes they would rather maintain their alignment and participate in the game anyway and that's ok too.

People in Balance (and striving for Balance) can begin to detach from the "game" that Light and Dark play by simply not playing. Let's look at it this way. If you put on a white jersey, then you're going to have someone (or some entity) in a black jersey to oppose you and vice-versa. But when you put on a color that is neither white nor black, then there isn't really an opposing team is there? So what color jersey do you wear if you don't want to participate in the game?

Gold. It has been my color of choice for a decade and a half. This is the color that is simultaneously powerful and neutral.

Now we can get to the point I was trying to make. A lot of "New Agers" are Lightsiders. You'll find them at metaphysical fairs preaching "Love and Light" bullshit. They like to use white light to "protect" themselves and others that they work on. White light or white energy is just a white jersey, you fucking morons. When you use white light and white energy to "protect" yourself or others, you're going to attract the opposite team and they will come find you to knock you on your ass (and anyone you've "helped" on theirs).

White light is for amateurs. The pros use gold.


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