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Do You Interpret Spirit Messages or Leave Them As-Is?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

There was a time when I used to think that I was destined to be a psychic investigator due to my very first experience with direct communication with a non-familial dead person being an unsolved murder and the deceased girl recruiting me to help her (more on this in another post).

I recall talking to another professional medium friend after returning home from the investigation and the topic of conversation was "interpreting spirit messages or delivering them as-is". My friend said that it is her job to interpret the message so the living person can understand it. I told her that I felt that it would be very possible to misconstrue the message if she played interpreter as much can be lost in translation. She strongly disagreed. So I told her to go fuck herself.

I'm kidding. I told her that I felt that the images, sounds and feelings that I receive should be unfiltered when being delivered to the living as they are the only ones who would truly understand what something meant. If I had been given the image of a bag of popcorn, I wouldn't know how to interpret that to the person I'm giving the reading to.

"Let's see, your grandfather loved popcorn. No wait, he worked as a popcorn vendor. No wait, he was Orville Redenbacher. No wait, he directed the shitty 1991 horror flick named Popcorn. No wait..."

You see what I mean? I could be stabbing at this for some time all the while my credibility would be diminishing with every potshot.

Guy Murchie, author of "The Seven Mysteries of Life", states on pages 288 and 289 the following interesting tidbits:

" immeasurable burden of confusion and disaster continues between people who do not have a common speech. An outstanding example was the reply of Japan's Premier Tojo to President Truman's ultimatum of July 26, 1945. When Tojo said Japan would "makusatsu" the ultimatum, he meant that his government would "consider" it. But the translators at Domei quoted him in English saying the Japanese would "take no notice of it". So atomic bombs destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - perhaps for nothing!"

"Even when no translation is involved, most languages have ambiguities the can cause serious misunderstanding. And this made the history books in 1851 during Napoleon III's coup d'état when one of his officers, Count de Saint-Arnaud, on being informed that a mob was approaching the Imperial Guard, coughed and exclaimed, with his hand across his throat, "Ma sacrée toux! (my damned cough)." But his lieutenant, understanding him to say "Massacrez tous! (massacre them all!)," gave the order to fire, killing thousands - needlessly."

Language is enough of a bitch on it's own without the added complexities of communicating through the veil. Even with my adept skills of debate, my friend stood her ground unrelenting. My lesson here was never try to argue with a Taurus.

If you happen to be a medium that is primarily clairaudient, then you've got an advantage over the mediums that are primarily clairvoyant. Hearing words, short phrases or sentences and relaying those is much easier than playing a fucking game of Psychic Pictionary while your client is staring at you and you're trying to decipher whatever the fuck the spirits are pushing into your head. The best clairvoyant mediums take the time to develop their own style of translation with their guides where specific images or symbols will always translate to mean the same things in order to avoid confusion. This takes a lot of time to create and learn, but it makes the communication process so much easier once the language has been established.

So back to where I left off with popcorn. If I had just blurted out that I saw a bag of popcorn, the person I was reading for should know better than I would that some of her fondest memories were Sunday afternoons with her grandfather because they would head to the movies and he always bought her a bag of popcorn for her to enjoy during the feature.

I think my guides felt sorry for my shoddy clairaudient skills and retardedness in deciphering their images properly, so over the past few years, they've opted to show me words in black text on a white background. It's way fucking easier and I prefer it this way now. There are still occasions when this doesn't work, like when the dead girl showed me a movie of exactly how she was murdered while I was doing 75mph down the fucking highway one morning. I damn near swerved off the road due to my body's reactions I was experiencing: the overwhelming emotions of fear and anger, streams of tears, gasping for air, choking, coughing and a damn near instant heart rate increase like I was being asphyxiated from behind with a plastic bag over my head because that's exactly what the fuck she pushed to me. I had to sit on the side of the road for about 15 minutes to catch my breath and chill the fuck out. The lack of common courtesy on her part astounded me. She had already been dead for a few years anyway. Like she couldn't have waited 10 more freaking minutes until I was safely off the road and parked somewhere?

Here's a suggestion to any dead people reading over your shoulder while you read this: The next time you want to communicate something that is rather INTENSE, UPSETTING or DISTURBING, how about being a little patient and choosing a more opportune time? Here's a hint: Driving down the fucking highway IS NOT the time or place you inconsiderate asswipes.

My point here is that you have to find what works for you. Work with your guides to agree on what works best for your style of psychic communication. Don't be afraid to speak up and tell them what you prefer. I wish I had done that prior to this incident. I would have told them not to allow fucked up intrusions like that during certain day-to-day activities.


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