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How Technology Tries to Mimic Spiritual/Psychic Ability

Updated: Jan 3

Call me a Luddite if you want, but I'm not a fan of technology overall (I have a few exceptions to this though). When I was a kid, there was no (publicly accessible) Internet. There was no personal computer. There was no GPS. There was no cell phone. Life was much more relaxed. As technology advanced, I became entangled in it and relished in the way it was shaping my life. I was always on the cutting edge of utilizing new technologies, but like everything, there was a point of diminishing returns and I finally realized that technology usage needed moderation. But society didn't see it like I did and it kept forcing a torrent of bullshit down our throats. Now, technology has overtaken our lives and made them a clusterfuck of stress and interruptions. Emails were supposed to make our lives easier, but they didn't did they? Text messages ruined human conversations and every goddamned app you download or website you visit wants to send you notifications? Why? Why do these non-human things feel they're so important that they should be allowed to interrupt our once (relatively) peaceful existence?

Tech is great for measuring, tracking and giving a quantitative analysis of what's going on, so I'm not going to bash it for that aspect. I have used it to experiment with my own abilities and in a couple cases, I've successfully used it to propel myself down my own path at a faster rate. The point of this article though is to show you how technology has tried in vain (mostly) to duplicate the inherent, intangible skills that accompany spiritual advancement, evolution and psychic development/ability.

This isn't a complete list of course and it is in no particular order. I would encourage you to figure out more on your own. (I've added a PDF of each link in case the link dies as they often do).


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Telepathic communication / Mind Reading

Technological equivalent:

Cell phones and text messages / Video chats / fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

How many times have you thought of someone seconds, minutes or hours before they called or texted you? Probably more than you can recall. My wife and I generally will become aware of who will be reaching out to us the day before or the day of. And yes, sometimes we usually get the full message of what they were going to speak to us about, but it really depends on the psychic noise down here and how connected we are at the time. EMFs fuck us (and sensitive people) up. Life is designed to throw you out of spiritual homeostasis (this will be for a future article and updated here).

Now with cell phones being ubiquitous (some homeless people even have them), being able to connect with someone anytime from almost anywhere in the world is a reality, albeit an annoying one if you're always receiving calls and texts. Video chats are the upgraded version of phone calls, but they are still extremely limited to relying on devices with enough processing power and network connectivity with decent bandwidth.

meme with 4 people from the 1800's sitting around a table having a seance - zoom meetings are just modern seances - "there's someone who wants to join us" "elizabeth, are you there?" "we can't hear you." "can you hear us?"

Mind reading used to be synonymous with The Amazing Kreskin and mentalism. It can be classified as a form of telepathy with varying degrees of yin and yang methods applied by both the mind reader and the person whose mind is being read. Read my article on the psychic senses to understand this better.

So where does fMRI come into this? To oversimplify, researchers had subjects watch videos while recording fMRI data, then used AI to decipher the brain activity and reconstruct what the subjects watched. The result? The AI generated videos had about 85% accuracy when compared to the original videos. You can see the videos at


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Remote Sensing / Remote Viewing / Clairvoyance

Technological equivalent:

Location finding services, drones, CCTV/security cameras

Skilled psychics/remote viewers can choose to view who, where, what (and what time period) they want to view without the need for a piece of physical equipment connected to a network. This is why governments trained people in RV.

Now, there are a plethora of phone apps whose purpose is to share your physical location with your friends and family and some of these have even added "crash detection" which is, in my opinion, a stupid and invasive idea. Why? This guy wrote a great piece about it. For me, having crash detection isn't worth putting loved ones through trauma when it fails.

My iPhone 14 Fell Off My Motorcycle and Told My Family I Crashed
Download PDF • 13.79MB

"A quick Google search of “How many CCTV cameras are there in London?” will often provide a figure of around 500,000. This number comes from a 2002 survey by writers Michael McCahill and Clive Norris, but the survey has been heavily criticized for not using a wide enough sample." - taken from this page - How many CCTV cameras are there in London?

How many CCTV Cameras are there in London_ (Update for 2020_21)
Download PDF • 401KB

Now considering it's June 2023 as of this writing AND the government isn't going to tell you the actual truth about how many they have, the sheer number of times you end up on camera in one day while walking through London is mind-boggling to an absolutely stupid degree.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:


Technological equivalent:

Ground penetrating radar, Tile/AirTag trackers, EMF (ghost hunting) meters

This is similar to remote sensing above, but I felt it deserved it's own space. Dowsing has been used since ancient times to locate water sources, detect paranormal anomalies, portals and vortexes and to find lost items or people. Most people are unaware that spoon-bender Uri Geller made a lot of money utilizing his psychic abilities to find deposits of minerals and oil (thank you for the link MJ).

Inside Uri Geller's £8m mansion
Download PDF • 3.04MB
Uri Geller's Hidden Agenda (Prospecting). - Uri Geller
Download PDF • 466KB

Technology relies on drilling cores or reflection seismology to hone in on probable locations of oil or mineral deposits. And people are putting these trackers on things they own and putting all their faith in technology NOT failing (which it does, quite often). "Ghost hunters" will rely on EMF meters, digital recorders for EVP, ghost boxes, etc. to try to "prove" whatever phenomena they're researching because listening to obvious tells such as psychic hits, changes in ambient temperature, bodily sensations (i.e. goosebumps, etc.), anomalous noises and your gut aren't accepted as "proof" when presenting to Science for "approval" (I'm not ripping on Science, but until they become more accepting of psychic phenomena and start taking legit Psi researchers more seriously instead of dismissing them as looneys, they can go fuck themselves).


Spiritual/Psychic skill: Creating a Tulpa (consciousness) with intent Technological equivalent: Artificial Intelligence

Tulpas are entities that a person can create with their intent and energy. They have their own consciousness (to a degree) and they can evolve over time. They have been conjured and used throughout history as astral helpers, assistants and/or allies, but there have been reported cases of these things developing their own nefarious agenda and turning on their creators. You can read more about tulpas from a different perspective here.

Artificial Intelligences are also created through technology for the same purpose, however, this also creates problems and doesn't always go as planned. You can read about these fuck-ups here:

Eating Disorder Helpline Disables Chatbot for Harmful Responses
Download PDF • 745KB

US air force denies running simulation in which AI drone ‘killed’ operator
Download PDF • 1.74MB

I laughed when I read these because of the sheer number of idiots that are wanting to integrate AI's into our lives, but they're too stupid to realize that it's not as simple as they first thought (no different from the idiots that have tried to create tulpas only to have the tulpas turn on them). The movie Her tells a story of a man falling in love with his A.I. (technological tulpa). I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Accessing the Akashic Records / Superconscious / Collective Consciousness

Technological equivalent:

The Internet

Long before this super-network of shared data and knowledge was connected by wires and blasted through the air, psychics and seers tapped into whatever the fuck you want to label it to grab bits and pieces of information regarding damn near anything. Fast forward to the early 90's when the public started to access and learn their way around this repository. The problem with the technological approach to mimicking a knowledge repository is that anyone can add their shitty or down right incorrect information and then you have to be astute enough to decipher it and disregard the rest of the bullshit. It's fucking exhausting trying to "research" on the internet knowing that most of the information there is just shit being copied and parroted back and forth. The same problem exists on a psychic level too, but that's for another article.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Soul Retrieval, Entity Removal, Cord Cutting and other myriad shamanic skills

Technological equivalent:

Therapy / Counseling

Long before psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists roamed the planet, shamans, witch doctors and medicine men helped people with their issues, but not by being condescending, throwing a handful of pills at the patient or expecting the patient to make the therapist's Porsche Panamera payment by convincing the patient that they need to see the therapist twice a week, every week for the next few years.

The shaman would traverse non-ordinary reality to remove parasitic entities and attachments, fix/cut unhealthy energetic connections, dissolve energetic blockages, heal energy bodies and shift timelines. There was no need to talk ad nauseum and no need to make regular visits to the shaman for the same issue as the vast majority of problems were generally dealt with in one or two sessions.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Scanning and Viewing the energy body (Medical Intuition)

Technological equivalent:

X-rays, CT/PET scans, Medical tests, Nanorobotics

The great thing about finding a legit medical intuitive is that you're not getting blasted by ionizing radiation, EMFs or allowing radioactive liquid to circulate through your body. If the medical intuitive doesn't have a working knowledge of or background in human anatomy, diseases or afflictions, they may only be able to tell you that something isn't "right" in an area. You'll then have to seek out the tech to dig deeper and confirm what's going on. The problem with the Western medical edifice is they aim to take your power away presuming that they know your body better than you do and unfortunately, they're right in most cases. Generally Westerners are out of touch with their bodies and unable to detect nuances in how they feel on the inside which is why they give their power away to doctors, but this is so backwards, it's infuriating to me. If you can learn to notice the changes and processes in your body, YOU should be the authority on what you're feeling and be the one to guide these egotistical, narcissistic, god-complex-ridden doctors as to what's going on and THEY should be the ones listening to YOU, not the other way around.

meme with a Lego patient and doctor - Patient "my leg hurts badly" Doctor "no it doesn't" Patient "it hurts" Doctor "I'm the doctor. Your leg is fine. That will be $3400."
Typical interaction with a Western doctor

I recall once accidentally tearing a calf (and not knowing what the fuck happened because I never felt the rip) and going to the emergency room thinking it was a blood clot due to the excruciating pain there. I argued with this dumb motherfucking "doctor" (that supposedly spent YEARS learning the human body) about having a horrific pain in my calf and he adamantly said NOTHING WAS WRONG. Yeah, he got seriously pissed at me because I argued with him that something was wrong with MY body and it hurt his ego to think I might know something that he didn't. It took a very short conversation with a nice ultrasound tech and a couple minutes of thoughtful recall on my part to an incident five years previously when I tore my other calf in order to realize what I had done to this one.

Nanorobotics are still being developed so I can't say too much on it here except that I'll pass on this without a doubt.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Astral Travel

Technological equivalent:

Holographic Projection

When you leave your body and pop out onto the astral, you can go pretty much anywhere you want. You can also manipulate your environment to a small degree. Technology hasn't been able to match this well, but it's trying. The next step up from video chats are holographic projections. Search youtube for Michael Jackson, Elvis or Tupac holograms. Unlike being in your astral body on another plane though, these holograms are stuck here in 3rd density and they can't manipulate anything. Once again, technology fails to compete.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)

Technological equivalent:

"Smart" homes utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), Remote control devices (TVs, car key fobs)

Telekinesis allows people to affect matter or energy at a distance. Technology attempts to do this nowadays by first having every goddamned thing required to connect to the internet or your stupid phone, then having you use a stupid app or web interface that allows you to "magically" control it. Yeah, I'm super impressed. There really isn't any reason your fucking salt shaker needs to be connected to your phone or the internet and if you disagree with me, you really need a fucking lobotomy.

SMALT_ The World's First Interactive Centerpiece _ Indiegogo
Download PDF • 10.29MB

I will admit that I love the Remote Start feature on my car so I can cool/heat the interior before I get into it (I haven't been successful in telekinetically doing that yet).


Spiritual/Psychic skill:


Technological equivalent:

Forensic Science

Picking up a random object to receive psychic impressions sounds cool until you pick up something with a nasty history. For some, it's much more involved than just watching a movie in your head. These sensitive individuals also get a full "download" of emotions that accompanied the previous owner, the environment the object came from and any incidents that occurred around the item.

It's amazing how much information can be extrapolated from something as simple as a tiny sample of blood, dirt, hair, pollen, etc. and this has revolutionized crime solving. Those dependent on technology are spared from dealing with reliving the emotions which can be a huge plus, but forensics is still just painting a crude picture. Those utilizing psychometry have access to movies with emotions.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Shamans and Medicine Men Controlling the Weather

Technological equivalent:

Chemtrails (NOT contrails)

Since the dawn of time, shamans and medicine men have had a hand in working with the weather. I was pleasantly surprised to read a modern-day account of this below:

Weathering the storm_ Indonesia’s rain shamans _ Arts and Culture News _ Al Jazeera
Download PDF • 3.80MB

Go outside and look at all the planes trailing a cloudy mist behind them. Some of them may actually be contrails, but I guarantee that most of them are chemtrails. One purpose (there are others) of these chemtrails is to affect changes in the weather.

If you happen to have a Gaia subscription, you should watch this episode of George Noory: Beyond Belief as he interviews weatherman Scott Stevens on chemtrails and the weather. You can also look at all the patents filed on this page relating to cloud seeding, weather modification, rain making, atmospheric delivery, etc.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Divination, Prophecy

Technological equivalent:

Software Analysis using Algorithms and/or Artificial Intelligence

Those that write the history books have their own agenda and will slant the truth for their purposes. It's hard to find the actual truth about the past, but do enough digging and you'll be surprised as to how often royalty, world leaders and the elite have consulted mystics, psychics, soothsayers, shamans, seers and astrologers to predict the future. The Roman Empire was largely guided by sibyls (psychics) and mystics that utilized augury. And let's not forget the Oracle at Delphi.

Have you watched Minority Report? When it comes to law enforcement, some departments want to use software in order to predict and help prevent "potential" future crimes. This involves using algorithms to analyze massive amounts of data and ranks up there on my list of Stupid Shit right below having a "smart" salt shaker. Proponents of predictive policing argue that computer algorithms can predict future crimes more accurately and objectively than police officers relying on their instincts alone. LMFAO! Humans have relied on their gut instinct for much longer than predictive software has been around and besides that, policing is reactive by its very nature. You can also try to predict the stock market using the same type of software, but I promise you that the ones really getting rich are the ones selling the software.


Spiritual/Psychic skill:

Energy Healing

Technological equivalent: Rife Machines, Doug Coils, PEMF devices, Scalar Wave devices, TENS devices, Far Infrared devices, etc. ad nauseum

There are more energetic healing modalities than I care to list here. Some healers are happy to teach you how they do it and others can't explain how they do it. Their energy comes from different sources, but I'm not going to go on a tirade about that right here (I ranted about it here). Regardless of their source, they are able to produce results (some better than others) with just their hands or remotely by their intent. With energy healing, I wrote an article on why some energetic healings aren't successful, so that would be a good start if you're curious about it.

Fast forward to today where technology is trying to mimic this type of healing utilizing electromagnetic frequencies. I've tried a good number of these devices over the years with a few successes (feeling better temporarily, but NOT healed permanently with the exception of curing food poisoning with a plasma Rife machine). I still feel that most of them leave much to be desired. With so many devices out there, you're going to have to see what works for you.


What about the God Helmet? Did you think I was going to forget about this? You're fucking right because I sure as shit did and jumped out of the shower to add this blurb. This piece of technology has elicited a wide range of spiritual and mystical experiences, visions, out-of-body experiences and even visions of God. I have never tried it, but I would love to if I get my hands on one. If someone wants to send me one, I'll be happy to compare it with the abilities I already possess and write about it. I'm not kidding lol. (UPDATE 2023/07/03: You can't rely on anyone except yourself in my experience, so I sucked it up and bought one last week. This is going to take some time to tinker with, but I'll be more than happy to report my results in another post once I gather enough data.)

What about all the psychic noise down here that I mentioned earlier? Because there's so much of it, why wouldn't you just use technology then if it's so hard to deal with the noise? Well, that line of thinking is no different than idiotic christian missionaries visiting a culture and wanting to force their religion (tech) on people (psychics) who were quite perfectly happy before the missionaries came along and the unfortunate part is technology doesn't play well with psychics due to all the EMFs now prevalent damn near everywhere making it much harder to connect and maintain clarity.

And isn't it ironic that people seem to be much more willing to embrace technology when in fact, technology is trying to mimic the same gifts that the masses were scared of to begin with? The Witchcraft Act passed in England in 1542 started more than two hundred years of witch hunts, trials and persecution in Europe and North America (religion is so wonderful) and by the 1930's, many cities in North America outlawed divination for a fee.

Spiritual people are normal in spiritual societies, but are made out to be crazy or dangerous in this current non-spiritual society we find ourselves in and that doesn't fly with me. As Yogananda said in Awake: The Life of Yogananda when he returned home to India after spending time in North America, "It's wonderful to walk amidst people who don't need coaxing to be spiritual".

I hope this gives you food for thought. I need to unplug from this tech and take a nap.


(Robert Monroe was out of body and communicating with a friend he saw on the astral.)

I said that this time I was going to make sure that she remembered.

“I will remember, I’m sure I will,” R.W. said, still in oral conversation simultaneously. I stated that I had to be sure she would remember, so I was going to pinch her.

“Oh, you don’t need to do that, I’ll remember,” R.W. said hastily.

I said I had to be sure, so I reached over and tried to pinch her, gently, I thought. I pinched her in the side, just above the hips and below the rib cage. She let out a good loud “Ow,” and I backed up, because I was somewhat surprised. I really hadn’t expected to be able actually to pinch her. Satisfied that I had made some impression, at the least, I turned and left, thought of the physical, and was back almost immediately. I got up (physically!), and went over to the typewriter where I am now. R.W. will not be back until Monday, and then I can determine if I made the contact, or if it was another unidentifiable miss. Time of return, three thirty-five. Important aftermath: It is Tuesday after the Saturday of the experiment. R.W. returned to work yesterday, and I asked her what she had been doing Saturday afternoon between three and four. Knowing my reason for asking, she said she would have to think about it and let me know on Tuesday (today).

Here is what she reported today: On Saturday between three and four was the only time there was not a crowd of people in the beach cottage where she was staying. For the first time, she was alone with her niece (dark-haired, about eighteen) and the niece’s friend (about the same age, blond). They were in the kitchen-dining area of the cottage from about three-fifteen to four, and she was having a drink, and the girls were having Cokes. They were doing nothing but sitting and talking.

I asked R.W. if she remembered anything else, and she said no. I questioned her more closely, but she could not remember anything more. Finally, in impatience, I asked her if she remembered the pinch. A look of complete astonishment crossed her face.

“Was that you?” She stared at me for a moment, then went into the privacy of my office, turned, and lifted (just slightly!) the edge of her sweater where it joined her skirt on her left side. There were two brown and blue marks at exactly the spot where I had pinched her.

“I was sitting there, talking to the girls,” R.W. said, “when all of a sudden I felt this terrible pinch. I must have jumped a foot. I thought my brother-in-law had come back and sneaked up behind me. I turned around, but there was no one there. I never had any idea it was you! It hurt!”

I apologized for pinching so hard, and she obtained from me a promise that if I tried any such thing again, I would try something other than a pinch that hard.

Monroe, Robert A.. Journeys Out of the Body (Journeys Trilogy) (pp. 56-57). Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

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