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How Does Someone Recognize Another Person From a “Past” Life?

Updated: Jan 19

Have you ever been transfixed with someone you "accidentally" bumped into or someone you just met at a gathering? Sure you have. And when this happens, what do you attribute your mysterious pull and liking to? If you're the logical type, you might try to explain it by the body language that you two had shared. The mirroring of body postures. The unconscious breathing in synchrony. The number of things you both had in common like black and white movies or gardening or your sarcastic senses of humor. But if you're reading this article, then I know you're more into the metaphysical explanation of things.

I recall many years ago, I was purchasing a plasma Rife machine off of Craigslist. The seller let me into his house and we sat down on the couch to break the ice for a bit. He looked to be about 85. He said that his wife was coming downstairs shortly and then they could demo the machine for me. About five minutes into our conversation, his wife walks down the stairs. She was in her 90s, but moved like she was in her 30s. I took one glance at her and she paused and stared at me. My spirit completely overrode my mouth and I blurted out "I recognize you from a past life" and smiled. She smiled back broadly and said "I recognize you too." Her husband looked back and forth between us, shocked, to say the least, but he didn't say anything. When she finally migrated to the couch and sat down, the familiarity of her energy came forth and our auras "hugged". The feeling of love and comfort came rushing through to me (one of my gifts is being able to feel emotions through time which comes in handy when you see someone you've shared incarnations with). I don't always instantly recognize someone like this though and for the other person to instantly recognize me back is even rarer (This is because I generally keep my energy closed. Click here to read about Opening and Closing).

So how exactly can you tell if you've shared "past" lives with someone? (I put "past" in parentheses because time is simultaneous and so there is no real "past". I hate that phrase, but so many people use it so I cave-in sometimes). It's not that difficult unless you overthink it. Of course the number of "good" or "bad" lives you've had with the other person throughout time will determine your initial reaction to them, so let's assume you had generally "good" lives with the other person. There would be feelings of instant comfort, familiarity and love (yes, love at first sight). These feelings will exist regardless of the sex of each person, their sexual orientation, race or how they look physically. The more lives you've had with someone, the more intense those feelings can be. There is also a feeling of non-physical attraction (like a magnetic pull) regardless of whether you're attracted to them or not. There may be physical attraction involved as well, but unless you're advanced enough to determine if it's coming from your DNA or spirit, then just go with the non-physical attraction. You may also get impressions of the type of relationships that you have had with them in those time periods and those energies could still play out in some way in current time.

Let me give you an example: In my early 30s, I met a Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in her late 40s at a metaphysical seminar. She carried an air of professionalism, high intelligence and wisdom in spiritual matters. We immediately bonded (our energetic relationship was actually more like trusted family than close friends) and planned to fly to South America to attend an Ayahuasca retreat before the weekend seminar was even over. I noticed that anytime we were together for that weekend (and for future trips that we would embark on over the upcoming years), she acted more like a young girl; there was a playful, almost child-like energy about her that was refreshing. The Dr. energy would essentially vanish. And then I had visions of two of our many lives that we had spent together: In one life, she was my little sister that looked up to me and I took good care of her like a big brother would. And in another life, she was my daughter where I saw a 4-year-old blonde girl chasing after me as we walked through a grassy field full of yellow flowers. And that explained the shift in her energy around me. Fast-forward to our Ayahuasca trip and I'm puking my fucking guts out at 3am in a ramshackle hut in the middle of the goddamned Amazon rainforest and she is right next to me hysterically laughing her ass off at my suffering. There was no mature, sympathetic adult/ Dr. energy present at all; only the young, playful, everything-is-funny-especially-puking, little girl energy surrounded me.

On the flip side of having "good" emotional reactions to someone you've just met, you can have "bad" ones as well. Taking out all the 3D things like the smell of their shitty cologne/perfume, their lack of manners while eating, the way they smile at you or whatever else your brain wants to attribute to your irrationally disproportionate irritation or anger towards someone you just met, if you instantly dislike or even hate someone without any logical reason, then you probably have been enemies in many lives previously.

a text-only meme "You meet someone and you're sure you were lovers in a past life. After two weeks with them, you realize why you haven't kept in touch for the last two thousand years."

In my real-life example, someone once showed me a pic of another shaman they had been training with. I instantly hated the guy. Instantly. Like, I would have gone out of my way to punch him in the throat had he been anywhere within a 2-mile radius. At the time, I caved-in and let my brain dismiss my intuition. And within a week of seeing his picture, I was journeying one night and this same guy entered into my personal space and attacked me in non-ordinary reality. I instantly recognized him and his shitty energy from many, many lives as the same guy who would always fuck with me. So I shamanically beat his ass (NGL, it felt so good), but that's another story.

One of the most difficult aspects of this game is the part where your memory is blocked. Yes, it really sucks, but it does ensure for a genuine experience down here. But this memory blockage can be bypassed from time-to-time when you start to wake up and the more spiritually advanced you are, the more you can "see" through it.

So if you're at a gathering and you see someone that you're "mysteriously" drawn to, your spirit that animates your current meat suit is responsible for being able to recognize the other familiar spirit. It completely bypasses the brain IF you're spiritually advanced enough. Like attracts like and it will remember the other spirit inhabiting the other meat suit. Now your spirit has to override your stupid brain and convince it that you know this person from a "past" life.

Anyway, if you AREN'T spiritually advanced enough, your brain will win and convince you that you are drawn to this person for the 3-D reasons listed above like how you both love bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica.

So let's move on with your acceptance that you've shared other incarnations with this person. The other person might be spiritually advanced enough to recognize you as well and that is rare. The wonderful part about this is that as you two spend time together, you should both be able to piece together more memories of your shared incarnations. I used to enjoy accessing the shared lives I had with close friends during my shamanic journeys and then recounting the details to them. Often, there would be a moment of silence and then they would get teary-eyed and sniffly. And then a flood of memories and emotions would follow suit from their end. They would then be able to recall parts of the memories that were fuzzy to me or completely missing and that would be more confirmation that I nailed it. Discussing that particular life we shared, the characters that we played and the feelings that continued to linger through time, would heal both of us.

Then there are those times when you recognize their spirit, but they don't recognize yours which can be very sad. When this happens, it is clearly evident that in their particular incarnation, they aren't as advanced as you. They don't "recognize" you and it does hurt, but it's not their fault. They just didn't pick an advanced enough incarnation for this lifetime. In my experience, these people tend to drift away rather soon. Why? Because like attracts like and if you two aren't at or at least near the same vibrational level, they won't be sticking around no matter how much you try to convince them that together, you've rustled cattle in the 1800s and been lice-ridden, cell mates in a Russian gulag during the 1940s. The next time you make an instant bond with someone you just met and know why the connection is so strong, I hope that they're able to recognize it as well. Don't be afraid to share the psychic hits you get about your connection. It may just trigger their memory and help resolve lingering incarnational baggage that neither of you need to lug around.


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