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Earthbound Spirits - What You Need to Know

Updated: Jan 3

Before I jump into this, I want to help you understand the differences between an earthbound spirit and a spirit that has "crossed over" (there is another alternative aside from those two choices that few people know about, but that's an advanced topic for another article).

We live in 3rd density which is physical. Both types of human spirits that have died end up on the Astral (4th density), but an earthbound spirit is closer to this physical realm so their energy will generally feel much stronger than one that has crossed over due to the "distance" between here and there. The earthbound spirit can manipulate physical objects and interact with the physical environment to a certain degree due to this close proximity to 3rd density, but the spirit must also possess a certain level of energetic mastery to be able to "impress" ghost hunters and other people that are easily captivated, amused and/or in awe of their lame-ass parlor tricks. If "something" is hanging around affecting your physical world, then there's a chance that it's an earthbound spirit, but it could also be one of a myriad of entities that enjoy fucking with humans. That's for another article though. If you can't tell, please find a competent psychic medium and/or shaman to assess your situation.


There may come a point in your life when an earthbound spirit interacts with you and decides to hang around for a period of time. This may happen for a handful of reasons:

  • The spirit (it may be a loved one or not) doesn't know where to go, is scared to move on for a great number of reasons (religious beLIEfs play a big role here) or refuses to move on because they were so obsessed with their physical life here and want "completion", "justice", to "protect" family, etc.

  • You've stupidly summoned one through a ritual / séance / Ouija board or lifestyle choice.

  • You have incarnational ("past" life) ties with the spirit whether or not you're consciously aware of it in your current incarnation.

  • The spirit may just feel like fucking with you/feeding off you and follow you home from one of your local "ghost" tours or from a bar (there are lots of dead drunks at bars waiting to follow you home).

Now let me be clear here and say that not every earthbound spirit has negative intentions, but please don't be so naïve as to think that they don't have ulterior motives. The vast majority of people on the planet have their own personal agenda and the few that don't are so few and far between that for the purposes of this article, we can safely just accept the presupposition that everyone has an agenda. In other words, "Open up your fucking eyes".

If you are NOT spiritually advanced, this intrusion may scare the shit out of you and that's understandable. I can't help you here unfortunately. You're going to have to reach your own conclusions about unseen forces and come to terms with it on your own.

If you ARE spiritually advanced, you may be more accepting of this intrusion and you will probably view this one of two ways:

  • You welcome the interaction because you feel it puts you more in touch with the other side, it makes you feel more "spiritual" or "special" because this spirit "chose" you or you just like how it shakes up and/or adds a new dimension to your monotonous, stressful or shitty life. (I've felt like this before, but after a couple shitty experiences, I quickly shifted my viewpoint to the one below.)


  • You do NOT welcome this intrusion because you inherently know that this spirit is going to teach you a hard lesson and if you don't deal with this sooner rather than later, things could go very badly for you and/or your family.

Based on the title of this article, I'm only focusing on the negative aspect of these spirits because you'll soon understand why there really aren't any positives to having one hang around.

Now let's jump into this.

When a person dies here, they pass on to the Astral. There are different "levels" of the Astral and generally they will end up in the consensus reality that matches their vibration/beLIEf system at the time of passing (not so much for my advanced readers who KNOW BETTTER).

IT IS A MYTH that once a person dies, that they are automatically more spiritually advanced than they were prior to kicking the bucket or that they have all the "answers". If a person was a complete asswipe down here, they can very well still choose to remain being an asswipe on the other side. Conversely, others that die (that happen to be more spiritually advanced AND intelligent enough) will make efforts to reflect on their behaviors on earth, learn from it (as "time" passes over there) and continue to evolve.

The choice to continue onwards away from this physical realm is a CHOICE. There isn't any "good" reason for the dead person to hang around down here. You can waste your breath arguing with me on this, but consider this analogy:

Joe Idiot has been incarcerated in prison for years and when he is finally released from prison, instead of getting as far away from the prison as possible and starting a new chapter, he insists on clinging to the other side of the chain link fence of the prison yard trying to interact with his old buddies during their outdoor recreation time. Does he have anything worthwhile to contribute to the inmates that are still in prison? Nope. Do the inmates in prison look at him like he's a moron and wonder why the fuck he's still there instead of enjoying his new found freedom? Yep.

And yet when it comes to someone dying down here, those that can sense earthbound spirits don't seem to view these wayward spirits as "not too bright" spiritually. Too many people in the "new age" community have been brainwashed to not question this strange behavior and instead want to play the role of a savior that wants to help these poor, wayward spirits cross over into the light. I just rolled my eyes so hard, my eyeballs actually hurt.

The bottom line is: Earthbound spirits are NOT very advanced spiritually. I'm sorry if this comes as a surprise, but the truth hurts. If they were spiritually advanced enough, they would move on and wave to this awful prison planet with one finger. The fact that they linger shows how spiritually stunted they really are.

So what are some of the negatives of having an earthbound spirit lingering around you?

Before I answer this, I'm speaking from my direct experience with them (plural). Over the years, I have had a ridiculously large number of spirits lingering around me and/or attached to me due to who I am. I'm not bragging. IT FUCKING SUCKS. 99% of the interactions that my wife and I have had with earthbound spirits have been negative and detrimental to our lives, our personal well-being and our relationship. I know you can probably find stories on the internet about positive interactions with earthbound spirits, but as I said before, those stories are so rare that I don't feel they have a place in what I'm trying to convey to you. You hear about people winning the lottery, but for every person that wins, there are millions that LOSE. If you still want to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, I wish you all the best.

Let's continue with the negatives of having an earthbound spirit intruding in your life:

  • Earthbound spirits feed off your energy. EVERYTHING FEEDS ON SOMETHING. It's very evident on this planet that everything feeds on something else for survival, but humans erroneously beLIEve that they're at the top of the food chain. I've got news for you: you're a source of food in the big picture and dead humans that stay earthbound can use you for their sustenance. I'll put a link here when I finish the article on Everything Feeds On Something if you need more information. If you're ok with a spirit sapping your energy, then that's fine, but I'm sure as shit not. I've busted my ass doing years of boring-as-fuck energetic practices to accumulate qi and I'm not opening up my energetic bank account for ANY spirit to mooch from. And no, I don't give a shit if it's a deceased "family" member either. If you're sensitive enough, you'll feel the extra energetic drain, but if you've had spirits sapping you for decades, you probably won't remember what it feels like to NOT be so goddamned exhausted all the time (ask me how I know). Do you ever wonder why most of the psychic mediums that have been working professionally for many years tend to physically look like they've been rode hard and put up wet? It's because they're generally surrounded by spirits/entities and these spirits/entities FEED off of their energy. Psychic work is draining enough by itself, but add to that the energy sapping and it's no wonder these psychics look "rough".

  • Earthbound spirits can (and probably will) interfere with your life for their own agenda. Why are they hanging around? Before we delve into this, do the reasons really matter? NO. If you knew the reasons, that STILL wouldn't change the simple fact that they're interfering with your life down here. Reasons don't matter. These spirits will do anything from moving your personal belongings, making your stuff disappear, manipulating lights and electronics, touching you or your pets, physically assaulting you or your pets, violating you sexually at night, invading your dreams, creating nightmares, keeping you from sleeping, influencing your thoughts and moods, saying nasty things to you, inviting other nasty spirits/entities into your world and even temporarily possessing you - all of this to drive you crazy, make you think you're crazy, to scare you or to coerce you into fulfilling THEIR agenda. My wife and I have experienced ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE. You wouldn't put up with ANY living person subjecting you to ANY of the above, so don't accept that it's ok for a dead person to do it to you either (not even deceased family).

One of the earthbound spirits that lingered around me for a couple years (before my wife noticed shifts in my behavior and pointed it out to me) started off by being very loving and playful. To make a long story short, I had worked with this dead girl to uncover crucial evidence in her disappearance and unsolved murder many years ago and she got pissed because although I gave my findings to local law enforcement and considered the case closed, she wanted her story out there. I chose NOT to write about the circumstances surrounding her murder. MY LIFE, MY CHOICES. We had shared over 100 lives together and there was a love and trust that was existent, but this girl used that love and trust to manipulate me. She had psychic ability in her physical lives and she eventually used it to her advantage from the other side to manipulate and fuck with me and my family. She was so intent on getting revenge on her killers and making me pay a price for not getting her story out, that she worked with demonic forces and we soon had nasty, unwelcome visitors fucking with us (in addition to this awful girl). My wife and I ultimately had to deal directly (fight dirty) with this earthbound spirit and the "thugs" she hung out with because a professional rescue medium we decided to hire was unable to cross her over properly. The lesson here was if you want something done right, do it your goddamned self.

meme of a pretty lady visiting a skeptical little boy. The caption for the lady reads"an earthbound spirit coming to "visit" ." the caption for the body reads "my wife and i preparing to kick it into oblivion".

I hope this opens up your eyes to the harsh realities of dead people that choose to linger down here. If you're being plagued by an earthbound spirit, consider finding a rescue medium or a reputable shaman. We do NOT offer this service because of what a fucking pain in the ass it can be to convince a spirit to move on and unfortunately, we don't know of any rescue medium we can recommend at this point. Good luck.


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