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Delusional "Spiritual" People

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

My wife and I went to a metaphysical fair not too long ago. When I first woke up, I used to love going to them. The energy made me high and it was nice to be around others that shared the same interests. I had a lot of friends that were working the fairs and so I was able to spend time with each of them while they took breaks in-between doing readings or consulting with clients. There would always be a couple extra rooms reserved for guest speakers and it was interesting for me to pop-in and learn something new, but more often than not, I'd end up rolling my eyes at some stupid shit that the speaker would say. If you ever attend one of my speaking engagements and catch me saying some stupid shit, I won't be mad if I catch you rolling your eyes.

Anyway, at this particular fair, there was a lady getting ready to speak about shamanism. My wife and I grabbed seats near the back so we could leave easily in case it sucked and as usual, we were right. The speaker was a shamanic practitioner and if you've read my other post on the different types of shamans, then you know what I think of most of them. But we were still curious about what she had to say, so we sat there patiently. The lady pulled out her drum, asked me to turn off the lights and she led the group into a "short journey" and by "short journey", I mean "complete waste of our time". When she finished and I turned on the lights at her request, she asked people to share their experiences. The lady sitting next to my wife raised her hand and started rambling about whatever had happened to her in the dark while I was contemplating what kind of pizza I wanted for dinner. She said "I was born spiritually awake..." and that really caught my attention because there was nothing more that I wanted to do except tell her she was a fucking moron, laugh and walk right out of there. My wife looked at me and I felt her energetic eyes roll.

So after making this bold statement, this lady continued vomiting words beyond the reasonable amount of time that one would be allowed to share an experience and essentially bitched to the group about things she didn't understand about her psychic development and spiritual problems that she had encountered during her life. In essence, this spiritually delusional woman completely negated her first statement because if she was truly spiritually "awake", she wouldn't be struggling with any of those issues.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" was what came to my mind. You might think that one could almost feel sorry for this lady, but there was an arrogance that accompanied her initial statement about being born spiritually awake that just irritated the shit out of me.

Let's clarify: No one is born down here already spiritually awake. You might be born with an innate better understanding of spirituality than most people and what you need to do to evolve and if you play your cards right, you'll probably progress nicely, but you're still going to have to work at it to wake the fuck up.

"What about those kids that remember their previous lives or have adult-level talent at ridiculously young ages?" These kids remember their lives because they're fresh from the spirit realm and haven't yet had the social programming/brain washing to dismiss and shroud their connection to the other side. Some of these children are not simultaneous incarnations which have to have their memories blocked, but rather they are sequential incarnations that are allowed previous life recall due to the rules of this "game".

"But what about the Dalai Lama or Buddha or Jesus or blah blah blah...?" I know some of you are going to whine about this, but arguing from extremes is the weakest form of argument and this post isn't meant to discuss extreme ends of the Bell curve or anomalous individuals. And before I continue where I was going with this, even the current Dalai Lama still had to spend 17 years being "educated" after they tracked him down and Jesus had other incarnations where he was experiencing life and learning as well before he did his thing.

Moving onwards. The spiritual path is the last road you go down prior to preparing to leave this planet once and for all (and no, not everyone will succeed and that's ok). It is by far, the rockiest, bumpiest, muddiest and most difficult to travel. It will chew you up and spit you out many times. There are false plateaus that will make you feel like you've "made it", but until you see things for what they really are, these will stagnate you into a false sense of comfort and stop you from continuing onwards down the path. I can only claim to be much more awake than I was decades ago, but I'm not arrogant enough to proclaim that I've finally made it. Each time I progress around/over/through a spiritual obstacle, I can catch a glimpse of the next one in my path, but the next one never would have been revealed had I fell for the trap of thinking that I finally made it and sat on my ass. Take the first step and the next one will be revealed. You probably won't like the next step, but it is what it is.

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Mark Jessup
Mark Jessup
Jan 23, 2023

Love it

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