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Channelers and Mediums - Do You REALLY Know Who You’re Talking To?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

I'm NOT a fan of channeling or the information that comes from it. The mere fact that anyone would allow another unknown spirit or entity to take over their physical body boggles my mind. I think the only reason a person would allow this is simply pure naiveté on their part as that's the only explanation that makes sense. But first, a short story:

I attended the Monroe Institute more than a decade ago. It was their Gateway Voyage retreat and I was looking for more experiential proof of my understanding (at that time) of the dynamics of this awful system that we're currently trapped in. We would have 5 Hemisync sessions a day in our little CHEC units (Controlled Holistic Environmental Chamber) which contained the requisite audio/lighting features and privacy for the sessions. After each one, we would go downstairs into the living room and share our experiences with the group. I vividly recall one instance where a couple people were sharing that they had been able to find some entities and they were so excited that these entities were "intelligent" and "communicative". The facilitator even coached the group to explore this further by going back into that "place" on the next session and broadcasting to any entity in the vicinity something to the effect of "I am a 5-toed, 5-fingered, organic human being from a beautiful planet called Earth and I would like to communicate with you" and to wait and see who/what responded.

I thought this was the dumbest thing I had heard in months (and I hear a lot of dumb shit on a regular basis). I am generally quite reserved/introverted in group settings unless something calls for me to point out something stupid, so of course in this particular case, it was like trying to keep in a giant fart during a quiet interlude of a Broadway musical - it's coming out and it's definitely going to shift the energy of the room. I bluntly asked everyone (but energetically directed this to the facilitator), "Why is it you would automatically presume that every entity you meet on the other side is benevolent? You DO realize that there are also nasty entities out there don't you?"

I paused for effect to allow that statement to sink in. I continued by giving the example of someone getting on the subway in New York City and then inviting total strangers to approach them and be their friend, not even taking into ANY consideration that some of those strangers might be batshit crazy and/or already viewing that person like a soon-to-be, naïve victim that's going be the unhappy recipient of a cold knife to the ribs in exchange for a fat, Tumi wallet.

Did I get through to these people? Well, I know I struck a chord because the entire fucking room was SILENT. I think it was a combination of "Fuck, I can't believe I've never thought about that" to "I'm too stupid to understand, so I'll just keep my mouth shut and stare at the carpet". After what seemed like a very long period of absolute silence, the facilitator spoke up only to completely avoid any acknowledgement of what I had just said and change the subject. But strangely after that incident, every single time we had a meal for the rest of the week, I found more and more people coming over to sit with me wherever I sat to the point that people started pulling up extra chairs despite there not being enough table space to set their plates down. I like to think they recognized that I had some rather important observations, but whatever - onwards.

The point of this story is to illustrate that generally, people are fucking clueless as to who they're communicating with on non-physical levels. It's hard enough for people to properly assess the true character and intent of other people in the physical world judging by all those unlucky bastards that have been victims of violent crimes since the dawn of time, so why the fuck would anyone think that they're a good judge of character/intent with something that they can't normally perceive except in optimal conditions?

So before I ruffle your feathers, let's discern the differences between channeling and mediumship.

A channeler allows a spirit/entity to take over their physical body in order to allow the spirit/entity to speak through the channeler. Channelers quite often don't remember what was said during those sessions since they're not in the driver's seat during those times.

Mediumship is a form of channeling, except it's up to the medium to relay/translate the message because the spirit/entity does not take control of the physical body of the medium. Mediums do have a better chance of remembering what was said due to (mostly) being in the driver's seat, but sometimes the medium ends up channeling during the session anyway.

People usually use the term channeler to describe someone connecting to non-human entities and mediums to describe someone connecting to dead people, but the truth is that BOTH channelers and mediums can connect to dead humans (discarnates) and non-human entities. This is basically all you need to know to continue.

Now let's talk about mediums. I've read a lot of books by mediums over the years. Some had more filters in place than others and the only thing that separated them from each other was their individual personalities. None of the mediums stood out as anyone special. Aside from that, the books all consisted of boring-ass ramblings from dead people who all parroted the same propaganda (mistruths and lies about life on the other side which I'll cover in another article). The question is:

How does the medium know that they have connected to the correct dead person?

Well, obviously they have to verify the information that the dead person gives by confirming with the sitter (the friend or relative). Easy enough right? If the dead person rattles off little-known fact/secrets that only the sitter would know about, that's usually enough. Or if the sitter is sensitive enough to recognize the energy of the deceased, then this is also a great way to confirm that the person coming through is indeed who they say they are.

So what's wrong with channeling/mediumship when it comes to non-human entities/ E.T.s?

A lot.

What happens when non-human entities come through that NO ONE present can claim/prove to have intimate knowledge about? How the fuck do you confirm who they are?

YOU CAN'T and it's fucking amazing how people just blindly accept the word of the entity, E.T., or channeler/medium. (On a side note, if you're one of these people, I'm curious how much money you've wired to the Prince of Nigeria so far? How's that working out for you?)

Did you know that some E.T.s and lower vibrational astral entities love to fuck with people?

They do.

Did you know that these same E.T.s and astral entities can read your mind and memories?

They can. And they use this to their advantage to manipulate you for their own agenda. (The most common form of this mind-reading/manipulation is upon your death where they scan your consciousness for what you hold most dear and present these images of your loved ones at the end of the tunnel of light, beckoning you to come to them so you can get recycled).

So how do you know that the information that these astral entities/E.T.s broadcast to channelers is true, has merit, and can be trusted?


Let's say you spent years honing your craft at the Culinary Institute of America and you're the reason that the restaurant you work at has received 3 Michelin Stars. If a person, whose sole experience in the kitchen has consisted of just microwaving Lean Cuisines and Hot Pockets for themselves, came to you to tell you how you should be cooking and how you should be running your restaurant, would you let them? FUCK NO. I hope you can agree that that would be the absolute dumbest thing to do, right? Right.

And if we apply the above analogy to accepting this "advice" from astral entities/E.T.s (even if they could be verified) that have NEVER lived on Earth or had human lives, telling us HOW TO LIVE DOWN HERE and WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING, can you understand how abso-fucking-lutely stupid that is? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

But what about all this "valuable wisdom" being shared from "spiritually advanced" E.T.s/astral entities? We need this information for our highest good and spiritual advancement!!

If you truly beLIEve that this channeled information is for your/our highest good and that these E.T.s/astral entities have your/our best interests in mind, I've got some ocean-front property in Arizona that I need to sell quickly at a steep discount and I was told by the spirits that YOU are the only one that I should sell it to, so please email me A.S.A.P.! These E.T.s/astral entities are about as spiritually "advanced" as the kids that rode the short bus to school when we were younger. The E.T.s love that people beLIEve that they're much more spiritually advanced than humans because that's what's necessary to further their agendas (and there are many E.T. races, each with their OWN agenda - more on this in another article).

Despite everything that I've pointed out just now, which merely requires a little bit of critical thinking, people still choose to gobble up this bullshit from Jane Roberts, Esther/Jerry Hicks, and other wackos like their life fucking depended on it. I have to say it again - What the fuck is wrong with you people? Here's a related follow-up post on Spirit Guides and their agendas if this one hasn't ruffled your feathers enough.

On a side note, I channeled all of this ;)

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Mark Jessup
Mark Jessup
Aug 11, 2023

This should be a podcast! LOL

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