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Are You Being Haunted/Pestered by Spirits and Entities?

Updated: Jan 3

My entire life revolves around the metaphysical and this applies to my wife as well. Damn near every conversation we have is centered on something metaphysical, spiritual or psychic. Very rarely is it "light". It's almost always deep shit.

meme  - top caption - a man says "why are you always talking that nature, universe, magic shit?" - bottom caption - the other man says "cuz I'm a magical motherfucka!"

We don't care for mainstream brainwashi...I mean TV shows, but when we do feel like vegging, we try to choose shows that we can learn from. The Gaia channel is a staple of course, but there have been some shows on mainstream channels that have appealed to us from time to time. One of them was The Dead Files. We're both psychic mediums so of course, why wouldn't we be interested in this show? If you've never watched it, Amy Allan encounters much more than just lame-ass earthbound spirits too dumb to crossover; portals to other dimensions, E.T.'s and nasty, non-human dark entities would be the subject from time to time.

Now you have to understand that our lives are vastly different from most. Being shamans, we're aware of spirits and entities that linger or pass through. I tend to have spirits and entities around me on a regular basis anyway. Often, we have to clear them the fuck out because apparently on the other side, they just don't understand the phrase "give us some fucking privacy". But we noticed at one point that the amount of spirits and entities that were around us had increased drastically. We were scratching our heads as to why this was happening. The irony was that there was so much activity around us, it made it much more difficult to think clearly about the cause and solution.

This was our lesson that needed to be learned the hard way and I'm going to point blankly tell you why we had this uptick in paranormal/supernatural activity:

Because we were watching the fucking Dead Files.

Yep. That was why.

So how does watching a show like that attract spirits and entities? It's because like attracts like. It's a frequency match. And they notice that you're attracted to this particular niche and so they are in turn attracted to you. When they notice that you can sense them, they're going to be even more attracted to you. Think of it like living in a foreign land. You don't speak the local language, but one day when you're out and about, you hear a person speaking your language and you're instantly drawn to them and they're drawn to you to as well.

It's not like I wasn't aware of like attracting like, but we all have brain farts and my brain was just tooting away for months.

So does this only apply to watching The Dead Files? Well of course not. It applies to any type of show or documentary dealing with haunted places, ghosts, spirits, demons, entities, etc. If you like to watch horror movies, that's even worse. It applies to reading books or listening to podcasts about these things too. You're going to be shifting your vibration to align with the subject, so don't be surprised when you start to notice these things making themselves known to you. I've read a few accounts now of people sharing stories of watching a summoning ritual on shitty youtube only to find that they now have an unwelcome house guest that they can't get rid of or that they're being tormented with nightmares. It doesn't matter if they weren't doing the ritual or that they weren't physically present or that it was recorded and watched later. That energy is embedded in the audio and video and that energy connects to you when you watch and/or listen to it essentially making you a participant.

Do you have a bunch of occult shit or strange objects in your room/house like talismans, animal bones/skulls, ritualistic objects, paranormal décor or occult books? Do you listen to a lot of darker music? All of this can attract some really annoying entities.

Did the activity stop when we finally stopped watching? Yes and no. We weren't attracting any more unwelcome visitors, but stopping didn't necessarily make the ones that were already there go away. We had to do some serious clearing. Once we did that, our energy levels returned to normal and our place felt so much lighter and less dense.

If you're experiencing unwelcome visitors that won't leave, take a look at your lifestyle, habits and surroundings at home. Clearing them out won't permanently get rid of them because you're not addressing the source. The vibration of all of the other stuff in your life will eventually bring them right back. If you like to take walks through the woods, you're bound to bring back some ticks and chiggers.


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