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And So It Begins...

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

A man at the top of a ladder looking over a tall brick wall into the cosmos. "The beginning is near" is spray painted on the wall.
The "end" of this "Game" can't come soon enough.

If I asked you to sit down and "play" an intensely exhilarating game with me, but as part of the game dynamics, you'll FORGET the rules as soon as you start the game, would you still play? That's a pretty fucked up game, isn't it? (And I think that says a lot about you). And yet, every person reading this has chosen to play this "game". The fact that you're reading this is enough proof that you're starting to REMEMBER the rules and who you really are. You're starting to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

"But Victor, I'm already awake!". That's bullshit. Awakening isn't the same as flipping the light switch. You ever wake up in the morning and are able to immediately have a deep conversation about deep shit? No. You're probably struggling to remember basic shit. Your brain hasn't fully come online yet. Awakening is a slow process that can take a decade or more depending on your level of spiritual advancement. And it's not like waking up in the morning at all. It's far, far worse.

Surgeons in the operating room performing surgery

Imagine being in surgery and the anesthesia starts to wear off DURING surgery. Yeah. It's like that. You're trying to get your brain online with the half-life of the anesthesia working against you while you're in pain. You think that part sounds bad? Wait until you fight off the surgeons wielding their scalpels. Have fun stumbling out of the room knocking over equipment while you pinball back and forth down the hallway trying to find the nearest exit all the while trying to rip out IVs. And then you start to feel the pain from the surgery hit you slowly. It's fucking awful. Luckily not every incarnation is capable of handling it and so most incarnations will not fully wake up in their lifetime. But those few incarnations that are ready to try it are in for a rough ride. As if the ride on this planet isn't already rough enough, they'll have to juggle the upheaval in their lives from waking up. You don't know how many times I had wished to be "fat, dumb and happy", but I'm not that lucky.

The issue is that the vast majority of the population has no idea about the true nature of "reality" on this ball of dirt. Most of them don't care and for those that do, they "search". What's fucked up is that they don't really know what they're searching for. So how do you know when you find it? If I asked you to travel to a secret destination, you have to know two things: Where you are to begin with and then you'll need to me to tell you where the hell you're headed to. And most people don't know the answer to either one, let alone both.

A man sitting on a bus with his head leaning against the window. He is in deep thought.
It's so difficult to ponder life, the universe and everything when you're dealing with stupid 3-D shit

What the fuck are you REALLY searching for? I promise you it isn't anything external and money can't buy it.

I've had more than 1600 incarnations on this ball of dirt. I can access any of those lives if I choose to. I remember the REAL me that sat down and chose to "play" this fucked up game.

And... I remember the rules.

And the truth is more fucked up that you can imagine. Don't even waste your time trying to imagine, because I'm going explain the true nature of reality to you bit by painful bit. I don't give a shit if you're not ready. You are. The mere fact that you've stumbled upon this shows that you're ready. "Waking up" in this context is extremely difficult without some form of spiritual guidance from those that have already walked the path that you're about to go down. Think of it like being offered a shit sandwich. It stinks, but if you're hungry enough, you're going to eat it and you might even lick the plate afterwards. So how hungry are you?


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