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A Violation of Spiritual Ethics - Part 2 - Being Pimped Out by a Professional Psychic

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Here's another look at some asswipe violating Spiritual Ethics.

I took a private psychic development class more than a decade ago to try to have better control over my abilities. The guy that I went with had been voted "Best Psychic in Austin" at the time, so I figured that I couldn't go wrong, but I had momentarily forgotten that this is me we're talking about. So much goes wrong so much of the time. He had given me a reading a few weeks prior at a metaphysical fair and I was somewhat impressed with his skills. He utilized more than just reading my field and tapping in. He was also a palm reader, proficient at reading cards and psychometry. My only complaint was he was kind of a dick. And by "kind of a dick", I mean "a huge fucking dick". Rude and lacking any kind of social skill. Looking back now, this guy was and still is a complete gaping butthole. This guy never cracked a smile. He was miserable and had it not been for me wanting to learn from him, I would have avoided this guy like the plague because his energy was so shitty. The things you'll do to get ahead, right?

Anyway, fast forward to the day of our private session. I arrived and sat down. I can't remember everything that we talked about, but he eventually had me get into a receptive state and connect with my guides. He wanted me to scan his body as a medical intuitive would have and tell him what I saw. I had never tried this before, but I gave it a shot anyway. I told him what I "saw" and he said that I was correct. He asked me to verify some other things about him and after I provided the answers, he told me everything I said was correct. Part of me was still doubting that I had been so accurate. Of course he's going to tell me I'm right when I have no way of verifying so he can continue to regularly charge me his training fee. Then something very strange happened. He paused for a bit and then asked me to tell him why his business had been so slow and he wanted to know what could be done to improve it.

What the fuck? I thought he was joking with me. My eyes were closed and I waited for him to say "just kidding", but sure as shit, he pressed onward. I had been in a light trance while I was doing my psychic detective work on him, but his question completely knocked me out of it. He reiterated that he wanted the answer to come from spirit and not from my mind or ego. I now had confirmation that I had really been tapped in and my information had been accurate. I was still in shock from his questions though and that was all it took to disconnect me, but I played along and fed him some lines just to fuck with him. I told him point blankly that his rates were too expensive and his office was on a shitty side of town and that he needed to rearrange his office furniture because the feng shui completely sucked. I felt about as good as I could at the time considering he had just spiritually pimped me out for his personal gain. And the kicker to all of this was that at the end, HE STILL CHARGED ME. I wasn't as assertive back then as I am now or else I would have told him that he owes me for the reading I gave him and we could call it even, but I paid him begrudgingly and walked out, never to return for my follow-up lessons. I still see the guy from time-to-time as the metaphysical circles are small here. He's still miserable and I make sure to energetically wave to him with one finger when I pass him.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation and you're uncomfortable, don't be afraid to speak up and walk the fuck out. This guy took advantage of my psychic innocence and used his position as an instructor to influence and persuade me to give him information that solely benefitted him and on top of that, there was no even exchange of energy. He wanted to take information that I had access to without offering to compensate me for it AND he charged me for his "training". He knew I had gifts and he took advantage of that. People like this guy need to be put in their place. They have made habits of taking advantage of others that won't speak up and they're essentially bullies. Take your power back and if you're feeling up to it, practice Balance and energetically/psychically slap them upside the head.


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