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A Violation of Spiritual Ethics - Part 1

Updated: Jan 3

I recall attending a metaphysical training class many years ago. Prior to signing up, I was curious if anyone closer to my age was going to be present. Usually the classes I would to take would be full of older people. I instantly had a vision of a brunette girl standing there with a yellow glow emanating from behind her head. Fast forward to the day of the class. It was being held at the instructor's house. It started way earlier than any class should start in my book. The sun was still rolling out of bed. I knocked on the door and the instructor let me inside. There were a few other people there already, but they weren't in my vision. We all took seats in the living room and I looked around, but was disappointed that I didn't see the brunette in the room. Hmmm....I guess my vision was wrong. Weird.

The instructor started the intro for the class and then we heard a knock at the front door. Someone got up and went to open it. And there was the brunette girl from my vision standing in the doorway. The sun was just coming up behind her and gave her a yellow glow from behind her head. Bingo!

It's always nice to have validation that your psychic hit was not only correct, but accurate (had I been off, it could have a been a brunette man with the yellow glow behind his head, a blonde girl with the yellow glow behind her head or even a brunette girl with a red glow behind her head). Having confirmation for me is more important to hone my abilities than it is for my ego. There is a fine line between wanting to be right to become a better psychic vs wanting to be right to satisfy your ego and impressing others. Make sure you're on the learning side of it.

Anyway, the girl sat next to me and I couldn't wait to tell her about my vision. Fast forward a bit to our first break. My mistake (at that ungodly hour because I was half-asleep) was assuming that all the people in this metaphysical class were at my level. They never are. I told the girl about my vision and she blankly stared at me and walked off (later at lunch, she shared that she thought I was hitting on her with a bullshit psychic pickup line and didn't realize I had legit skill until the instructor commented on some of my psychic abilities).

Animated gif of Britney Spears in her "...Baby One More Time" video where she is sitting in class, fidgeting with her pencil and bored as fuck.
Bored as fuck

The class topic was about removing entities and attachments. The class itself was boring as fuck. I was curious what techniques other people used which was why I took the class. I didn't care for this lady's technique and I'm not going into detail about it here, but let's just say it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard and I quickly regretted paying for the class.

We all went to lunch at a crowded restaurant and we were told that we had to find someone with an attachment and then remove the attachment using her techniques. Note that I didn't say that the instructor wanted us to first ask the person for permission to remove their attachment. She just thought it was perfectly ok to remove it from someone without their consent. This is a violation of the Law of Allowance, spiritual ethics, and the equivalent of spiritual assault. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WORK ON SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. I refused to participate in the exercise much to her dismay and the only reason I stayed for the afternoon portion was that I still had hope that she might say something useful or not-so-dumb. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. And I also figured I'd be able to write about my experience and rip on this lady which gave me warm fuzzies in my tummy.

There was a young girl around age 15 in this class with her mother. I can't remember how the topic came up, but her grandfather had passed away more than a year prior and she was struggling with the loss as they had been very close. She shared this with the instructor and the instructor and another person in class told this young girl that because she has been "holding on" to her grandfather and has been so upset and sad from his passing, that this teenager had inadvertently prevented her grandfather from moving on.

Let's stop right there.

This is absolutely NOT true. NO ONE has the power to hold anyone back from where they want or need to go. Her grandfather stayed close to her because it was HIS choice. He could have moved onwards anytime he felt like it, but he CHOSE not to. If he was ready to move on, NO amount of crying, sadness or begging from this young girl could have held him back.

Nothing infuriates me more than hearing people spout off some stupid, incorrect bullshit which further perpetuates misinformation in an already nebulous area like the metaphysical.


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