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Who are we?

Tribe of 1 isn't an organization that you need to follow. It's not comprised of a set of doctrines or a belief system. It's about freedom. It's about finding yourself. It's about questioning everything you once thought was "real" and restructuring YOUR world so YOU can progress on YOUR spiritual path. It's about being true and authentic to yourself. It's about being in alignment despite what society, your family, your friends and social conditioning expects from you. It's about reclaiming YOUR power that you've given away.

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Meme from The Matrix - Blue pill: You go on with your shit life / Red pill: Same. Only it's strawberry.

I recall many, many years ago when I was just waking up, someone telling me that I needed to find my "tribe". I knew that I was different and that I didn't fit into society well. I put on a façade to get through every single day and it was fucking exhausting. I searched for years.


Each time I made a breakthrough spiritually, I would be ushered into a new chapter of life surrounded by new people that seemed to resonate at the same frequency I did. Each time, I felt like I had found my "tribe" and within a very short time, I realized that I was back "on the path" yet again, leaving the people I had thought were my family. This process repeated itself so many times that eventually, I fell into a deep depression fueled by the realization that I would NEVER find my tribe.

It took me a long time to process that although there may be others walking alongside of me, seemingly headed toward the same destination, that inevitably the combined differences in the speed of spiritually waking up and the exploration of alternate spiritual routes (that at the time seemed like negligible trajectory differences), would only surface later with the passage of time to be enormous deviations in our individual paths that would send us and keep us light-years apart. 

I realize now that I too fell victim to the New Age concept of “tribe”. The term is used to describe a group where people feel they can be themselves, where they feel like they belong and are spiritually connected and understood without judgement. IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS REALITY.  It may appear to exist for some, at least for a short period of time, as long as they maintain the same views and beliefs of that hive-minded group or "tribe". 

I’ve spent my time and energy in spiritual pursuits I believed would help me find my tribe only to return to myself time and time again. The “tribe” we yearn for and seek out exists in each of us, although, some may need a little help along the way to recognize it.

If you're reading this now, then this is a sign that you're in the right place and on the right track. Tribe of 1 can help you reclaim your power and rewrite or update your map of "reality". Then when you're ready, continue onwards down your OWN path to your OWN destiny in your own personal TRIBE OF 1. 

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Tribe of 1 offers spiritual guidance, remote healing and shamanic services (soul retrieval, cord-cutting, attachment removal, etc.).

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